2018 AAMS Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence – Ascension Wisconsin Spirit Medical Transport

Sponsored by International Board of Specialty Certification
The Critical Care Ground Award of Excellence is given each year for excellence in a dedicated
critical care ground service. We are very happy to announce that the 2018 Award goes
to Ascension Wisconsin Spirit Medical Transport. Since 1993, Spirit Medical Transport has been
the region’s leading link, providing more than 50,000 safe and timely critical transports
for patients when seconds matter. Spirit’s ground service operates from four
hospital-based locations throughout central and northern Wisconsin, covering over 11,600
square miles. Their safety-minded crews know the harsh winter’s extreme conditions in
rural Wisconsin and they have the experience to deliver their patients safely.
Their commitment to the safety of their patients is evident in the $2 million investment in
capital enhancements. These enhancements include updating of all cardiac monitors, a dedicated
intra-aortic balloon pump for transport, a Baby Pod and two isopods for transport of
highly-infectious patients. With the recent Ebola scare, Spirit took the lead with training
and equipment to become one of only a few Wisconsin Category One EMS providers certified
to transport highly-infectious patients. At Spirit, both ground and flight associates
are held to the same expected standard of training, education and certifications. In
fact, most flight associates have the ability to work either air or ground to provide more
flexibility within their crews. Since all the locations are hospital-based
and most of the hospitals served are part of Ascension Wisconsin, patients receive a
continuum of care from entering a facility through transport. Caregivers know the transport
medical team and have the reassurance their patients will be transported with a highly-trained
and competent team. Spirit also supports their rural community EMS programs by sending intercept
paramedics to the scene of a medical emergency or accident to offer a higher level of care.
Safety, quality and education are keys to the success of Spirit Medical Transport. They
have created an environment where the patient is comfortable in knowing they will be transported
safely whether it’s a blizzard, ice storm, or an ordinary sunny day. Please congratulate
this year’s winner of the Critical Care Ground Award – Spirit Medical Transport!

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