2017 Penn State College of Medicine Graduate Oath Ceremony

[music] today all these students up here as Chi Chi
mentioned are beginning a journey they’re furthering their education for
betterment of themselves as well as everyone around them oathss have been an
extremely important aspect of organizations historically worldwide for
they signify a statement of fact or promise following the tradition of
typical student oaths these were written to reflect what the writers believed
we’re Penn State values so that all students no matter what background or
origin they could stand on the same moral ground and progress through their
degrees each student steps forward to embrace these ideals allowing us to
further inspire new classes new students scientists doctors and health care
professionals so the open ceremony is very important it it’s kind of our first
step into graduate school in the sense that we’re dedicating our lives to doing
the research and doing it ethically and in a kind of a moral setting and
integrity being the biggest thing and you know that comes up throughout and
this is kind of our commitment into upholding that as graduate students and
as graduating scientists and moving forward i will fulfill my responsibility to mentor and instruct the next generation of scientific professionals the graduate oath ceremony at Penn State
College of Medicine to me is really the beginning of my career at Penn State and
today is really special because we’re pledging an oath to kind of get off on
the right footing here at Penn State and to pursue my career in science a
successful scientist open-minded and this is true in a variety of ways
science is truly a global field and we should recognize this and take advantage
of the fact that we can learn from people with different points of view I
want to congratulate you on your acceptance to grad school and we’re all
looking forward to congratulating you again in a few years when you receive
your degrees [music]

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