3 necessary traits I for Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Of course, it is important that applicants
for a scientific degree programme have a passion for working meticulously. We do lots of laboratory exercises here. Lots of experiments. Curiosity is very important. But so is staying power because sometimes
an experiment might not work the way it was intended. So it’s important that you don’t throw in
the towel. The international pharmaceutical industry
is globally networked. Many firms have operations worldwide – they
have their headquarters in the USA, in England or in Asia. So it’s essential to have the flexibility
needed to spend time abroad. More than three quarters of the students on
our programme do that in the form of a practical semester. So there really is a willingness to go to
other countries around the world. Biotechnology is a really interdisciplinary
field. It covers medical topics, tissue engineering
as well as technical subjects like mathematics, chemistry and physics. So applicants for our programmes need the
motivation to look beyond their specialism at other disciplines because the syntheses
between these different subjects results in innovative medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical

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