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Good afternoon my name is Lindsay Hargett and welcome to Guaranty RV. Today we’re going to be debuting a brand new Winnebago Grand Tour 45 RL. Beautiful coach, a lot of cool features and the neatest part about it it’s built one mile from us, right in Junction City, Oregon. I invite you to come and have a tour at the factory in Junction City and see the quality that goes into this coach. This is Winnebagos top of the line coach. Come on inside let’s take a look. Starting out you want to look at the super wide doorway. One of the widest doorways in the RV industry. Easy to get in if you’re carrying a bag of groceries, be perfect. Coming into the living room area you’ve got this beautiful theater seating. These do recline they are just super comfortable. The story I hear from Winnebago they kept sending these sofas back to Villa and they kept adding more padding till you have one of the most comfortable seats in the RV industry. You take a look, one of the reasons that Winnebago purchased the Country Coach facility in Junction City is they had all these wonderful Craftsman that did beautiful woodwork that we’re out of a job when country coach went out of business. So when a Winnebago purchased the factory they’re now doing the woodwork here in Junction City. You can see the quality, you can see how all these doors are, I don’t know if you call that a dovetail or what but they’re they’re basically indestructible and of course they’re all wood. One of the cool things on this coach this is the first coach in the Winnebago lineup that has heated tile floors. They use the Aqua hot system that to run under the floor. The cool part is unlike other manufacturers that run the water lines through the floor in loops which leave cold spots. Winnebago has developed like a four-plex they use that special plastic piping that’s indestructible and it’s put together so that there is heat every five inches there’s a water line. So you’re going to get even dissipation of the heat it’s going to keep you warm. I love the fireplace, this also has a little flip up table. And this is a TV that pops up and you’re going to be able to see that here when I hit the theater mode on the computer that’s on this back wall over here. This particular unit has the booth dinette you do have couple more chairs. This is kind of cool, this little foot storage for over there a little footstool for over here for the theater seating and then their storage inside there. Love the kitchen this is a granite countertop and because of that if they had chosen to do granite covers it would scratch this so what they did instead is they built these beautiful and I believe these are bamboo, not quite sure but I think that was the story that that’s bamboo. You have induction cooktop, you have a dishwasher, convection microwave. Disguised in this wood panel is a beautiful residential fridge. You notice the porcelain tile floors, porcelain tile on the floors. This is a computer I was telling you about and what’s cool about it. If we were going to watch TV, this is the coolest thing you just hit a button and all of the shades automatically come down, the lights dim and this big it looks like a 60-inch TV, it may be only 55. but isn’t that awesome and you have home theater. I can remember when we debuted this coach. I actually got to sell the very first one and people were blown away by this theater setup, very cool. We have multiplex wiring and the benefit to that to you is that it eliminates a lot of extra wires they use almost like fiber optic cables to send your 12-volt throughout the coach and if there was ever an electrical problem it’s much easier to diagnose. And of course on the 45 RL we do have a bath and a half and this is one of the larger half baths I’ve seen. Some of them are barely the size of a closet this is a good size bath. You have a lot of storage in this coach, built-in pantries. As you can see The’ve done an excellent job of trying to utilize every square inch of space. Coming back to the bedroom this is almost like an electro-magic bed. It lifts up. Very comfortable, it’s a sleep number bed I mean it’s the top-of-the-line mattress, king bed. Of course it doesn’t look like a king bed when it’s folded together but it is. And then one of the cool things that they’ve done is because you’re limited on space this is your mirror when you get ready in the morning but it’s also a TV behind there, Which I think is really cool. It doesn’t do any good to show it on a video because it’s going to distort but it’s really cool When you’re in this coach watching it. And you can see the sound bar there there that reveals it. A lot of little dressers that’s one of the benefit of the electric bed is this has got some of the deepest drawers I’ve seen on a dresser in a motorhome. And then I like this little footstool here little stool you can put your shoes on in the morning. Stepping up into the master bath what’s cool about this bathroom is this slide here expands this bathroom to be a lot larger. You got the dual sinks. Hidden behind this mirror is another TV I’ve never watched TV when I’ve been shaving or in the shower but I suppose you could do it if you really didn’t want to miss a program. Big bathroom, large shower, the floor is lined with teak which is really nice. so you’re not waiting in water as you often do in a motorhome. Big exit window and then nice-sized closet. There’s a stacked washer/dryer. And then this large closet, got quite a bit of room there As you can see for storage of your hanging items. Even has a place for shoes. Coming up to the cockpit area. I mean this has got every conceivable option you could imagine. But some of the things I like about it it’s the one Winnebago product in their lineup as we walk around the outside that it’s going to be at 450 Cummings with a side mount radiator. It’s got the bigger tires the 295/80 series tires. It’s got a steerable tag and to demonstrate to you in a way just by sharing with you the people that bought the very first Grand Tour, they had a 42-foot Tour. They traded that in it didn’t have a steerable tag and when I went to pull it into our building to exchange mattresses because they had a tempurpedic and of course this is a sleep number. I made it in one turn with the steerable tag. Their 42 foot took me three turns to get into our building so there is a huge difference in the turning radius of this coach and what they had before. So independent front suspension, of course you’ve got four point HWH jacks. I love the touch screen unfortunately we’re inside a building so it’s hard for me to turn on the ignition switch here and demonstrate the computer. But basically this is a touchscreen it’s your GPS, it’s your back up camera, it’s your radio DVD and CD player. And then we’re going to go on the outside the one last thing I wanted to show you on the inside is the skylight this is really cool. Really opens it up gives you a lot of light when you’re traveling down the road because one of the benefits of course to a Class A is the visibility compared to other modes of transportation. Stepping on outside look at the size of this big screen TV. That looks like to me about 55 inches I could be wrong but as close to that. we can always check a Winnebago brochure to verify what size that TV is. Then you’ve got your sound bar and of course what I love about Winnebago is the amount of storage that you have on their coaches. Their chassis, the maxim chassis. If you’ve ever seen pictures of it the way they take this chassis apart and then layer the chassis rail so that they can increase the amount of outside storage that it gives you. Gives you basically this extra storage space and then they provide these totes that, you have to do them one at a time I’ve got three stack there. but you can fill the whole bottom with trays so it allows you to maximize your storage on your coach. Look at the paint on this, it’s phenomenal. Again one of the key reasons why there they put this plant in Oregon is that the the labor force that does the paint jobs on these coaches they do a phenomenal job on the paint. And then look at this, you got it outside this is the part I always struggle with because you have to push it first. Got a little outside kitchen so when you’re out watching the game and you notice if Quinn can pan up to the top this has got the integrated awnings into the cap. You got an induction cooktop, places for glasses, paper plates and then you got a little outside fridge. I can remember one of my favorite things on living in Arizona for the winter was that during the Superbowl everybody that had an outside TV they had a big crowd gathered around with lawn chairs watching the big game together under the Arizona Sun and stars. Because of course it gets dark pretty early in the winter but that was a fun treat. And again you can tell that this is a steerable tag by the way that the tag axle is turned out and this tag axle gives you ten percent steering on that rear axle and then you have 60 degree on the front axle so you have almost 70 degrees steering. The only thing that limits your ability to steer is the width of that tire in the front you don’t quite have a full 60 because they do the 295s but it’s close. There is your chassis battery your house and chassis disconnects are back here. I wish I could get to the rear of the coached to show you but because this is a side mount radiator not a rear radiator you have full access to everything on the back of your engine. Now a little teaching thing that I want to do not only does this have a 15,000 pound hitch on it but if you’re towing an enclosed trailer you really want to purchase a coach with a side side draft radiator and the reason is a rear radiators fine except that an enclosed trailer will limit the air flow and you will have problems overheating if you’re on a rear radiator. where real side mount radiator if you have an enclosed trailer for a car or jeep or whatever else you haul in that trailer this is a much better setup you won’t have a problem with heating and cooling so that’s a big benefit to that. Hey if you’ve got more questions on this 45-foot Grand Tour. Contact Lindsay at 541-915-2768 and I look forward to talking to you you.


  1. Very nice coach. The dislike was simply because he was ill-prepared. If you are going to show something don't you think you might want to at least know what size a tv is?

  2. $500k is actually cheap for something like this. Some of them are as much as $2,000,000. I was thinking this one was in the $800k-1M range, myself. Just buy a plot of land somewhere out in the country and park it… it's not only your house, but you can go on vacation any time and never pay for a motel. Get a cheap beater to drive in to work. But for $500k, they could have at least put in a Dimplex Optimyst electric fireplace. That one looks so cheesy and fake.

  3. Now this is more my affordability level…. Not million 5 but I'm still forced to buy a 1962 model with no engine and use my welder to build a quad slide set up..

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