hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Pepe and my channel name is an Ellen gray is a lifestyle channel and today's video is going to be a med school video are they going to be three reasons why you should not go to med school or why should not study medicine or why should not become a doctor yeah so if you're interested to know why I said that man please keep watching so if you're considering studying medicine the first reason why you should never not study medicine is if you're wanting to become a doctor for the money no girl boy whoever you are no don't study medicine because you want to get paid listen I know that you know the doctors do being a doctor does pay well but that should never ever ever ever be the reason why you do medicine because first of all these other jobs that came way more weight less stress and way less time in school there's other jobs or find another job that gives you money because med school being a doctor is definitely not the way to get the most money you can you know but it's a good profession but it's definitely not the most page so go buy something else you know don't become a doctor because you want money because you will not lost you will make a terrible doctor most likely because you're not really bothered about the people you all probably won't last through med school because your motivation is not good enough and no just no that's the first reason why you should not become a doctor or study medicine the second reason which is just a touchy kind of subject is a touchy kind of reason but I need people to know this because I've seen firsthand what this does do not study medicine or anything for that matter do not become anything because you're caring what you do know especially med school I know people in my med school in my year that study mix them because their parents have made them well their parent has to take them for them and they basically push them and force them and chop them into becoming doctors and what they hate it till they're not motivated 3 they fail all the time because they're not motivated and maybe did you don't have the capacity or they don't have the passion when you don't have the passion on the love for something you're never going to be desired so don't if right now you're considering doing medicine or you feel pressure to do medicine by was I know its mother eating some people to just say no to their parents but really like prayer body if that's if you believe you know speak to your parents let them know that this is not something you want to do because you'll excel so much more as something that you're gifted that you want to do you're passionate for then you were going to do something that maybe you're being forced up because you hope you won't last and you'll probably end up quitting halfway through or you won't quit because you know med school has one of the highest suicide rates in terms of like studying in terms of like courses because people are studying and they don't want to be there so even if you're a parent right now and you're watching this with some reason and you may be pushing your child's because Mexico speak to them and ask them do they actually really want to go or are they just doing it for you because that is not healthy and it's not good definitely a no-no there's a reason why you should not study medicine or become or become a doctor is because you like science was gonna be oh I just like science so I just like well no like that's not good enough if you think that you just like science so you're going to become a doctor you just know first of all if being a doctor is more than biology and chemistry it's a way more that's like maybe 52 that of it cuz you have to know yourself but the other 50% comes out of like you as a person your questionable skills who you are are you actually good with people do you have to be careful people are you actually empathetic are you sympathetic are you all these other things not just you like science because a lot of people like science the active like biology but that's not going to be enough it might grow into something once you're in med school it might grow into a lot to me I do enjoy you know healing people and you enjoy this aspect of it it could grow into that but definitely I should not be only so most vases to study medicine because you like science or because you're even good at science you know I'm good at science I'm good at how I'm going to file in geochemistry so and math and physics so you know I almost I'm just going to be a doctor no you need more than that that's why in the screening process for Mexico they have so much in it so cahaya it's such a high standard because they want to screen out those people that are studying medicine for the wrong reasons if you fall into any of these three categories and I think you should really sit down think about why you want to become a doctor and maybe you can do other things maybe have gifted other ways that you could hone in and become better or excel at something else so that is my thoughts on the matter if you have other thoughts about this so if you wouldn't you know add in your thing or you know ask me questions then comment down below and let me know what your thoughts are on this video the points that I've made thanks so much guys for watching don't forget to watch all my other videos I posted for med school and the med school because my channel is a very dynamic channel I have it's a lifestyle channel as I said so it's not just medical videos but they are coming and there will be more so if you're not subscribed to this video already and you've made it this far then I think you really liked this video so you should subscribe to my channel or is consider subscribing to my channel so that you never miss another one of my videos ever again and if you already subscribed then please click the bell button down below next to the subscribe button and that will just make sure you get notifications every 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  1. Glad I watched your video. Since I was in high school I’ve never actually considered it because I’m lazy but your video made me realize that its a good choice for me. I’m caring, I have a good memory I love the body and the systems and how they work together to keep us alive. Everything down to the molecular level is alive making up our bodies. My mom did push me to try it but I always felt pressure because I know I’d be lazy. 10 years later and I wanna organize myself to do this. A few years ago I was in community college aimlessly taking classes wondering where life would take me about to take the bus home when a man collapsed on the floor. I don’t know if he was seizuring or what was going on and felt so helpless because I couldn’t help him. All I knew was to turn the man on his side and I freaked out because I wanted to help him stop shaking. I have a younger brother who is paralyzed now and the doctors have no idea why. I would love to educate myself more and understand why these things happen and how we can prevent them or be able to help if I’m ever around. I don’t know the field yet but I’d wanna help people with disabilities more. I have several siblings with disabilities and they’ll only get worse older. When they have to see a doctor it’s always a specialist and they’re so expensive. I’d definitely wanna make my services for disabled people more available and affordable or even free.

  2. As long as you're a good doctor then it doesn't matter why you chose to be a doctor, if money is what's pushing me to become a good doctor then that's a good enough reason, because at the end of the day the reasons don't matter but the results do.

  3. I find maths stressful but I’d really like to be a doctor. Ever since I’ve heard of MSF/Doctors Without Boarders I have wanted to go and help people in impoverished zones but I’m much better at Arts than sciences. Any advice?

  4. I want to be a doctor and I want to help people but I also want to make money so I don't agree with the money aspect

  5. I'm becoming an ER doctor so that I can make $500,000 a year that's the number one reason and you all can f*** off

  6. My reasons for considering studying medicine and becoming a doctor :

    1. I have always strived to help others when they are at the lowest point in their life medically. I have strong interests in health and safety, and wish to do my part in assisting people in getting well when their sick.

    2. I have family members who have gone through serious illnesses, and I am lucky to have a father as he caught a serious infection and barely made it through. The type of infection my father caught are commonly mistaken for other diseases, despite there being clear and distinct symptoms present. I wanna do my part in stopping patients from dying, as there are several cases each year in which patients either die, or receive life changing conditions because of this exact type of infection. In Norway it's not too bad because of our welfare benefits. But anywhere else, such as the US, it means financial disaster because you are lucky if you are ever able to work again.

    3. I find the subject exciting and interesting. I have always been above avarage interested in anything that has to do with health and caring for others, so studying it seems to not be too bad for me.

  7. This girl is an idiot, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting into a profession for the money. If you want to be a saint about it then get your medical degree and go volunteer to work for not-for-profit organisations in poor African countries.

  8. So my parents want me to be a doctor but I really wanna be a detective.. my dad keeps giving me advice saying that I need to do something that will get me somewhere in life and I told him that it’s not all about the money it’s about me and what I enjoy doing but they would never let me do my mind. Idk what to do

  9. Hi Nellah Grace, I am starting my Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in January. I started a YouTube channel to help myself and others expand our education, so we can excel in physical therapy and related professions. I will also be starting a vlog channel, which will be of my personal journey through the program that will launch at the end of January. Nevertheless, I found your channel through one of Sunny's videos. I just WLCS!

  10. I'm sorry, but statistics disagree with you. Certain medical professions are literally in the top 5 list of most high-paying jobs in the US.

  11. Hey Nellah , can you help me out please ?

    Right now im finishing highschool.

    Im not sure if i have to study medicine or not. I really enjoy learning about the muscles tendons and bones. I like to have the knowledge that Doctors have , and so on.

    However i heard studying medicine is HARD , LIKE HELLISH HARD, money comes and goes ,infact if someone kept specializing he'll be paid even more.

  12. i don't need no money i juss love Med,bcus i have been admitted 4 months and i wanna help old peeps 'coz they ain't taking care of em.

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