24 Hours After Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

My name is Cheri. I’m 65 years old and I’ve been having arthritis in my knees and pain with it for about 20 years. My ability to move and have any kind of flexibility has been limited year after year after year. Now I can’t take the stairs more than two feet at a time. If I sit down and try to get up it takes me a long time to stand. Bending and lifting anything in my leg causes a lot of pain. I’ve been taking a lot of ibuprofen, going to acupuncturist, but nothing has really done anything, but just put off the inevitable of supposedly surgery for my knee. I have it (arthritis) in both but the left one is worse than the other. It’s just been difficult to function and I can’t imagine going another 20 years and ending up in a wheelchair or not being able to move at all. What I had done here at the clinic was a stem cell treatment and it was pretty painless and very easy. The thing that I’ve noticed first off is that I don’t feel the pain where I felt it before in that knee. I’m more aware of the pain in my other knee than I am in pain from the one that was bad. I have gotten some flexibility and I found myself already even though it was just yesterday being able to stand up much faster. Not having the awful pain and stiffness. Today I’ve found that I can lift up my leg and flex my knee back and forth like swing it back and forth and … that’s just… I don’t even know. That’s like a miracle. I don’t know what else to say about that. So far so good. You know everything before the stem cells was painful since then it’s not so much. If this helps anybody, or if my story can help somebody I’m all for that. Anything I can do because it’s a long time of suffering and people tell me that I just have to deal with it. “That’s what it is take some drugs”. You know, they didn’t even really tell me to exercise. They just want me to take the drugs and wait for the inevitable T he first thing I can show you how you can do it sitting down. This is my other knee. That’s it. That’s not going anywhere without pain. Now this is the knee that I had this stem cell on. I hear it but it isn’t hurting.Then let me show you this. I can’t lift that knee. But this one… and I can swing. I just, I can’t even tell you. There’s no pain. No pain.

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