2019 Heart of Health Care – Karen Fawcett

the st. Louis post-dispatch is proud to honor this exceptional nursing professional as one of 10 winners of our 2019 heart of health care program I'm an RN I work in bed management bed management we basically are triage we are air traffic control for the hospital anybody that needs a bed comes through bed management whether it's the cath lab and outside facility our own ER anywhere it starts with us I was a manager for 15 years being the manager on the floor was probably my greatest accomplishment I always knew if I was good to the staff they would be good to the patients be a trickle-down effect I always made sure they went to lunch before I ever even thought about it I was always down the hall helping with the patients I seen all the patients every night every patient I helped pass trays I'd be behind the dust helping the you know clerks out I'd be helping the nurse assistants out whatever they need it done down the hall I tried to pull that floor together like this and if one area was sinking and another let's say wing was doing okay I'd pull them over to help and we'd get them all straightened out I started as a new grad here it'll be 31 years in August the very first day out of orientation I was working down a team with Karen she was a staff nurse that night they didn't have enough staffing to have her out as a charge nurse that evening so she was working with me side by side and I realized that day that that is the nurse I would want to be she gave excellent patient care very thorough very conscientious cautious intelligent made good decisions very focused on patient care as well as a mother hen to the new nurses out there she truly knows what it is to give good nursing care the st. Louis post-dispatch kindly thanks our heart of healthcare presenting sponsor BJC HealthCare as well as our title sponsors mercy and Centene

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