2018 Program of the Year – Carilion Clinic Life-Guard

Sponsored by Airbus The Program of the Year Award, recognizes
an emergency medical program that has demonstrated a superior level of patient care, management
prowess, quality leadership through visionary and innovative approaches, customer service,
safety consciousness, community service and commitment to the medical transport community
as a whole. We are pleased to acknowledge the AMTC 2018 Program of the Year is Carilion
Clinic Life-Guard. Established in 1981 as Virginia’s FIRST
air medical program, Life-Guard was originally a stand-alone single aircraft program operated
by a group of medical and business experts. The dream of these visionaries was to serve
rural communities, including 138 counties with 800 coal mines. Purchased by a non-profit
hospital system and later joining forces with a large scale aviation vendor, Life-Guard
was able to not only sustain growth but to thrive in a true “partnership” culture
between the Carilion Clinic and Med-Trans Corporation.
Life-Guard’s values of ‘Commitment, Curiosity, and Courage, has enabled their program to
continue to succeed and grow while always keeping safety first. After personally experiencing
issues with drones in the shared airspace, Life-Guard addressed their concerns through
education, collaboration, and legislation. Through education with drone operators and
LZ commanders, their “Land the Drone” awareness campaign was born, leading to the
development of PSA’s with other flight programs and presentations on the national stage. And
together with a Virginia Senator, legislation was passed to provide EMS the authority over
drones posing a threat at the scene of an incident.
Life-Guard’s other values of ‘Compassion and Community’ go beyond operational initiatives.
Each year, they choose a worthy cause to contribute to. For one community member, the Life-Guard
team saved his life in an unexpected way. When they heard of a local veteran whose home
had fallen into disrepair, the team came to his rescue through a labor of love to restore
his property to its former beauty. Their love for their community is also noted through
the promotion of health and wellness in their annual 5K Rotor Run from which all proceeds
go towards scholarships for future flight nurses and paramedics.
Over 1,000 miles away, a part of Life-Guard’s heart can also be found in Haiti, where crew
members routinely travel to help train staff at Haiti’s only air medical program. Life-Guard
crews also host Haiti Flight EMTs throughout the year, working in fellowship together.
The Life-Guard teams have discovered that this experience has given them a broader perspective
about, not only HEMS and healthcare, but also about LIFE.
Commitment. Curiosity. Courage. Compassion. And Community.
It is with our deepest appreciation that we give the AMTC 2018 Program of the Year to
Carilion Clinic Life-Guard.

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