2019 Coachmen Freedom Express 279 RLDS LE Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi, my name is Barbara Dee, I am here at
Guaranty RV out here in Junction City. Today what I’m going to show you is a
Coachman Freedom Express, this is coachman’s top-of-the-line travel
trailer. It has a system on it that is unmatched by other dealerships, so what
we have here is we’ve got an actual stabilizing system. Most RVs have these
little scissor jacks but this is actually going to stabilize and balance
the travel trailer for you, at a touch of a button.
Dual tanks, I love this gel coat cap and these LED lights, it’s a low draw on the
battery, it’s a great wind deflector, it wraps around, this cap, wraps around to
the side, so it moves the seam from here, around the corner. Very, very handy, it’s a
great design. Coachman has been building for a long time, 63 years, so when you take a
look in here, you’re gonna see that this goes all the way through to the other
side and what’s strapped up there is a utility table and also real quick, let’s
take a look at this. Let’s just squat right down in here and see these
aluminum frames, it’s an aluminum frame TIG welded and it’s got an LED light
strip across that also, so now you not only have a great storage space but
you’ve got a lit place as well. A lightweight trailer, this thing only weighs 6,300 pounds and
it’s a 29 foot trailer, that’s amazing, it really is, it’s a great deal for you guys.
So let’s head this way, you’ve got these frameless windows, this is the Freedom
Express, Liberty Edition, super duper nice, lots of great finish in it, a great big
slide here, the frameless windows. You come back to one convenient area so
you have an outside shower that you can use to wash the dog off, clean out the
cooler, or your private fish cleaning station, everything is hooked up right here, you got cable, satellite, it’s a 30 amp
service which makes it super handy, it’s going to marry up to every single RV park that you ever go into you. Come around the back here and they offer a camera, so you do have a backup camera on this, you’ve got a
ladder so you can get up and inspect the the roof if you want to, and again, these
beautiful tinted frameless windows are so nice, they keep everything just in
great shape. So I’ve been in this industry for a long time, I mean, I’m 58 years old and I’ve been in it since I was 15, in one way or
another. This is the best thing I have ever seen developed this is what’s called a solid step, it’s a Lippert product, but
when I get up on this there’s no wiggly waggling, I mean I could dance a little
jig on it and I’d be okay, so come on in and let’s see what’s on the inside. It’s
roomy, it’s comfortable, this is your dinette, the table can be easily
lifted up or lied down, you could even take that outside. If I remember correctly,
they have these really super nice drawers so now if you’re storing
something underneath the table or underneath this this area, you can get
at it very easily. It’s the drawer also on this side and if
I pull this out a bit, you’ll see that even back in here, they’ve got a little
storage area and storage is a big deal, so that’s a great place to stick some
extra shoes or a few things that you’re not going to be using right away. So
have a seat on the on the couch, my camera guy. So this is your entertainment area, you
have a lovely fireplace, that will be an alternate source of heat when you’re
plugged in, on a 30 amp service at that, more storage underneath it, this nice
television that’s going to swing out in various directions, you can watch it
here, it’ll move there, it oscillates. You’ve got backlighting here and that
looks really, really nice, it’s a nice complement, the refrigerator is face to
match the cabinetry, you’ve got a 17 gallon water heater, 17, almost
18, gallons of hot water every hour. I mean, everybody in the family can take a
shower as long as they want. It’s got a nice refrigerator, I like the fact that
they faced this, it just makes everything look so consistent, you got a flush mount
the air conditioner, so all of the air conditioning is being dispersed
throughout the trailer, a nice oven, a range top, a microwave, lots of cabinet
space, just cabinets, cabinets and drawers,
and drawers and cabinets, everywhere. You know, that’s just so important with an RV,
and shelving, it’s nice to have a shelf to put your pots and pans on so you
don’t have to stack them all up in one corner. I love these countertops, the
countertops are super nice because they’re non-porous, they’re easily clean, they look beautiful, they’ll last forever and this has got a
stainless steel sink underneath it, it’s got this awesome spray deist so you can
do just about anything, all this counter space to work with. So let’s take a peek
back here and got these nice windows and these windows open up so you can get
some ventilation and if you don’t want that, they’ve got blackout shades, as a
matter of fact, almost all these windows have these blackout shades so if you
want your privacy, certainly, and will be able to obtain that or if you just want
to pull him down when you store it. A giant bathroom, come here and look at
this, my son rented an apartment that didn’t
have this big of a bathroom. So check this out, you’ve got a nice tub and shower,
place to sit down and relax, a vanity, a nice vanity there, some counter space,
again, a cabinet, a place to hang your robe or some towels, put up some toilet
paper, it’s a porcelain toilet, so the reason I point that out is a
porcelain toilet is a lot easier to keep clean then the plastic is. Close to the bedroom, I’m going to close this door here real quick, closes
nicely, this has a sliding door that’s going to come across and I’ll step into
this on this other side. This just feels kind of rustic, it feels good, it’s got
this interesting rustic, like antique, what do they call that, and I don’t know
the name for that mochi, but I like the way that it looks, it feels cozy and a
great big closet here, more storage up here, both of these windows open up for
cross ventilation. So I appreciate you spending some time with me here today,
Coachman is a fantastic product, I’d really appreciate it if you’d give me a
call my number is 541-521-4232. Come on out to Guaranty in Junction City, sit down on this bed, take a look around, spend some
time with us, we’d love to meet you. Thank you

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