2018 Physician of the Year — Andrei Cernea, M.D., Sibley Memorial Hospital

(bright music) >> I mean, mentally, what we do requires that we are in multiple places at once and my primary job is to motivate people, show them how excellence and show this and performance in
medicine can be achieved and then take that message
through their actions to our patients, to our
staff, to our institution. Just say yes is my mantra. They often were asked to do things that are out of our routine and sometimes that can feel like an imposition. Especially in a critical care
service like anesthesiology, when the hours are long
and the intensity is high. It’s so much easier to find
reasons to not do something and it’s always something
that you regret afterwards. Of course, I feel undeserving
and absolutely humble, especially considering my
colleagues for the competition. I’m very proud, as well, because
really, winning this award doesn’t reflect on me alone. I’m here as the leader
of a very dedicated group of physicians and nurse and anesthetists that have allowed me to represent them throughout the institution
and guide their services in the support of others, and so, while I don’t feel deserving, I know that my team is very deserving and I do share this award with them and rest on their shoulders. (bright music)

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