2019 AAMS Program of the Year Announcement

I’m Clinton Burley President and CEO
of HealthNet Aeromedical Services in 1986 a group of West Virginia healthcare
executives gathered with a vision that vision was to create a world-class
critical care transport program to serve the citizens of Central Appalachia today
33 years later their vision is our mission and I’m very proud to announce
to you today that HealthNet Aeromedical Services has been selected as the 2019
2020 program of the Year by the association of air medical services with
the award presented by Airbus we’re humbled to receive this award it’s
because of our team members those on the front lines throughout our system that
are responsible for taking care of our patients and our aircraft and our
vehicles and answering those calls for help every single day each of those
high-quality team members has their own stories to tell I’ve been in the area
for 20-plus years working in healthcare and this was the only option for me in
terms of flight or transport jobs they have a reputation for excellence they
have a reputation for safety I’ve known people that have worked here for you
know many years and they’re highly respected and they’re really good at
what they do and they have good patient outcomes it’s important it’s my
community it’s my family that they could be taking care of and that’s important
to me it’s evident that they strive themself on top quality care and
compassion of their patients and another great quality is safety it’s always crew
safety patient safety the culture is just it’s great I mean there’s nothing
better than this like you feel family here when you’re here we’ve been growing
at a pretty fast pace and through that we’ve not lost any sight
that we’re going to give the patients the best care that they can get we have
a good culture of safety family providing good medical care for our
patients so it blends into an environment that it’s you’re ready to
come to work and you’re ready to go do the best that you can do the good thing
about this program is is that the leadership started out you know on the
front lines of the program and they do a fantastic job they still do listen to
people listen to concerns at every level it’s a real dynamic working environment
it’s demanding at times and I enjoy it and I enjoy being a part of you know
helping people out the safety of the employees comes before anything does and
I feel like if we can’t you know practice safely we’re not going to be
any good to our patients at all so the number one key for that is safety for us
and they value that HealthNet has always pushed us to do the best to be
the best and they give us the education that’s required they give us that family
atmosphere they give us the support that we need they’re very open to listening
to you know our recommendations if we need something they’re there to to try
make it happen I would never leave because of because of my team and the
people that I have here and they’re so good to work with our professional and
they take care of me and I take care of them and I don’t think you can get that
and just you know any place that you know you might want to work

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