2018 Physician of the Year — Eric Schwartz, M.D., Howard County General Hospital

(upbeat music) >> Eric: I have the
opportunity to participate in a mentor program. And I decide that I was going
to work with a Cardiologist. Twice a week, I came as
a high-school student and followed him around, and
learned about Cardiology, and I decided that this is what
I wanted to do for a living. I’m really passionate about making sure that my patients really
understand what’s going on. So, I try to sit with them,
spend an extra few minutes with them, and really make sure that you explain things on a level
that they’ll understand. If you make sure that you
would treat your patient the same way you would
want your parent treated, your sibling treated, your child treated, then at the end of the night, you’ll know that you
treated them compassionately and did the appropriate thing for them. When you go to work every single day, you see your patients, you run committees, you go to meetings, and
you never expect or ask, or even want to be thanked
for anything that you do. But when you get that
recognition, it is always nice to know that what you’re
doing is making an impact in somebody’s care or somebody’s life. So, I feel very honored to win it. Thank you. (upbeat music)

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