2019 Match Day UVA School of Medicine

[MUSIC PLAYING] The journey has been incredible. It started in Old Cabell. We got our white coats. I’ll never forget that
moment, having my family there, and these budding
friendships all around you, and thinking about how
incredible of a time that is. There is just going to be
such an incredible experience because my parents got to see
me putting my white coat on, and now they’re going to
see me getting my first job. And to have watched
my classmates grow over the past four years
and really grow to love so many of these incredible
people and now to go back to the same place
to find out where we’re going to go for the next four years. It’s bittersweet because
I think all of us will miss our class
because we’ll be going off in different directions. But it’s definitely nice to
have that full circle moment. Putting on that white
coat was in Old Cabell. We were surrounded by
all our classmates. We didn’t really know each
other that well at the time, but now, coming
back to Old Cabell, will be the first time that
we’re all in that space again, and a different–
like four years later, we’ve made so many
strong friendships and had so many crazy
experiences with each other and to be able to
celebrate Match Day with that group
of colleagues I think is super special
and super exciting. I can’t believe that I’m here,
that all my classmates are here. I think back during
white coat ceremony, it was really hard to imagine
how fast the time would fly and how successful we’d all be. We all had this
idea in our heads for a while that we
want to be doctors, and Match is just that day
where it all comes together. Someone has agreed to let
you come in and be a doctor. Match is me getting
my first job. It’s me having a new start
wherever I end up going. It’s sort of the culmination
of the whole medical school experience and getting to
celebrate that with your peers. It’s a really
incredible experience. I feel like Match Day
represents the culmination of all of the things you’ve
worked for to this point. It’s exciting because it
marks a new beginning, you know, finally having a job. I think it’s just symbolic
of being a physician and being allowed to take
care of my own patients. [MUSIC PLAYING] The anxiety is mostly concerning
where we’re going to be. Where are we going to start
this next chapter of our life? So there’s a lot of
anxiety around that– wanting something so badly
and just not really– in it being out of your hands. I’ve been keeping
myself very busy this week which has
been really nice. At this point, I’m just
counting down the hours until we open our envelopes. Not knowing– that is
kind of the nerve-racking, but also exciting part. So I’m hoping for a good
result because otherwise it’ll be a really awkward party
if I don’t get what I want. [LAUGHS] I’m really looking forward
to all of the great things that we’re going to do,
going on and moving forward as physicians. I’m super proud of all of us for
getting to this point and just super excited for our futures. I’ve met some of my best friends
through medical school here, and I’m sure that I’ll continue
to be friends with them for years and years to come. I’m really proud of
all of my classmates– if anything, more excited
than where I’m going to go, I’m just really excited to see
where all my classmates are going to be going. And I’m so proud of them. I could not be
more excited to be part of this group of students
and future physicians. I want to reiterate how
proud I am of my classmates and how thankful I am
to be a part of such an excellent group. It really is humbling
and it’s an honor to be at an
institution like this. For it all to culminate
with Match is– it’s hard to put in words.

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