2019 Heart of Health Care – Suzanne Ward

the st. Louis post-dispatch is proud to honor this exceptional nursing professional as one of 10 winners of our 2019 heart of health care program I've been a nurse for 30 years in every area of Nursing that I've done there has been a student a patient a family somebody that's greatly impacted you that is giving you more than you have ever given to them so here at Eureka there's quite a few that have touched my heartstrings I think one of the best things about my job here at the high school is the kids when you walk in the door and you're walking down the hall and passing period it's crazy and they're like nice well hard and they come up and they give you a hug how was your weekend what did you do they just truly want that relationship with you we take care of the illnesses and the injuries and the chronic illnesses that they have their diabetes whatever but it's that relationship that you build the kids they respond to that they know you have their back she's excellent yeah it's easy we're a family here and we you take care of your family I want to take care of somebody else's child the way I would want somebody to take care of mine this is somebody else's baby that they love more than their own self in their own life and they deserve the best and so that's how I take care of my kids when they come in here the st. Louis post-dispatch kindly thanks our heart of healthcare presenting sponsor BJC HealthCare as well as our title sponsors mercy and Centene

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