2019 Kenworth W900 with 156 Inch ARI Legacy II RBSD Sleeper Interior Exterior Tour

this is the 2019 w900 with the 156 inch
legacy sleeper it’s a sad dory injury hog on the road
how far back do I it’s huge now this model here and all of them with the sad
door entry have the extra toolboxes on one side or the other make room for the
door and you see it’s got a Teflon tub it will its God as the airline’s already
in the rear oh and look guys this model has side door entrance isn’t that
spectacular easy access and egress for taking them puppy dogs out on the road I
hear people talking about hood time I can understand that statement from here
look at that and look at this there is a gauge for everything and a gauge for
things you probably don’t know what there are does it’s a full package to
you and look guys I know you want to see that yeah oh you just gotta love this
diamond tuck okay let’s look back here now this is
another 156 and you can see how well done it is amazed it’s another beautiful
it has the same interiors mind it looks like mostly how big this closet is look
at this one oh yeah thank you extra water tank latching refrigerator this is how easy it is to drop your bed
at night and then it’s just as easy tomorrow morning to pick it back up
again and you’re ready for breakfast sorted right and we’re all a little bit
country so check this out everybody wants a front door and a student to sit
on or even better yet how about a screen door to keep the bugs out now how about
that I like that really nice I will put all
of Max’s information in the description who let me look at these trucks
he’s a knows everything about him he’s a great salesperson if you are interested
in any of these trucks he’ll be happy to show to you but let me warn you if you
come looking at one of these trucks the chances are you’re gonna you’re gonna
probably buy one there’s no way around it let’s look under the hood of this puppy
because you know it’s cadet power house x-15 in it everybody just really seems
to love so much so far see how bear is looking at it it’s bright red just call and drive me away driver get
me up out of here I really really kind of like that you okay one of the biggest things I’ve
learned for my customers and believe me I’ve sold over 600 new custom sleepers
not saying that to brag to you but to let you know you’re not alone in this we
deal with the top 1% of the country you’re the elite of all the hall sources
one thing I try to explain to people and what I’ve learned from my other
customers is you think of the way you woke up yesterday in your truck crams
been you know seventy six inch labor or be it an 86 inch even in our studio the
way you’re going to wake up in this new custom sleeper if you think about it
you’re going to get out of bed right here on the counter use your stovetop in
your coffee pot the bathroom is right there your large refrigerator and
freezers right in front of you so everything’s right there turn on your TV
and watch it but you don’t get out of the truck to go across the truck stop in
the middle the night that’s the important part of this it’s comfort when
you pull this truck over and have 30 minutes to catch a nap you sleep in
absolute comfort think about what you do when you pull another truck over that’s
the whole key to the custom sleepers it’s Comfort like I said my name’s max
Albertson this is Palmer trucks our telephone number is two six zero four
eight three six three six seven now you can reach myself seven days a week up to
11 p.m. at night after 11:00 I’m a little sleepy my cell number is two six
zero seven four zero one three five five again we’re located in Fort Wayne
Indiana just 40 short miles to a RI


  1. My kind of W900 Kenworth👌👍
    I deserve one after driving
    W models for 45 years.!!! alot with no sleepers at all ~ use to sleep across the seats when working for Eastoes Transport in Australia in the 1980's know sleepers at all at that company.!!!

    What's the PRICE.!!!
    And please don't shock 😨 me ~ not at my age.!!!
    I'd like to buy one and park it on front lawn and just look at it all day.👌!!! 😃👍
    X15 ~ 👌👍Beautiful ~ absolute work of Art.
    PS : Max Albertson you talk about Cramps I could write a book about it.

  2. sorry it's a dumb question but I'm not driver yet. Is that a manual transmission? If so I thought everything was moving to automatic?

  3. love that but with a 990 without the whistle in of the turbo I used to love that sound in my old w9 but after seeing a 990 without it think that is best very sweet truck driver!

  4. W900 the best truck USA had made in my opinion i will take it in a heartbeat over a volvo trash ugly trucks nice and 18 speed for real mens with skills 😂😂

  5. This is a VERY NICE . The cost is
    $ 287,684 PLUS 7% TAX = $ 299,759 .

    $ 300 000 take you more then 25 years to pay this beast off. Fuel mileage is 5.3 miles with loaded trailer.
    Insurance is $ 18, 300 a year = $ 1,536 a month .

    98% of truckers could NOT afford this truck plus couldn’t make money with it .
    Max Trailer weight only 62 000 lbs

  6. Professional Camping Anyone?? For $300K?? Nice Truck!! No Thanks!!💯🇺🇸👍😎💰

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