2017 Physician of the Year – William Greenough, III, M.D., Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

(calm piano music) >> The first characteristic
in the heart of medicine is knowing who your patient is as an individual unique human being. The second thing is to value
every member of the team, starting with the person who might be even cleaning the room, making it safe for the patient, up through the nurses. And finally, after you’ve gone through all the sleuthing you
can do as a physician, with the history, the
physical examination, knowing who you can
call in as a consultant who can contribute best to
understanding the mystery of what’s wrong with the patient. I’m most proud of the
ability to raise a question, be curious about a problem I can’t solve, and then apply the disciplines of science and medicine to that problem. I’ve been very fortunate
in my original training in that we were able to, I was able to work with someone who developed the bone marrow
transplantation for leukemia. Dr. E. Donnall Thomas went
on to win the Nobel Prize. I would always ask the
burgeoning physician to pay attention to who
their individual patient is. Knowing the patient is
of the afford of you, if you ask the patient what’s wrong, they’ll tell you the diagnosis. The second thing would
be to maintain curiosity, if you can’t solve the problem, and come up with a diagnosis and cure, keep pursuing it through every venue, through the laboratory, through looking into the
person’s home and family, and looking into the literature. And the third would be, that actually the centralized hospital is a fairly high-risk place. I’m a geriatrician and
therefore I’m very motivated to see technology taken to the patient, rather than the patient to technology. (calm piano music)

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