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Morning Folks, my name’s Shane Timmons with
Guaranty RV super center. Looking at the Attitude, the Eclipse. Very, very popular line up coming on very really strong. This is the 28 SAG. I’m going to go over this real quickly at
the end I am going to give you some information to gat ahold of me in case you have more questions
or set up a time to actually take a look in person. First of all come around this way. One thing about this particular line up is
you got propane tanks both on the same side. Which is really nice, really easy to access. Got the switch where you can just get in here
and swap them back and fourth. Nice understorage, you notice the passthrough
goes all the way through to the other side and the reason they can do that is because
they put that four thousand watt Onan generator in the front on this one. Quickly back up and I will show where that’s
at. So it’s a little bit better thought out process
on the design of this one that way you got a lot more storage. Batteries got it’s own compartment. Don’t have the batteries in them right now. We do supply the batteries for you at no additional
charge here. Come on inside, One thing I love about the
Eclipse is that all they create is toy haulers so you don’t have cross membering like a travel
trailer, fifth wheel, and a toy hauler section all using interchangeable parts. Everything about this unit is designed for
the toy hauler aspect. Starting with the chassis, it’s got an off-road
chassis, come on in. So you got flipped axles, got a high suspension. These things are designed and built down in
Southern California. The plus side to that is it is actually created
to go out like on the dunes to go out and do some motor-crossing. Really really set up for extended stays and
dry camping. Bigger hot water tanks. Bigger fresh water tank, you got a 150 gallon
tank on this guy, fresh water. I don’t know anybody that’s doing a bigger
one then that. These guys go through, they do a vacuum bonded
floor which is really really top of the line. What that doesn’t allow to happen is have
any kind of break down over time, very structurally sound. Get into a little bit of nitty gritty, they
have a wider chassis so what that means is you have brackets that actually hold these
walls up off the ground and so the chassis bracket on this is a much narrower gap so
they hold up a lot longer. 2500lb. capacity tie downs that are actually
bolted onto your frame. That all being said, very, very well put together,
very strong. You have a lot of cabinetry, just a ton of
storage in this guy if you have noticed, they have raised the cabinets so you can actuallyget most of your quads, RZRs, things like that. Today everyone is buying a RZR. A four seat RZR will go clear up to the front
of this thing easily. Also light weight, pretty much any 3/4 ton
truck could pull this. You have a slide-out, the beauty about this
slide out is, I am not going to tear all this apart right now take a little too long to
do that but this will go up against the wall, you got a little area, compartment to where
you can flip that up and actually like a quad in here sideways if you wanted too, it’s perfect
size. This one has the rollover sofa, east and west. So the nice thing about this is you can drop
this down, everybody can kind of kick back, catch that movie in the evening time and be
real comfortable. You also have a queen sized bed on the top. These guys do a Rhino Liner on the back. Everybody know how well that is put together
and how well that holds up. Most truck beds are putting that in them anymore,
very well preserved. You’ve got a class 5 grade aluminum on this
particular coach. What that means is it will not bend. It would break before it ever bent and you
would have to put way more pressure than it’s capacity to break it so you got a 3000 lb.
capacity on this tailgate getting in and out of here. You notice you got tie-downs all over, clear
to the back all the way to the front. Just a quick little overview here. You have microwave, rotary microwave, gas
oven, three burner stove. They have done this new flush mount thing
so you can actually use the full capacity of your sink. You’ve got the big deep tub for your sink. This is coming on strong, everybody seems to like this. Get in there do some pot, pans and dishes rather easily. These guys have a bigger refrigerator unit,
go with Dometic on this one. Big screen TV, That’s detachable, comes out
swings around, rotates. Come on up here, Also this one has the solar
panel access 160 watt. If you come inside and take a look, You’ve
got the corner shower, actual glass doors. Skylight, stand up in there get real comfortable,
removable head shower, medicine cabinet. Got a spot to put everything you need. Actually got a closet with doors, porcelain
toilet. Jack and Jill bathroom as they call it so
you can walk in and have your privacy if you have company. Got the full walk around queen bed, storage
underneath. If you noticed it’s sectioned off in there. The nice thing about that is it keeps the
insulation factors. Don’t let your heat escape. Hanging closets on both sides. Got a nice big pillow top headboard on this
thing. Overhead storage, just a ton of storage in
this coach, pretty much anywhere they could put a dresser or cabinet or something, they
did. A spot for a TV, we didn’t provided it on
this one. Just so you know this model does come with
a wardrobe slide-out option. I do have one of those in stock so if you
might need a little more room up here, we have it, it’s available. My biggest hangup with these guys is I’ve
been out of stock for a long time, we just got a shipment in happen to have three right
now so if you have been waiting for this model to get here please come and see me. My name is Shane Timmons. My personal number is 503-707-2393 or you
can reach me on my email at [email protected] Thank you very much

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