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Hi folks, John Richardson here. If you want to see what a front cap does. You can go through some of these videos and you’ll notice I did one so i’m not going to elaborate on it. This is a 2017 model 29 L, double slide. This really isn’t per sa a camping trailer. This guy’s big enough that this is something you’re going to want to take if you’re a skier up the Mt. Bachelor. If you want to spend a couple days Arctic Fox means it’s a fully enclosed, heated underbelly four season coach. That’s what we got here. You’re going to have to seven and a half gallon propane tanks, you’ve got an electric Jack. This is the top-of-the-line in the Northwood, the Arctic Fox. Now a couple things I want to show you that they give you. We’ve all known about electric jacks on trailers but what you don’t know is cause you don’t think about it at the moment. You hit one button both jacks go down at the same time. That’s not the case with the Northwood. Each has its own independent motor. So in the event you’re not sitting in a parking lot maybe you’re in a little bit of uneven ground you know what happens when both Jacks go down at the same time and one hits the other one stops and you’ve got to put a block under it. That won’t happen with the Arctic Fox because each once independent on all four corners. Of course you’re going to get a ten-gallon hot water heater that’s gas-electric. Good recovery rate on it so, mama don’t have to worry about getting a cold shower after you spent 10 minutes in there or vice versa. Aluminum frame but these are a heavy coach not exceedingly heavy but they’re going to be heavier than the ultralites. Reason being because of the quality of the construction, your five-eighths tongue and groove plywood floors, your laminate on top of it. They don’t use no particle board in here folks, zero. This guy is all plywood so aluminum frame, plywood for cabinets, plywood for your floors that type of thing. You have a full awning all the way across of course that’s going to be an electric awning. Hit a button, your awning comes out. I ‘d also like to point out, you see these little holes the lineup here the idea that is an event you put your electric awning out this is an adjustable pitch. So I can drop one side down in case i’m going to be away from it, in case it rains or something I don’t have to worry about the rainfall coming in there and tearing out my awning. So I can adjust the pitch on this guy. Now we’re going to go in I’m gonna show you what that 29 L represents. This is a kitchen model so if you are looking for massive counter space, this is what you want. Reason we got so much counter space you’ve got a full across the top solid-surface countertop with molded in sinks along with molded in solid surface countertops to go along with it. So if you’re looking for all the counter space you can possibly have this guy right here works. Isn’t that beautiful you’ve got a 22-inch oven, cook turkeys and hams in that. Three burner stove, knife rack behind the stove in the event you want to put your butcher knife or something like that look at this I can stick the knife in there, handy. Of course I keep mine in my pocket. Now you’ll notice here we’ve got a microwave. We got cabinets galore here being a front kitchen. Cabinet here, cabinet here with the shelf, another cabinet across here, another door to it here. Spice rack that type of thing above you know, to put washrags that type of stuff. Salt, pepper, spices all of that good stuff. And then of course we’ve got a full-length cabinet on the other end of the counter complete with shelves. You got drawers here for silverware. Roller bearing drawer guides, They even give you a plastic liner so you can put your silverware in there. You’ll notice right here we’ve got a spot for the battery kill switch so you can kill your power either outside or inside. This I think it’s a pretty neat little idea. Everybody seems to like that little hidden cabinet. More spices, salt, pepper, chilies that type of thing. Then we come over here, we’ve got an extendable table with four chairs in it. And I might point out these are what we call piano bench chairs so you’ve got storage hidden underneath. These are well-constructed furniture. These aren’t your typical mass-produced chairs and tables. Plenty of Windows, you’ll notice on each end of the slide out we have up and down windows so you can get airflow. Slide windows on the side so you get the air flow going. So if it gets hot out and you want some airflow just open up some windows and get cross-ventilation. Fantastic fan here complete with LED lights throughout the rig. And I’ll point out this fabric here is called Ozite. All that does is quiet down your coach. Did that happen to mention thickest roof in the industry for a trailer. How thick is a John? five-and-a-half inches, let me show you that. Look at the thickness of the roof. That gives you an R-18 in the ceiling. This is where your heats gonna go out if you don’t have a thick ceiling. Notice the skylight now I’m six foot tall I’m stretching but i can hit the top of that. So if you’re seven and a half foot tall you might have to worry about it other than that don’t worry about it. If it’s real real cold like it is today, i can close that off keep the heat in. You’ve got the Norcold 8 cubic foot refrigerator in many of my videos I talk about the Norcold with the recessed freezer, the adjustable settings so i can have hard ice cream if that’s my choice. Vegetable crispers, plenty of little drawers to put stuff exact type of thing just like you got in your house. So then we’ll talk about, we’ve got two recliners in here. So you can sit down on this guy, kick it. Enjoy yourself while you’re watching TV. Recliners, TV. Now don’t look at this price because that’s a special price for the show, but I’ll tell you what you come in anytime in the month of January if by chance this thing doesn’t sell I’ll get you the sale price on it. So we got flat screen TV, We got cabinets with shelves. I’d like to point out everything’s got shelves in these cabinets. It costs money to put a shelf in that’s why these guys are a little bit more money but you know what. You get quality and you’re you’re gonna forget the price long after you remember the quality is what I like to tell people. So another cabinet up above huh, another shelf. So now I can stack stuff up there. You’ve got your stereo here. You have your complete command center right here, hidden with the door. A dimmer switch here i can adjust the lighting in here for mood lighting. So this is going to allow me to open and close my awning, put my slide-out out. All my gas and electric buttons for for my hot water heater. So now we’re going to go, Oh I can’t forget to tell you, we’ve got it upside down but this is your entry doormat. That let you know you’re in the best quality that is being made in a trailer today. Now we’re going to go in here you’ll, notice we’ve got a pocket door. I might also point out cup holders here for your favorite beverage. Sitting there you you don’t have to have set it on the floor and kick it over on your stain resistant carpet. So pocket door closes this off, this is a bathroom. I don’t know of a better bathroom unless you get into a hundred-thousand-dollar fifth wheel. You’ve got the glassed-in shower complete with skylight, full surround all the way down to the base of the shower, skylight on top. Again Ozite ceiling, medicine cabinet. You want to see what the photographer looks like they’re he is, see him in that there. So that’s for the ladies put their makeup on. Us guys we don’t care what we look like in the morning. towel rack, light, galvanized sink, beautiful brass I guess is what you’d call that for the faucet. Cabinet underneath, notice this is still solid surface, that’s why I’m telling it’s a little heavier than your average trailer. So then over here, three nice drawers all with roller bearing drawer guides on it. Nice big cabinet here hanging cabinet. Two more drawers right above the throne for extra towels that type of thing. Toilet paper holders already installed. huh, another cabinet with one, two shelves in it so you can see the benefits of having the shelves and everything. Plenty of lighting, now we come into the bedroom. This is the bedroom slide. What does that do for you? It gives you walk around queen bed but mainly what it does is it give you massive wardrobe space. If you’re on the mind you got to take a lot of stuff because you’re going to go through different seasons. It’ll carry just about anything you need. Here we go again, another shelf and a big mirror. So then we look around here. you know how everybody needs a dresser in their bedroom. How about one with 6 drawers on it, Did I mention full extension drawers. What that means is I don’t have to pull it out to here and wonder what’s back here. I can pull the thing all the way out. Each one of these all full extension drawers. A dresser here, dresser top. Put a picture of the family thats back home. They’re still working remember you just retired. So you want to see your family but they have to work and you don’t. More shelves here, stereo spot here, another cabinet here. Now what I’d like to do is take outside and show you just a couple more things. I don’t want to bore you to death, I want you to come in, ask for JR I’m the young guy here. Been here now 26 years plan on being here a few more. So you gotta hurry and come I’m only gonna be here for probably another 10-20 years and then I’m done. So I don’t know if I mention we’ve got storage underneath the bed. Extra chairs underneath the bed should you have company show up and you need some more chairs, we got it. So now what we’re going to do is I’m going to drag the photographer out. We’re going to look at the outside of it a little bit more. In case you don’t remember what I ride take a look at the back of the jacket and it ain’t no Honda. Your 15-inch wheels they might even be 16, I can’t get down there and look. I think they are 16. You’ve got alloy wheels eliminates any rust problems that type of thing. Electrical outlets here, Course you get bedroom door complete with stoppers. I didn’t mention it but the hinges on these are what we call a friction hinge. So you’ll notice here on this wall you don’t have any place to lock down your door you don’t need it because the friction will stop the wind from whipping that thing around. Now here again two more Jack’s in the back each one with its own switch, goes up and down. Here’s your storage and I’d like to point out how this thing is screwed together. If you can get a picture of that so you can see the quality of this. I mean even the height in the back end of it. This is a magnetic door again one-inch-thick. Slam latch, so you got the storage here. You don’t have any storage across the front because you got that big kitchen up there. So notice even got a ladder to climb up. I’ve got it in the down position, when you’re traveling just closer off, out-of-sight out-of-mind. Take a look at our LED taillights these are automotive taillights and I almost trailers just got that one plastic lens. This is actually got a backup light and very very high end, they’re proud of it. A way to remember this right here. Arctic Fox aluminum superstructure as well built as I know how to build one. These guys do it. So again folks, I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this. If you got any questions just call that number down there and ask for JR, I work on commission. I’d really like to meet you and answer any questions you got or perhaps fix you up. Get you into beautiful trailer that you’d be proud down for many years to come. Thank you so much for taking the time, bye-bye.


  1. So far im torn between this and the 28F, I guess it will come down to whichever is on sale when i have the last of my down payment saved up and my old echo pos paid off.

    Good work on the vids btw, Answers a lot of questions

  2. We own an Artic Fox 25R. Northwood is everything they claim to be. Last night 16 degrees and toasty warm inside. The 29L looks beautiful, with so much more space. Considering trading in for more space. Extremely well built product!

  3. Is there one a little bit bigger? I need a big one that my family can move in. I really love the four seasons. That’s a must have.

  4. Are there any used attic fox trailers available? . Iam afraid to ask what a new one costs. Fantastic looking and the best when it comes to "Four seasons" very well insulated.
    Thanks for sharing your video
    Kind regards, Eric Dee.

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