2019 Heart of Health Care – Bernard W. “Skip” Mann

the st. Louis post-dispatch is proud to honor this exceptional nursing professional as one of 10 winners of our 2019 heart of health care program I work for Washington University Siteman I am a staff nurse here oncology nursing every oncology patient has been told by a doctor that they have a finite life left do with it what you're going to do maybe we can beat it and that maybe means hope and we are a very hopeful place I was diagnosed in January of 2015 with stage 4 colon cancer I started coming down here over two years ago and met skip pretty quickly I think he came right up and introduced himself probably the first day they was here he treats you just like a friend or a person not necessarily a patient and you can easily conversate with him or joke with them about pretty much anything I can't cure cancer what I can do is for the two or three hours that I have somebody here or six or seven hours I can do the best that I can do and make them smile or make them laugh or tell some corny jokes or do whatever but I really feel I connect very well with cancer patients you can be very direct with these patients I'm very open and they share willingly with you and you share my life willingly with them and I have a great relationship with him ever since I was a kid I could always feel people's pain and and kind of understand and empathize with them and I I went through a lot of pain in my childhood so I could connect pretty well you know with that I think I've always just been destined to be a helper in this career I have been involved in miracles and I've seen amazing things it's perfect for me you know and I think this is the end of my career I've been in patient care since I was 19 years old as a corpsman in the Navy and then combat medic all my life I've done in one form of Medicine patient care or another every time I've moved into a management position or anything like that I the farther away from the patient I get the the less I like it the less I feel like a nurse the st. Louis post-dispatch kindly thanks our heart of healthcare presenting sponsor BJC HealthCare as well as our title sponsors mercy and Centene

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  1. Skip is a wonderful Man, Mentor and Human Being. I am proud to have served under " Skip" and with him in Iraq and other undisclosed locations. Love you Brother Congrats well deserved!… Chaos!

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