2017 Physician of the Year – Neil Rosenman, M.D., Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

(piano music) >> Some of the most
important characteristics that make a great physician,
I would definitely say would be communication
and interpersonal skills. With every physician across the board, we all have to be dedicated,
hardworking, intelligent. The true separating factors of
really of how we communicate with patients effectively. This typically will help the
patients feel comfortable, enable themselves to feel confidant in terms of divulging information to us so we can come with the
best and most important and accurate care plans for our patients. What I’m most proud of with in my work is how we rapidly grew a
brand new office medical site within Johns Hopkins to one
of our flagship practices. Our offices succeeded in
terms of quality measures, patient satisfaction scores, productivity, communications skills. This is all due to our
excellent team members within our office, between
our practice administrator, front desk managers, medical assistants, medical office assistants, all these people within our system have definitely contributed
to the quality metrics within our practices itself and they’ve contributed to developing an excellent patient experience
from the start to finish. Some of the advice I would
give to other physicians, the two most important qualities I think everyone should possess would be time management
and efficiency skills. These typically will curtail your day, make an extremely busy job
very easy and streamlined, getting back to patients
in a very quick manner, rapidly addressing labs, imaging, referral requests all
significantly contribute to developing a great
relationship with your patients and then also a great office experience. (pleasant music)

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