30 April 2019 | Health Forum via Facebook Live

[Applause] so go away so now that I just go sweetie Jimmy so funny [Applause] we go Oh so let's I hate the whole ice Toronto Canada I am cancer okay but maybe some hypertension okay secondly beautiful sleep you by 35 people not behind each other shall I seek your father 45 years before Percy more month less March double this year the doctor gave her medicine and she stated is once a day she started thinking that meals smart spending and the cuckoo skis after movies some pool of the five point six and importantly cool enough my dear Oh people Oh so a survival years and I might show Micra and our watch Network what's in here in another body if you are a survivor attention of our studio where a teacher or Coppa Toscana going a microswitch that the woman will our champion edition so we repeat our teacher is to burn between cancer cells now yeah thanks to my bro I hear you miss me Oh Oh – the feeling of a very sweet Wow [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] Oh Oh in English okay health issues like finally these 3068 useful is coming in July when you 140 pounds by fighting hi he was diagnosed with high quality by GCC there's 140 pounds 140 for me for me he was diagnosed with high creatinine 100 which function properly I'm that pressure high cholesterol in the TV something we described medicine as you have said they have side effects haha 24 your life because you are greatly used by our Monica I almost watched every topic and I was so delighted very informative and heartily at the giving people your program foremost mission in the heart of God we serve strength without and not satisfied like extent Bordas and tiny and selfish desire personally because I am being held on each other that's why we that's where I am here why we love people we know how to be free this illness a lot thanks for giving me time for my request god bless with all in all your undertaking and all this stuff so so that's the first point the second we see the lower line you know where life so maybe snow overnight you see ceases insular culture 30 seconds for one believe it we know we go and connect X in your heart so if you if you will press this right so this is that we see six five yeah yeah I wish that you can do acupressure points I hope you can okay they've been valuable be from Kenya might not be is true [Applause] maybe I'll be okay yes you you

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