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Good Afternoon, my name is Lindsay
Hargett and welcome to Guaranty RV. Today, we are going to review a brand new 2018
Newmar Ventana 4369, come on inside, let me show you the floorplan. Well this is a
beautiful floorplan, this particular one we’ve equipped with
the televator here and the fire place below, where we normally do the
Dutch stars in two chairs, but we can do that if you’re interested in ordering
the coach. So those are some of the flexibility we have with this product, as
you can see it looks like we’ve got about a 50-inch Sony TV there, a recliner,
then you move opposite that, you have a fold and tumble sofa which basically
means this breaks down into a bed frame and behind it is an air mattress that
has an electric pump that plugs in there, and then it also deflates the same way.
So you can set up and not set up this bed or put it back very easily and
quickly. Now we’ve done, this is the ginger glazed cherry that we’ve ordered
this in, we like this, the maple is really pretty but it doesn’t have a lot
of grain and cherry wood has a lot of grain. Now one of the new things, that’s
new for 2018, is the Bose sound bar what’s cool about that, not only is it
your sound for your television now but you know it’s also runs on Bluetooth so
you can program Pandora or tunes that are on your iPhone or Android product. Up
here, we’ve got a blu-ray player and it’s set up for your satellite receiver, if
you do that sort of thing. And then, next to the televator, recliner,
of course, is the booth dinette that comes with this coach. This particular
booth dinette breaks down into a bed and there’s an extra cushion that comes with
it. It has two drawers underneath, so you just pull out and you see one drawer and
the other drawer opposite. Big kitchen on this floorplan, this probably is the
largest kitchen that you’re gonna find in a bath and a
half. You can see we’ve got this pullout here with two drawers, we ordered this
unit with the convection oven and it has the three burner cooktop and I like this
new stainless steel sinks that they’ve done, they’re real deep. Now this unit we’ve ordered without the
kitchen window, that is an option and we can add that, you know, to another coach
if we order one, but for some reason we ordered it without it, if you’re not into
that, I understand. There’s the lights for the booth dinette. We have a
residential refrigerator here, it’s about 20 cubic and look at the size of that pantry, what’s nice about this pantry is
that the shelves are adjustable. Opposite the pantry is your half bath, lots of
room in that half bath. Moving to the bedroom, king-size bed on a 4369,
this can be ordered with a queen, and underneath the bed, you’ve got quite a
bit of storage. One of the things I like on a Newmar, is the fact that they
do their bed bases, first of all they do it in plywood and then they do this in
plywood, where a lot of companies use particleboard and you have issues down
the road with particle board, you don’t with this. Opposite the king bed are two shirt closets, see those for size, and then on this floorplan you have five drawers and
then, you have a spot here that’s for your DVD player and your satellite
receiver, 32 inch Sony TV. Stepping into the bathroom, what sells this floorplan
is this bathroom, if you’re a big guy, look at the size of that shower. Lots of
room in it and if I stand inside, you know, there’s just about room for two
people, this is such a large shower, same size as a residential shower at home. And
then of course on this floor plan, this is ingenious what Newmar has come up with, this is the emergency fire exit door that has a built-in ladder. So you have
one exit above the bed, or opposite the bed, and then you have this exit here, so
they offer more opportunity to escape in an emergency than any brand on the
market. Then you have this big closet and there’s your extra cushion
for that dinette that makes into a bed. We’ve ordered this unit with the wall
safe and then look at the size of these medicine cabinets and dual sinks, very
nicely equipped and, of course, there’s four drawers plus more storage.
So for going down to the desert in full timing, this is a great floor plan. Now
you know, that all Newmar coaches have incredible R values compared to the
rest of the brands in the US. This has an R 19 roof, an R 11 wall, and R 16 wall,
or floor, compared to the rest of the industry, most industry products have
zero insulation above the slide outs which makes the ceiling insulation nil
and void, and at a hundred degrees this product stays a comfortable in the 60s
where most brands are going to be 85 to 90 when it’s a hundred degrees, that’s
just how they’re built, different philosophy. Coming to the front area on
Fantana, you have a ISL 400, which has got 1,250 pounds of torque, plus we couple
that with a three thousand transmission. This has a three-stage engine break and
then, you have four-point hydraulic leveling and here is your backup camera,
side camera and, of course, all Newmars are equipped with comfort drive steering.
This is kind of cool, this is a charger for your cell phone that they started
opting in 2016 and it’s just becoming more popular, this is the first phone
I’ve had that I can just lay down and it starts charging on this brand new phone
I got. Now up in the upper cabinet, this is your tank monitors, right here, shows
your tank levels, plus, it shows what our batteries are
doing and then up here, this is your energy management system. This is for
your automatic awning, this is use your oasis which is your unlimited hot water,
2,000 watt, 2,800 pure sine inverter on this product, because we have the residential fridge and, of course, there’s your slide-out controls.
Now moving to the outside, you have a lot of basement storage on a 4369. First
of all, you’ll notice the all electric awning that’s sandwiched in between the
slide-outs on both sides, and then you have an automatic door awning. Of course, all Newmars have the masterpiece paint finish on them, one of the things you’ll
notice is how thick their bay doors are. And of course, this coach comes with the
star foundation and because we have so much light today, you can actually see it in
there. What that does is strengthen the chassis to support these whole wall
slides, now this has the dual directional slide tray and we’ve also equipped this
one with a second slide tray, which is only a half. So, if you’re looking at
option seats and you wonder under what that is, that’s what that is, and
then we’ve left one pass-through that’s just open like that and then you have
this half bay in the beginning. We’ve ordered this with the outside TV, and
finally down here you’ve got the pegboard for, you can put tools on that,
that’s where your tanks are behind that, and, of course, what’s really cool about
this, is this has that steerable passive steering that Freightliner has, which
means that the rear tire steer. Why that’s important to you, is because you
can make much tighter turns, you have 55 degrees steering on the front axle and
12 degrees on the rear steer tire. Your chassis batteries are here, this
comes with, should come with, a fifteen thousand pound hitch for a big load. And
then moving over here, we’ve got a place for lawn chairs, this is your death tank,
sewer hose storage. We’ve ordered this with the power water hose reel and it
comes with whole house water filtration and right now this coach is winterize
because it’s still a little cold here in Oregon, but that’s what your self
winterizer looks like. What this does, you take non-toxic antifreeze and you pull
that plug and you use your water pump to suck it into the tank to keep your tanks
from freezing, if you’re in a cold climate. Next bay up, is going to have a
power cord reel and next to that is your oasis furnace and then you
can see the completion of your storage and finally, the last bay forward, of
course, is your propane tank and your six house batteries that come with the
electric fridge. And then this bay here, is strictly for your chassis fuses. Behind here, is your generator and then
you’ve got your one-piece windshield and I love the fact that Newmar does these
big semi-truck wiper blades, they do a much better job on a rainy day. Hey, if
you’ve got more questions on this 2018 4369 Ventana, contact Lindsey 541-915-2768, and, of course, I look forward to
talking to you.

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