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Greetings ladies and gentlemen and
welcome to Guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City Oregon. My name is Eric
Saxhaug and today I’m going to be giving you a brief tutorial on this brand-new
2018 Dutch Star 3736. Hope you’re all ready to have lots of fun, let’s go ahead
and take a look around. So first things first in the back of this Dutch Star
3736. We are in the bathroom. That’s right this is a bath and a half model. Please note that you’ve got nice touchscreen. You’ve got an amazing escape
hatch out here. This is kind of one of those features that makes Newmar
spectacular. If you get into a dire situation, God forbid,
all you have to do is undo this lock, throw that handle and this door, whole
door, will fly open, and there will be a ladder that comes out the bottom to get
you and your family safely out of the coach, without having to use a parachute, makes it very convenient. You’ve also got storage in here. As you can see this is
pre-plumbed and wired, ready to go for a washer and dryer should you choose to
add that at a later time. That is of course something that we can do here being a full-service dealership. Moving around to the other side, you do have a nice big
wardrobe space here. Also note, that is a rather nice-sized safe in there as well
so that’s a great spot for jewelry another personal belongings that might be
of some value. You’ve also got a very nice medicine cabinet back here. Even
though it’s a single sink this is definitely big enough to be a
his-and-hers medicine cabinet, no problem. Another thing that’s kind of
unique about the Dutch Star is the shower actually does have a place to sit, so
that is rather convenient, as well. As we move on out into the rest of the coach,
you will note that we do of course have a queen-size bed here. This is going to
be a Sleep Number bed and with that you’ve also got these two nice cabinets
over here, Sony TV, and lots of dresser space. Just look at the fit and finish on
those. These are all on full ball bearing slides, these are all solid finished, hand
sanded, the works. Very long-lasting, great durability, as well. As we move on out
here, like I said, this is the bath and a half and here is your half bath. So
plenty of room in there to move around you’ve also got some nice storage space
in there, as well. Nice little vessel style sink to make things nice and easy. As we move on to the rest of
the coach, kitchen area, first thing to note you do, of course, have slide-out
trays as you would expect on all Newmar coaches of this calibre. The other thing
that’s kind of nice, this is the first year that Dutch Star has had lit
cabinets. So these are all LED lit on the inside, you pop the door, open they’ll
light up, it makes it real easy for you to see literally everything that you’re
doing in here. Plus as you can see those are all fully adjustable as well. As
we’re moving on 19.7 cubic foot
Whirlpool refrigerator, this is going to be the beast in the industry. You’ve also
got a nice big freezer down there with an ice maker. And going with this option
you do, of course, get two extra batteries with the coach, as well. Moving on a
little bit further to the kitchen space you do, of course, have solid surface
countertops. You do have, rather than two small sinks, you actually have one big
one. I think this is actually a brilliant idea because with this I can literally get
a giant cast-iron frying pan in here, a Dutch oven, I can get my whole pasta pot
in here. If I’ve got a big pot of chili going for a whole bunch of people I can
get the whole thing in here. This really does make it very convenient for
cleaning literally everything out of here. Plus look at all the extra creative
ways that they’ve come up with storing everything. Down below they actually have
slide-out trays and this actually is big enough for a trash can and a recycling
receptacle, as well. Lots of good things that they’ve done for the inside of this
coach. One of my absolute favorite features however, is this setup right
here. This is your dining room table as you can see, let’s separate that a little
bit, there is a leaf that we found back in there with the safe that will fit
right in there. And as you can see this is a free-standing table, so you can
literally move this table anywhere in the coach that you want. Now, if you’re
done entertaining guests for the night then, check this out, because now this
also becomes your office space. Perfect spot for a keyboard. You do of course
have 110 power and USB here and a great spot to run power cords to your
monitor. In addition to that, we’ve also got a great spot down here
for your printer and as you can see this is an adjustable
shelf as well. So great spot to entertain the family while you’re having a great
meal, but also a great spot to get things done, if you happen to be working on the
road as well. As we move on to the rest of the living space, you do, of course,
have a hide-a-bed sofa here, you have a jackknife here, and, of course, you do have
your televator TV. From here, we got Bose sound bar for your surround sound,
you got your blu-ray player up here. They’ve really simplified this
electronics, no more speakers in the ceiling or anything like that, really is
a very clever design. As we move into the cab, big thing and this is probably the
most significant thing with Newmar is that you have comfort drive in the
steering column. Comfort drive was one of the most wonderful things that the RV
industry has ever produced. And basically what this is an electronic
assist to the power steering that’s already there. So a couple things, one you
might be used to having to work a little bit to turn the steering wheel, not with
comfort drive. You can literally turn the steering wheel peg to peg using just
your pinky finger. And on top of that if you’ve ever experienced those
white-knuckle rides going down the road, like when you get a massive crosswind or
something like that, those fears and those concerns and difficulties, no more
with comfort drives. This is going to have, this got a computer system onboard
that’s going to sense what the wheels are doing on the road. As well as the
inputs that you’re putting into the steering wheel to keep the coach
traveling straight. And between those two it’s going to learn what’s going on and
it’s really going to help to eliminate that white-knuckle ride. This is going to
be the most wonderful driving coach you’ll ever get behind the wheel of, I
can promise you that. Additionally, this is going to be on a Freightliner Chassis
that is going to be featuring V-Ride and this is also going to be featuring a
450 horsepower Cummins with 1250 foot-pounds of torque. So you do have
plenty of towing capacity behind this bad boy as well. Last thing about the
interior here, they’ve actually switched the position of the control panel. Usually it used to be over there, right next to the door. And you know, there are some of us that aren’t quite as spry and nimble as we
used to be, so trying to reach over the step could prove to be kind of
disastrous. But everything is right up here, so you don’t have to worry. It’s
actually a little bit lower and it’s a lot easier to access than it has been in
years past. So a little different for 2018. That’s about all the time we have
for the inside, let’s go look at the wonderful exterior. Right, so on the
exterior of this brand-new 3736 Dutch Star, first things first,
safety is number one. Newmar does, of course, have sideview cameras, as they
would on all Dutch Stars. As we work our way around, you’re gonna have a big
Girard awning up top, you’ve got a Sony, a 40 inch Sony TV, behind here with a Bose
sound bar. And then let’s start talking about storage, you’ve got lots and lots
of storage space in here. This is going to be on a slide-out tray. That’s just
literally that easy to operate, it’s a piece of cake. You’ve also got extra 110
power out here if you need to plug something in, Traeger, for instance, if
you’re gonna be packing that along. You’ve also got a built-in tool bay. If
you’re an RV owner, little things will shake loose from time to time and having
a good spot to organize and keep your tools in order, is kind of a very helpful
thing. As we work our way around the back of the coach, this is kind of, you can get
a better idea of that door I was describing in the bathroom. This is the
exterior, and as you can see it is a proper door, great way for escape. Rear
view camera, as you would expect, but here’s kind of another unique thing
about the Dutch Star. This is going to be what’s called a side rafter. So all the
radiator and cooling system is over on this side of the coach, leaving this open.
So basically what that means to you, and it’s again kind of a unique thing. If you
are the mechanic type, you’ve got access to all your fluids, all your filters,
everything. If you needed to change a serpentine belt while you’re out on the
road and you want to do that yourself, you can definitely do that with this
coach. Makes it real, real easy. Plus, if you’re pulling a big heavy trailer
rather than just a car, having the side drafter over here is gonna do a much
better job of keeping the engine cool as you’re going down the road. Last thing I
want to showcase about this coach is, it’s a wet bay. And
as you can see it’s kind of again a little unique feature, you can probably
hear my fingernails dragging across that. These are not stickers this is actually
engraved into place. So you will always know, no matter how long you have
this coach, and no matter how wet things get in here, you will always know exactly
what everything is for, and you will always exactly know how to use
everything very, very precisely. So that was the last thing I wanted to show on
this. And that is about all the time we have to talk about this brand new 3736
Dutch Star. For those of you that study this product, you know there’s a lot of
stuff that I haven’t been able to cover in the allotted time, and I would love to
have a conversation about you in detail, when you have the opportunity. You can
reach me at the contact information listed below here or if you want, please
feel free to contact me directly on my cell phone. That number is 541-513-3171. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day,
and please remember, we’re always here to help

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