2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show Free Flu Shots – Penn State Health

[MUSIC] High Five! >> Do you need one? It’s free. >> Flu shot is always important nobody
wants to get that sick. Flu is a respiratory illness and I don’t like it
in my OR any more than I like it in my home. Ouch! 1-2-3. >>I like the opportunity to come and see
people. Since I work in the operating room, I don’t get to see people for very
long. I only get to talk to them for like 5-10
minutes and there asleep! A lot of kids are very very afraid of
shots. It makes you kind of break out in a sweat kind of thought getting a shot.
Everybody has it, I do but with children I like to get down on their level. I like
to talk to them face to face as much as I can. What are you scared of? Most of
them don’t ever mind being kind of an embrace. I want you to take a deep breath
in and hold it. And letting them know that that’s safe, it’s safe for them.
There and you get a cape! I like what I do. And part of what I do involves working with the community. [Music}

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