3 Potential Clinical Research Coordinator Salary Structures Discussed

everybody welcome back to the clinical trials guru come again ins D clinical trials guru calm thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe on youtube subscribe on the blog i'm giving orders here i like that follow me on every social network especially snapchat okay use your name dance fair you can find all my usernames on youtube underneath there on the blog in my bio page right so this is how this works if you're brand new welcome thank you very much means a lot to me you don't even realize how much it means to me so thank you the way this works is simple okay people generally email me questions stan at the clinical trials mood calm or they call our text nine four nine two four one two five two six two five six or the smart ones that really want to get their questions at the top of my queue they add me on snapchat and they send me messages there because i have less people on there snapping me than i do emailing me in it so it draws my attention more just some advice for you guys who are trying to hack this so you send you questions i'll make a video response or if I don't have time I'll just reply to you matter of fact if you do this one snapchat I'll do a video response on snapchat and one on here so I keep you anonymous okay so you don't have to worry about being exposed or I guess a lot of people are concerned that they would be exposed for not knowing something which could sometimes be looked at as a bad thing but I mean in actuality none of us are experts in anything I call this blog the clinical trials guru kind of like as a tongue-in-cheek type of thing because I hate people who claim to be gurus but the name just stuck so I'm using it now it's branding for branding purposes it's working pretty well so anyways today's question I want to get into it all right let me know it's from someone who owns a research site so give me Southern California numbers because I'm based in Southern California for whatever salaries we spend if a person has an MD degree from India graduated 15 years ago ten years entered data at a research site since then has been a mom has been clinical work shadowing past two months she volunteered with us doing some write ups and some assistive work she wants to be a coordinator I do not think she is ready I told her to start as an assistant to the coordinator for a few to several months I would pay 10 for a 10-week onboarding webinar course through Barnet worth 1800 bucks I offered $11 an hour plus partial benefits she won 16 I think you're right on with this I would do and I have done in California Southern California anywhere from 10 to 13 dollars an hour as a starting hourly rate for someone who is a research assistant regardless of background okay high school grad or foreign MD it's just the reality of the marketplace right you don't know whether someone's going to be a good coordinator until they are a research assistant first and you don't want to risk your money by paying a high salary upfront I would even go one step further not even really hire them as an official employee but have them as an independent contractor check with your attorneys if this is legal in your state or how you can work this at least for the first month to three months to see and assess whether this individual is actually capable of learning how to be a study coordinator now once they become a study coordinator you can start talking about 16 an hour that's what I just had a conversation with one of my coordinators here 16 an hour we're thinking of bumping it up in a few months so 16 an hour for coordinator is a good starting salary but it for this person in the situation I would not go more than 11 an hour and if they went over 16 an hour I wouldn't do a plus you're paying for their training and you're paying $1,800 through Burnett they can join my CRA Academy in April okay this is a shameless plug for much less than that a fraction of the cost and we're gonna teach them pretty much how to be a CRA so they can be not only your study coordinator but your quality assurance person in sight they're gonna be trained just like a series of being trained a second situation okay so this is employed potential employee number two so crust certified so Society for Clinical Research Associates soukra certified clinical research coordinator with clinical background as an office medical assistant that's good that means they can draw blood they can process labs they can do vital signs all that stuff drawing blood is a huge determinant of whether sometimes I would even hire someone alright so if they've been trained on how to draw blood and they can coordinate that's a plus because the coordinator can then draw the blood it is works out well that way sometimes they don't but you don't want to necessarily dismiss those either because you can hire medical assistant for relatively cheap sometimes you can get them free as interns so this person certified clinical research coordinator with background as a medical assistant has worked in a research for seven years doing an excellent job an appropriate hourly rate in Southern California for this person and everything is negotiable I would start at 16 an hour for the first three months regardless of experience and then immediately boost her up to probably 20 an hour after three months okay so chemistry you have to assess chemistry whether you know she may have done well on her other clinic but maybe things operate a little bit differently your clinic maybe it's a bigger setting there's more people maybe it's smaller maybe the chute just doesn't fit so you don't want to risk your money upfront the theme of all this is don't risk your money upfront until you have sure thing okay and nothing's a sure thing but you want to get as close to a sure thing as possible a third option a Bachelor of Science nurse with three years clinical nursing experience in ICU now 18 months as a coordinator not yet Soper certified but exceptional work and so how much would I pay for that so similar to the other coordinator would start at 16 an hour and they may not go for this I mean a nurse may not necessarily go for this but she's not a registered nurse she just has a bachelor's degree in nursing so she might actually go for this and she has 18 months of experience so that's a year and a half it's enough for her to understand how to be a coordinator but she may not have encountered every single problem so I still prefer your second option better than this one but I would still offer this one similar salary maybe I would go even like 15 an hour and then after three months slowly work her up not like the second one where after three months you boost her up from 16 an hour to maybe 20 because that person has 7 years of research experience this person only has a year and a half so you're gonna work her up slower because it's less of a sure thing so anyways hopefully this helps let me know what you end up doing let me know if I'm spot-on with these numbers or if I'm not and I'm be curious to hear how it goes so this is Dan from the clinical trials guru.com take care you


  1. I got MPH and 2 years of experience in research and I work as CRC my salary is 17.7$ per hour. Do you think It’s low?

  2. Just got a CRC job entry level at $18 with only four months in research experience πŸ‘πŸΎ really excited about it 😊! I also have a bachelors degree in public health!

  3. In your other video, you stated that CRC gets paid 36k-100k. making the least paid at $18 an hour. $13 or even $16 is very low for CRC in my opinion.

  4. I just got into clinical research as a research assistant making $18/hr. I know some who make $23/hr starting out.

  5. If you're starting out as a CRA and want to have that experience under your belt, sure accept $13 per hour but don't anticipate that your salary will increase drastically especially if that's what the company is paying you. If you want to become a CRC, please do NOT accept $16 an hour without looking at all available options. The amount of work that you do for the PIs, nurses, sponsors, and monitors is way more valuable than $16 an hour. I learned this the hard way by accepting $13 an hour as a CRA with responsibilities that included driving to multiple sites, consenting all patients for multiple trials and processing samples. I work in Oncology now at a Cancer Center and they start you off at $25-26 an hour. Some companies value CRAs and CRCs less and it's disheartening and to believe this is "okay" for what the job market is offering, is not okay.

  6. $16-20/hr for a nurse with a BSN?? This seems incredibly low! I seriously doubt any nurse would go for that particularly if she would be required to do clinical duties like blood draws or infusions. Also, if she doesn't have an active license she must have had it when she worked in ICU.

  7. I started at 16/hr as an RA and after randomizing 100 subjects, I made 25/hr plus a monthly bonus based on visits

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