24hrs Pregnant with Our 3rd Baby! (SECRET REVEALED)

– Hey guys, welcome back to our channel. If you’re not subscribed to us, make sure you click that
subscribe button down below. We actually just got back from an amazing trip in Florida. We had so much fun, but a lot of you guys
have been asking questions and speculating, so we thought it’d be fun to film a very special video for you guys. Hey boys! I have something to show you! โ™ช It’s our life, let’s live it โ™ช โ™ช Live forever โ™ช – So, I asked you guys on my Instagram if I should be pregnant again and so many of you guys said yes! So, I thought it’d be fun to
let you guys control my life. So, we are doing the 24
hour challenge pregnant. That’s right, I am pregnant
with my third baby. Ugh, it’s gonna be crazy. Smack that thumbs up
button if you want me to be pregnant for real. I’m kinda loving this
whole pregnancy thing. Pretty fun. I’m a little worried how it’s gonna go with the two kids. The weight and the pressure
on my back is pretty intense. Let’s go find out how things are gonna go. – [All] Good morning! – What’s up kiddos? Doing good?
– Good. – Hey, I think Mama has
a surprise for us today. You wanna see? – Hey boys! I have something to show you! What do you think? – What do you have on your belly? – I think we’re gonna have another baby. – [Bryan] Uh babe, what’s
going on? Is there– – Oh, did I not tell you? – [Bryan] Is there something
you haven’t shared with me? – Did I not tell you? I grew a bump overnight. – But you’re kidding, right? Is that, what’s going
on, what are we doing? – Everyone’s been asking
questions about whether I’m pregnant or not and honestly, it sounds like everyone just
wants me to be pregnant, so I thought it’d be fun.
– You’re just giving the – [Bryan] people what they want basically? – Just let them control my life. They want me to be pregnant?
Then, I’m pregnant. There you go.
– Oh my gosh. – This is the weirdest. I honestly don’t know
what to feel right now. This is kind of surreal. I know.
– They like, love this. – Look at this boys. – It looks awesome. – It looks awesome? Do you think we’re
gonna have another baby? – Yeah! – Hey Dad! – [Bryan] You trying to see
if you can see the baby? Alright boys, what do you think though? Boy or girl? – I think it’s gonna be a girl. – A girl, what do you think?
– Girl, what do you think? – A boy! – [Missy] It’s gonna
be a girl or a boy, OK. – Let’s go to breakfast! – [Bryan] Yes, it’s
time to go to breakfast. We got the boys loaded in the car. – Okay, so the next
post I have for you guys on my Instagram was, front or back? If I was back, I’d have
to squeeze in between these two kids, which would
be so hard with a belly. But, you guys chose front! Yes! Thank you. I get to sit in the front seat. Let’s go. – [Bryan] You’re looking mighty comfy in that front seat, babe. – Yeah, this seat is nice but, I think I’m gonna drive
because whenever I was pregnant and sat in the passenger
seat, I would get so sick. – [Bryan] Oh, really? – I’m just gonna drive. – [Bryan] (laughs) Here we go. – Oh, my back. – [Bryan] You sure you wanna
have another baby, babe? You sure? This is so weird, you guys. I cannot even with this. This is so weird. Make sure you guys watch to the end so we can see the magic
revealed, by the way. But yeah, I would say this
is giving us a really good indication of what it’s gonna be like to expect another baby when
you have two kids already. It’s something that Missy and I have been talking a lot about and
thinking a lot about and it’s definitely a little
surreal to see it happen. – It’s actually pretty
crazy to see, overnight, my belly just pop out. – A woman’s pregnancy
can be largely dictated by the kind of food she
eats while she’s pregnant. If you eat the wrong thing,
it could mean you’re gonna have the worst day ever. If you eat the right thing,
it means you’re gonna be craving that thing for
the next nine months. So for the next thing
you guys are controlling, what did you ask them? – So I asked them if I should
eat steak for breakfast or pancakes. So, let’s find out what they said. Wow! Actually, 49% people said steak, but 51% people said pancakes. – [Bryan] So no meat for you. – Yay! Pancakes! – [Bryan] Come on, let’s go
get some pancakes, buddy! Alright babe, you got the other kid? – Yeah, here we go. Oh my gosh. Wow, then where would I even put– – [Bryan] Where would you put him? Right there?
– Really high. – I can feel what it felt
like to have my belly ripped in half. (light music) – [Bryan] Feels so real. It’s just so creepy. – So when I was pregnant,
I could not stand the smell of meat, the sight
of it, the taste of it, was just so gross it would make me sick. So I’m really excited that
you guys gave me pancakes. – [Bryan] Yes, Missy got
the large stack of pancakes. – And this looks delicious,
I can’t wait to dive in. – [Bryan] I will keep my
food with all the meats on this side of the
table, away from you, OK? You’re not allowed to
eat them since you’re– – I don’t wanna smell it. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] This is so funny, you guys. It’s actually like she is pregnant. Sorry, forgot to order biscuits and gravy? – I need my biscuits and gravy, come on. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] So we were just
leaving the restaurant and Missy is what? – Getting lots of stares. People looking at me like, “Awe, she’s got two kids
and she’s pregnant.” I’m like– – [Bryan] (laughs) What
do you think about that? Isn’t that cute? – I mean, it is cute but… – [Bryan] Did you forget
about the attention you get when you’re pregnant? – Yeah, I did. I don’t really want it. – [Bryan] Yeah! Now you just feel different, having two kids and being pregnant, you feel like maybe there’s
like a judgment there or are you just realizing it, you think? – I don’t think it’s judgment. I think I’m just like nervous ’cause I’m not really pregnant. – [Bryan] Alright, come on
boys, we got a busy day! Did you have a good breakfast, dude? – Yeah! – Alright, climb in. (sighs) – What I’m also nervous about is that, sometimes people look at us
and they kind of know us. They know us from YouTube. – Yeah basically, if any
fans are gonna see us out in public today, they’re gonna see behind-the-scenes of this video. – Yes! What I’m nervous about
is that if they think I really am pregnant and
that I’ve been lying about it or hiding it and then, they
all of a sudden see me again and I’m not. – It’s the Daily Bumps conspiracy theories all over again, you guys, and we’re just fueling it even more. – I didn’t think about like,
what people are gonna think when they see me. I’m gonna have to explain. – It’s OK. Everything is funner when you just throw another baby into the mix. Alright you guys, the next
thing you are controlling for today is who is getting gas, but I don’t know if
everyone knew what I meant. So, they voted Missy to get gas. – No, I was crossing my
fingers that I wouldn’t have to get gas. – Now you have to get gas. I’m sorry, I put like a
little fart thing on it. I put like a car. I thought people would
know, but apparently, it’s all about equal rights today. – You’re gonna look like
a real jerk making me, your pregnant wife, go
out there and get you gas while you sit in here. – I’m totally fine with that. – OK, here we go.
(laughing) – [Bryan] Gotta follow the rules, babe! They are controlling our life today. – That’s so funny ’cause
Missymy’s getting gas. – [Bryan] I know, right? She never gets gas, huh? Daddy always gets it, right? Hey babe, do you know how to get gas? – I haven’t done it in a very long time. – [Bryan] I was just wondering, yeah. – Car wash? – [Bryan] No, we don’t need
a car wash, no car wash. – Which one do I get? – [Bryan] The premium. It’s a Volvo babe. No! Not the middle one! – That one says V-Power. – [Bryan] Yeah! We need that one! – Too late. – Mommy’s gonna ruin the car, you guys. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. (cheery music) – Hurry up, Mama. – I’m trying. – [Bryan] $63.00? Don’t they know we got a baby on the way? Are we all full? – Yep, we’re good. My back is actually starting to hurt. – [Bryan] Wait, really? – Yes. – That’s crazy. You normally gain like 40
extra pounds, don’t you? – Yes, you do. – So you’re basically
walking around with like 40 extra pounds on you. – But not in the front. Like this right here is like, it feels like a good 10 pounds maybe. That’s pretty accurate for
what’s sitting right here. – Alright you guys. Next on our list is a place
that all pregnant women know and love, and that’s Super Target. Missy asked you guys on her Instagram if she should go to Target or Target and she didn’t give you an
option because that’s just where all the pregnant women go. So you can’t really control it. You gotta go to Target
or you go to Target. But if you guys have any other stores that you guys like to visit
when you are pregnant, let us know down below in the comments. (upbeat music) We’re seeing if Ollie can
fit into youth sizes now. I don’t know, what do you think? It’s almost close, right?
– Put that on me. – And hang me. – [Bryan] What? I can’t put
it on and then hang you up. Babe, he’s not far off from
shopping in this section. – I know! (upbeat music) – [Ollie] What kinda cup does a baby use? – They usually use a bottle. – Like that one? – [Bryan] No, babies need something like more like a bottle. This is more like a cup. So you guys drink outta cups. Babies drink outta bottles right? – Maybe like that! – [Bryan] Yeah, so these
are all the baby bottles. You remember this, babe? Trying to find the perfect
bottle for Ollie and Finn for so long?
– I don’t think I ever did. – We never did. When you’re expecting,
there is a lot of decisions you have to make and a lot of them, you have to make in a store
’cause you have to figure out how you’re gonna do things
and the first thing you buy probably is never gonna work and you’re gonna have to go through a bunch of different
iterations of it, ya know? – Yep. – [Bryan] Kinda like trial and error. (Finn babbling) – The baby, I think, wants
something fun, like a toy. – [Missy] Oh really? – [Bryan] You guys should pick one out! – Does the baby want a toy?
– Maybe one like this. – [Bryan] We’d also have
to get a new crib, huh? – Yes. – [Bryan] Is that gonna
go in your guys’ room? – Yep. – [Bryan] Can the baby sleep in your room? – Yeah. – [Ollie] Dada, what are you doing? – We’re shopping. – [Ollie] Look at all this food! Oh yeah! This is awesome. Hi Mama, what are you doing? – Just getting my cookie craving on. – [Ollie] I love the things that you got. – Yeah? Daddy needs to buy coffee. Lots of it so I can keep up with you guys. Hey Ollie. You’re starting school like tomorrow! Are you so excited? – [Ollie] Yes. – Yes! What do you think of
Mama’s pregnant belly, Ollie? – [Ollie] It looks awesome and cute. – So, I asked you guys if I should shop for boy clothes or girl clothes and a ton of you guys said girl clothes. – [Bryan] Alright. – Which I’ve never shopped
for though, so I’m gonna go! (light music) Now that we’re home
from the grocery store, it’s time to put everything away. – [Bryan] Hey Ollie, I
need you to come help your pregnant Mama put away
some of these groceries, please. We got lots of stuff for cookies and lunches and dinners. Looks like we’re having spaghetti. We also got stuff for the baby. Missy is putting away groceries right now and she’s not in a good mood. – Not in a good mood. – Why are you not in a good mood, Mama? – Do you wanna know why
I’m not in a good mood? ‘Cause there’s so much stuff to do. I have to put away all these
groceries and do laundry. I have to do all of
those dishes right there. And Finn won’t take naps. This belly really hurts
and I wanna take it off. – So it’s at this point in your pregnancy where all you wanna do
is take the belly off or I would say probably all
the pregnant moms out there, you can’t just take
your pregnant belly off. It’s not that simple. So it’s just one of those
things you have to endure. – If there was a baby in
here, I’d at least have some enjoyment, but I’m
just pissed off right now. – [Bryan] Can I say something? – What? – [Bryan] You’re so beautiful. Just seeing you all day wear
this pregnant belly is like– – Barefoot in the kitchen,
that’s why you think I’m beautiful right now? – [Bryan] No! That’s not true at all! I’m just saying, I like
when you’re pregnant. You’re beautiful. – I know you do. – I think Mommy is extra irritable, huh? I think that the added additional weight is causing even maybe more stress. Maybe that’s why my wife
is more irritable today. This is kind of like an experiment we’re doing right now, right? On Instagram, they chose girl stuff. So, what did we choose? – Bryan actually picked this out. – [Bryan] Oh yeah, I actually
really like this one. – Cute little sweater with little– – [Bryan] It’s like a floral sweater. Look at the patterns. – Got like a little shirt and romper on the bottom.
– Isn’t that cute? – [Missy] Super cute. – [Bryan] If Finn’s not careful,
I’m gonna put that on him. – I got this, it’s so cute! – [Bryan] Awe, the little face. – Bottoms and then this cute
little sweater is on top. – [Bryan] Awe, that’s so cute. – I do like, with these sweaters, we’re needing either
a fall or spring baby. – [Bryan] Comment down below,
when should we have our baby? Control our life! – Hopefully one of our babies can actually use these one day.
– Guys? – [Bryan] What’s wrong, Ollie? – [Missy] He’s shedding. – [Bryan] Oh he’s got extra skin on his– Yeah, he sheds his skin buddy.
– He’s just shedding. – He’s OK.
– It’s OK. – That is all Missy right there. You are so your mother’s
son, you know that? It’s so weird. Just doesn’t feel real, ya know? – Well it does feel real right here. – Like it’s too good to be true. – Oh yeah, yeah.
(Bryan laughing) – [Bryan] Put your shirt down. All dignity is out the
window, ladies and gentlemen. (laughing) Pregnant Missy has arrived. – OK, the last question
we asked for you guys to decide on on my Instagram was, which maternity shirt should I pick? You guys picked this one,
which is actually pretty cute! – [Bryan] That is pretty cute. Smash that thumbs up button
if you guys like this one. – I think this actually is a cute shirt even if I’m not pregnant,
so I can still use it! – [Bryan] You like
hanging out in the forest with your soon-to-be three cubs? – My little squirrels? Yeah, it’s actually been
a really, really fun day. My back is literally killing me, like for real. – [Bryan] I will say
it’s been really, really, really cool seeing you be pregnant. – Yeah, it’s actually
been really cool seeing how the boys react to it. – Just seeing the eyeballs
in public also though, like I’ve seen so many people like, I’m sure there was people who do know us. We go to that Target a lot. – We met a few people too. I actually met a few people
when I wasn’t with you. – Oh yeah, and we did run
into a couple of fans. So there were fans in there. – And no one asked! – [Bryan] No one asked or said anything. – People were like, “Oh,
we’re such big fans!” I was just like, “Cool! Nice to meet you! “I’m not pregnant.” – She’s like, “I don’t
wanna reveal the big secret! Alright boys, Mama says she wants to take the pregnant belly off but I
told her that’s not possible. You can’t just take a pregnant belly off. Nine months, takes nine,
actually it’s 10 months, right? Is it nine or 10 months? Vote in the iCard poll above. How many months are you pregnant for? I thought it was nine but I’ve heard 10. – Alright boys, should I
take the pregnant belly off? – Yes.
– Yeah! – [Missy] Yes? – [Bryan] What is happening? (gasps) – Oh my gosh, the freedom. – [Bryan] What is happening? What! – There you go, this is it. – [Bryan] You’re just
taking your belly off? – She tricked you! – [Bryan] What? What is this? – It’s a, this is magic! – [Bryan] Oh my gosh. – Alright Ollie, you’re next. – No! (Bryan laughing) – Oh my gosh, you guys. That was so much fun and so crazy.
– Finn’s gonna do it! – Smash that thumbs up button if you guys enjoyed today’s video. Leave a comment down below. Should we really have a baby? Are we ready for three babies? Do you have any tips for three babies? Let us know down below in the comments and we will see you manana. Thanks for watching, guys, bye! Boom, so weird. (upbeat music)


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