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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Guaranty RV Super Center in Junction City, Oregon. My name is Eric Sakshaug and today I’m going to be giving you a brief tutorial on the 2017 Newmar Bay Star 3403, this is an amazing coach, it has lots to offer, come on inside, let’s have a look around! Alright, so here we are on the inside of the Bay Star 3403 for 2017. What makes this coach really unique is that this is a bath and a half! That’s right, I’m in the back of the coach here please take a note you’ve got a very spacious linen cabinet in here. These are all handmade cabinets from Newmar as you would expect. You’re all of course going to have a huge, his-and-hers, medicine cabinet. That is absolutely immense, not to mention the fact that you’ve also got a very sizable shower in here. I’m about 200 pounds and I’ve got plenty of room to move around here, in full length, you know where my arms are, check that out for space. As we move into the bedroom here, you’ve got a full-size walk around queen, now it’s something that makes Newmar unique, is that most every manufacturer is going to use a shorter queen mattress, rather than a traditional 80 inch long queen like you’d find in your home. Newmar is using the 80 inch model, still all the sleeping space you would expect, just another one of those feature comforts that you would get for home. Moving forward, you’ve got two big wardrobe cabinets one here, one immediately behind you, you’re also going to have lots of dresser space here, these drawers are full ball bearing slides, to go all the way back and of course hand-finished cabinet is you would expect from Newmar. As we work our way forward, here’s the other half of the bathroom, and as you can see, even though it’s just a 34-foot coach, you’ve got a big amount of space in this half bath. Another giant medicine cabinet just like we had in the main bathroom, you’ve even got another small linen cabinet back here and then the other thing Newmar, being the geniuses that they are, with storage, your of course going to have storage in all places. So, this little pullout drawer that you can also store little things in, makes it really wonderful. Let’s move on to the living space. Two door refrigerator, eight cubic foot, you’re going to have plenty of room in there to store lots of food for extended road trips. As we move forward you’re going to have a standard three burner gas cooktop, which if you like cooking, you know that as well as I do, that gas is one of the best things you can use. You’ve also got a convection microwave up here, and if you really take a look, you’ll see that you’ve got plenty of room in there to roast a chicken, cook lasagna, do just about anything you could think of, that you would normally do at home. So very versatile piece. When we go forward, you’ve got all corian countertops, you got a nice, big, double-bowl sink, those are very, very, deep, so you can actually wash pots and pans as you would normally at home without having to splash all over. Moving into the rest of the living quarters, you of course, have flex steel furniture that’s gonna readily convert to a sleeping area. You’ve got a very functional tabletop here in a dinette, you can easily get four people into this, pull the fifth chair up, you got room for the whole family. And of course, a nice, big, 40 inch Sony TV. So, you can enjoy movies and football games, wherever you might happen to be. As we move into the cockpit, there’s a lot to see here, you are of course, going to be on the Ford F 53 chassis, this is going to have a 320 horse engine, 460 foot-pounds of torque, going to be on a six-speed transmission. If you’re used to hearing about Triton B-10’s of old, being 5-speed, not being able to get up the hills much, that’s kind of changed with that extra six-speed. Tow-hold mode, so you can have plenty of control over whatever you’re towing going down the hill. You also won’t have to worry about burning out your brakes at all if you going down the steep grade like the Grapevine. Leveling jacks there, those are fully automatic, you’ve also got a nice system here, that’ll have your onboard camera, so your side view, and rear view cameras. And then the seats do fully rotate, as you would expect, you’ve also got a very nice functional workspace here. You’ve got USB and 110 power right there beside me, so you can plug in your laptop, log into update Facebook, tell all your friends know where you’ve been going as your enjoying your vacation. So that, pretty well does it for the inside. Let’s go outside and have a look at this wonderful exterior. So here, we are on the exterior of the Newmar 3403 Bay Star for 2017. First thing to note, safety as always, is priority number one, you do have side view cameras that will catch all your blind spot, as you’re going down the road, that way you don’t accidentally knock into something that you wouldn’t expect. You’ve got lots of storage with Newmar, so three gigantic storage bays right up front and then also one of the newer features, you also have the option, of putting outdoor entertainment on the Bay Stars and the Bay Star Sports for that matter. Looking up above, you’ll note that we do of course have a massive awning here, so you can enjoy tailgates in the rain. You can do anything you want out here and not have to worry too much about the elements. As we work our way back there is of course more storage, you’ve got a 5500 watt generator, so that is of course going to supply 50 amp power. The other thing to note that you do have probe-less tanks. Those are going to be very reliable, and very, very, durable. That way, you don’t have to worry about gunk over time, coming up your probes. These are just going to do it naturally and you’re not going to have to worry about any maintenance in that regard. As we go into the back, once again, Newmar taking advantage of every opportunity to create storage. That is another massive storage bay out here in the back. As we go around, please note you’ve got full body paint on this coach all the way around, probably something I should have mentioned up front, but this is going to look as good in 10 years it does today. You of course have a backup camera again for safety. There’s a ladder here that is already attached. You don’t have to worry about that, it’ll make it easy to get up, do any maintenance on the roof that you might have to worry about. And then, from there, once again, great amount of storage all the way around and you’ve got a very large propane tank in here as well all these cabinets inside are lit, so you’ll never have to worry about fumbling around in the dark. This has been a presentation on the Baystar 3403 for 2017, once again, my name is Eric Saksaug, if you have any questions on this coach or any of the other wonderful coaches we have here please feel free to give me a call at the number down below on the screen or feel free to contact me on my cell phone my number is 541- 513- 3171. I hope you have a fantastic day, and remember we’re always here to help!

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