21 Secret Hiding Places You’ve Never Thought Of

So you’re going on vacation for a while. What’s your go-to hiding place for your
valuables? Maybe at the bottom of your cereal boxes? How about your freezer drawers? Perhaps you’re stacking some money in your
toilet tank? These might seem like excellent spots to keep
your possessions, but unfortunately, robbers already know about them. According to recent statistics, there are
approximately 3.7 million home burglaries every year in the US alone. And even though the numbers are growing by
the day, the hidey-holes haven’t gotten any more creative. Thieves tend to spend an of average 8 to 12
minutes in each property they break into, and they know exactly where to look. The FBI reports that each of these incidents’
costs more than 2,000 bucks on average to the residents, which is a significant amount
for a robber to take in just a few minutes. So, before I reveal the most unusual spots
to hide your valuables, let’s have a look at the default places the burglars look for
goods. The first room that a thief will thoroughly
scan is the master bedroom. So, mattresses, closets, drawers and even
suitcases are off limits for hiding. In the kitchen, keep your things out of cereal
boxes, freezer drawers, cupboards, vases, and of course, cabinets. But, let’s not forget the bathroom. The toilet tank, and medicine cabinet are
also very common treasure spots. So, which are the most unsuspecting places
to keep your valuables? Let’s find out together! Um, for you Robbers & burglars watching this,
it’s time for you to switch to the “Crime Doesn’t Pay like it used to” YouTube channel. Like immediately. Okay, are they gone? Good. Let’s begin. 1. Wall Clocks
Everyone gets suspicious about what’s hiding in the walls behind a large painting, but
nobody really thinks the same about wall clocks. Take a cheap-looking clock and, using tape,
attach anything valuable you might have that fits into the space behind it. If it’s thick, you can even take it apart
and place your items inside the clock as well. Not only is it money-saving, it’s also time-saving. Hehe
2. Roll them in your Toilet Roll
Ok folks, you’ll need to be somewhat handy for this one. Roll up a stack of your bills and secure them
with an elastic band. Then, disassemble the spring bar that secures
your toilet paper on the wall. Finally, stash your cash inside, and you have
the perfect safe in your bathroom. 3. Cat Litter
Another thing you can try is literally burying your valuables, and you don’t need to go
outside to do so. Take small containers, and fill them with
either your cash, passports, cards or jewelry – you know the gist. Seal them on top and place them inside a tub
of unused cat litter. Then burry them inside, and you’re all set. – No one will ever suspect that you have
multiple safes inside that tub. 4. Plants
Since we’re on the topic of burying items, soil is an excellent hiding spot. You can use a medicine bottle (which is watertight)
to place your money or other important items inside. Bury them in a potted plant in your house
and place a small stone or leaves on top of the cap seal. Not many people will suspect that someone
is burying their treasures in their plants. 5. Garage Doors
Ok, I know how silly it sounds, but you can actually hide things like passports, visa
cards and even jewelry inside the Garage door opener. The case that covers the door opener has plenty
of room underneath, and you can keep anything you like inside – even an extra pair of
keys in case of emergencies. 6. Counterfeit Containers
When you visit someone’s home, there’s a 70% chance that they’ll either have Mayonnaise,
Ketchup or some other condiments in their fridge. – THAT is your hiding spot! Empty out your mayo jar, (or save it when
you finish it) paint it on the inside to match the original color of its contents, and you’re
ready to…store. If you don’t have time to be this crafty,
you can go online and find brand-name counterfeit containers you can use. 7. Vacuum Cleaner
Sometimes, the best hiding spots are the ones out in the open. So, a household item like your vacuum cleaner
is the perfect safe. You can use the bag cavities as a secret compartment
for important documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, visas and passports. 8. False Bottom Drawer
To kick things up a notch you can create a false bottom drawer, but you need to pick
one whose depth change won’t be visible. Get some plywood and cut it smaller than the
actual drawer. Hot glue some wood strips at the bottom of
it to raise it up. Finally, you can hot glue items on top that
you’d expect to find in that drawer, for example: utensils, if it’s in the kitchen. 9. In-between Cabinets
Between nearly all upper cupboards there’s a tiny gap. It’s not visible unless you climb on the
kitchen counters. Since not many people know about them, they’re
the perfect hidey holes for cash. Place your money in an envelope and, using
wide binder clips, hang them through the cracks. 10. Toe kicks
While you’re still in the kitchen, why not take advantage of the other end of the spectrum? – The Toe Kicks! The cavities under the kitchen cabinets are
so huge that you can hide all sorts of things inside, even hard-drives. Granted, you’ll need some basic carpentry
skills, but it’s easy to pull them out and make them removable when you need to use them. 11. Spare Tire
Sometimes, the garage is one of the few places that burglars don’t search for valuable
items. So, keeping a dirty spare tire to hide things
is the perfect safe. The problem is that you need to deflate it
to store everything inside, and then inflate it back up again. 12. Paint Containers
No robber will go through the paint containers in your garage to find money. Remember, they only have a few minutes to
search, and garages aren’t their priority. So, next time you run out of paint, keep the
container, fill it up with money, and give it to me – no, put it back with the rest
of the hodgepodge. 13. Fake Plumbing Pipes
It’s easy to get your hands on some PVC pipes so that you can use them as a secret
compartment. You just need to get a clean out plug that
will act as a sealer. The best place to put this tube safe is in
a garage under the sink. 14. Tennis Ball
For your jewelry, a tennis ball is your perfect mini vault – and it takes no time to create
either. You simply slice it a couple of inches, place
all your items and money inside, and then you’re all set. – Just make sure you don’t mix it with
the tennis balls that your dogs play with, otherwise you’re in for a slobbery treasure
surprise. 15. Outlet
Burglars don’t have the time to check all the outlets in someone’s home for hidden
wall safes. Interestingly, there are small containers
that look like outlets on the outside, but on the inside they serve a different purpose. They’re mini vaults, with the perfect amount
of protection. The problem is, they aren’t very big, so
you have limited space to store some jewelry and maybe some bills. 16. Secret Shelves
Since wall-shelves are out in the open, what the robber will see is just a piece of wood
attached to the wall. However, there are floating shelves that are
hollow on the inside, and when you pull them out, a secret compartment appears. If they’re in an office space, they can
be used for passports or documentation. 17. Family Albums
Let’s face it, a family album is one of the best places to hide money. Even family members don’t check them. So, keep that in mind if you’re also looking
to hide something from your relatives. You simply fold a few bills and place them
in the picture compartments. 18. Curtain Poles
Flash back to what I said earlier – the best hiding places are in plain sight. – Well here’s another genius safe: the
curtain poles. However, it isn’t a secret compartment that’s
easily accessible. Which means that you can’t take things in
and out all the time. So, the best thing to store in there is rolls
of cash. 19. Kids Room
Remember in Breaking Bad, when Walter White hid all of his money in his daughters’ room? He sure knew what he was doing. One of the most secure places in someone’s
house is in the kids’ room. Robbers know what a mess the kids can create. So, logically, they won’t suspect that someone
would consider leaving their valuables with their babies. Of course, parents who do that hide their
money somewhere in the room where the kids can’t find it. – So look no further than the play room. 20. Baby Wipes – boy be careful with this. Speaking of kids and their rooms, an ideal
place to stash cash is inside a baby wipes container. Oh so you mean unused ones! Remove the internal pack but keep a couple
of wipes on top and then layer the bills underneath. So, even if someone accidentally lifts the
lid of the container, they’ll see a wipe peeping through, and not the money. 21. Back of a drawer
Not many people know this, but when drawers are closed, they don’t touch the back of
the dresser. And that leaves a little gap that you can
use to your advantage. You can put your important papers, passports
and cash in an envelope and tape them to the back of your drawers. You can also do that on the underside as well. Sometimes you must think like a burglar to
be one step ahead. When a burglar breaks into your house, they
know they’re committing a felony, so they believe that they should get something out
of it. If they can’t find anything of great value,
they’ll start digging deeper and deeper until they find it. So, sometimes, when you’re out or on vacation,
it’s a good idea to keep some inexpensive things in obvious places just to deceive them
as a decoy. I’m thinking the dirty laundry hamper might
be a good bet here too. How about you? Which is your go-to hiding place for your
valuables? Feel free to leave them out in plain sight
and let me know! Oops, let me clarify, no, I’m not talking
about leaving your valuables out for me, just your hiding places – in the comments! Okay that’s good. If you learned something new today, then give
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