2018 Coachmen Apex 289 TBSS Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi everybody. My name is Matt Elliot and
I’m with Guaranty RV Super Centers here in Junction City Oregon.
Today to talk to you about this new Apex from Coachman. It’s 289 TBSS. This is a
great family design and I’ve got an awful lot of stuff I could say about
this rig but a couple of things I want you to know about it are that it’s
extremely well built and it’s remarkably lightweight for its size. Let’s take a
look inside and you I bet you’ll like it. Follow me. Now the thing about the 289 is
this is a classic bunkhouse model but with a few innovations. Let’s start up
here in the very front. What we’ve got is we’ve got a bedroom a private bedroom. So
this is mom and dad’s room and it has pocket doors so they will slide off. Its
not just a fabric partition but they’re real doors and they’ll slide across and
give you full privacy and it’s got really nice cabinets in here. I love the
way that they angle these cabinets so it’s easy to get all the way up to your
bed to make your bed or get to get in and out. Let’s walk back out here. You see
right here we have a nice TV set and a home theater system and this TV is
designed to swivel around so you can see it from the bedroom in here or from the
social area out here in the main living space. We’ve got a nice big sofa here. This is a trifold sofa it’ll make a wonderful bed and this dinette booth
here also makes a bed. So you’ve got seating you’ve got bedding and you’ve
got storage and if you ever see a rig with no bed like or no dinette like just
a table and chairs they lose all those versatility. So that’s dynamite in here. Want to show you the galley. They do a good job in the galley given you
some counter space. This has a nice deep double sink so you can wash and rinse. Has a beautiful faucet system. I like these kinds of faucets because if somebody
gets out of line you can just give them a give them a squirt you shut them up.
And also these countertops are not your typical formica countertops with tea
molding around the edges. This is a special kind of process. These are fully
formed they don’t warp. They’re really lightweight. There’s no way to get any
moisture or dirt down in those nooks and crannies like you can with a
normal countertop. We’ve got the stainless steel interior package with
full fridge freezer microwave oven hood vent and stove top is all stainless. It’s
very good-looking. There’s some pantry space and some storage. There’s some
drawers here and hanging storage I meant to say not pantry space in this case. And
also we got our bathroom right here. Got a nice bathroom with a full skylight. This works really really well with the nice trailer with a lot of people you
don’t want to spend too much space on the bathroom. This one’s just right. Gives
you just enough. Now back here is very very cool. This back area is your
bunkhouse and you can see we’ve got bunks here we’ve got bunks all the way
around the top corners and we’ve got a sofa that sit on that also will pull
down and easily make another bunk. So you can sleep a whole bunch of people in
here adults or kids and there’s more storage here and also if we want we’ve
got a place we can put a television set or a video game player. Now all the
lighting in here they’re off right now but all the lighting in here is LED
lighting and it really brightens this place up that makes it excellent. One
other thing let’s go out here into the big space again. One other thing I want
you to know about this trailer its construction is quite a bit different
than a typical trailer because this is a fully bonded trailer. The floor the side
walls and the roof. I’m gonna do something right now that you normally
don’t want to do on a trailer. See that’s all solid one core piece it’s very
strong and durable and there’s no place for water to get in there. There’s no way
water can seep into your roof and do damage. You may have had that experience
with older trailers. You won’t have that with this trailer it’s a great feature. Let’s take a look at it real quick outside. First thing I want you to know
about the exterior on this trailer is that it’s got a full fiberglass end cap. Most trailers that you see have a seam right here on the edge but this has got
a full enclosure it goes top to bottom and side to side and it wraps all the
way around the corners. That’s like putting the hull of a boat on the end of
your trailer. It’s going to prevent leaks. it’s going to make it easy to care for
over the years. That’s a very very big deal. So we look
down this way I want you to notice how thick this compartment door is. It’s deep
it’s very well insulated. It’s literally made out of insulation and then you have
a lighted compartment under here with big storage areas. Also it’s a nice thing
to point out that this is setup for a solar panel to be added to it very
easily. You just plug it right here to the side stick your panel out in the Sun
and you can reinforce your batteries. We do have a power awning which is great. We
have the large grab handles. See this word right here Azdel? if you’ve ever
seen a fiberglass trailer that looked like the sidewalls were separating or
bubbling out that’s called delamination and it’s caused by wood underlayment.
It’s a piece of material that’s between the fiberglass and the and the rest of
the wall that can break down or swell up if it gets wet. This is Azdel and it’s
not wood it’s a composite that’s waterproof and it’s not biodegradable. So we don’t have that kind of a problem with this trailer. It’s a
huge advantage. Not very many people use that yet but I believe in the future
there will be a real common occurrence for trailers to use that material. Under
here we’ve got an outside galley. We’ve got some extra refrigeration. We’ve got a
barbecue sitting in here. We’ve got some storage. Little counter space. So you can
come out here and set up your barbecue and do some outside cooking. It’s
dynamite. And take a look around this side. One
thing I want you to know is that we have a black tank flush here and also I
really want to point out that this is a rack and pinion slide and you can tell
by the way that it’s designed here. You can see the grooves in the bottom of the
support rod. This slide-out is operated underneath the trailer floor and it’s
very very durable. It’s kind of an old-fashioned way to do it but there’s
no cables no pulleys no hydraulics. Very very reliable system. This is a good way
to go. As we come down here I also want to point out that we’ve got stabilizer
jacks in all four corners and they are fully independent of each other so you
can lower them down to whatever height you need to stabilize your trailer. In
the front we’ve got a power tongue jack and also I want to point out that the
spare tire is located up here under the a-frame. Almost every trailer you see
that tire hanging off the back bumper and that can sort of lengthen your
trailer and this really helps make it it takes about a foot of length off the
trailer to put it under here. I think it’s a really good idea. There’s a lot
more to talk about on this 289 TBSS Apex from Coachman. It’s a fantastic
trailer. It’s extremely well built and I’d love to talk to you about it. If you
have any questions or you want to come down and pay us a visit I’d love to talk
to you. My name is Matt Elliot. My number’s (541) 954-8495
You have a great day.

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