2017 Penn State College of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

[music] The White Coat Ceremony marks a very special
and important right of passage in every medical students journey towards becoming a physician
this year marks the 50th anniversary of our inaugural class of medical students here at
the Penn State University College of Medicine and it also marks the first that we’re offering
a full medical school curriculum at our regional campus up at University Park and as twelve
of you know you comprise the inaugural class of this new medical school program so on behalf
of all our faculty and staff we are very honored that you have chosen the Penn State College
of Medicine over the next four years our goal is to help you become physicians who are very
knowledgeable who think critically who work effectively in multidisciplinary teams who
have a real yearning and aspiration for life long learning and most importantly who take
a humanistic patient centered approach to medicine we will celebrate each of you as
you enter our community of learning of learning how to care for and support human beings in
times of health and in times of illness we will share our thoughts our advice our hopes
and our dreams for you as you step onto the path of becoming a physician Taylor Gladys
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Case Western Reserve University I chose Penn State College of Medicine
because on my interview trip it was the one school that I visited that I saw myself being
a student there I didn’t have to fit into a mold I didn’t have to change who I was they
just developed who I was and they were very intentional and all the faculties were very
interested in who I am already Rahima Khatun New York City New York New York University
I’ve always been really excited about science and passionate about science but I could never
really see myself working in a lab or being behind a bench all the time because something
that really excites me is caring for and loving others so I kind of see medicine as the intersection
of like compassion and love with science so I guess it’s kind of where both of two things
I’m really excited about meet Adeel Ahmad Brooklyn Park Minnesota University of Minnesota
it’s extremely humbling and honoring to be apart of a community that has such a impact
on thousands and millions of lives sometimes you feel unworthy but it’s very you’re just
in awe because you’re apart of this thing that you’ve worked so hard to achieve and
I look to my left and I look to my right and I’m surrounded by amazing and talented people
and it’s just a very proud and humbling moment Melanie Patterson Vestal New York Hobart and
William Smith Colleges watch for that moment pay attention for that moment it’s not always
obvious and there usually isn’t a big fanfare associated with it but that moment when you’re
not sure what to do and you don’t have the tools and you can’t fix it but you commit
to doing what you can for that person in front of you anyway that’s the moment you become
a physician [music]

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