396 Hz ❯ Let Go Anxiety, Worries, Deep Subconscious Fears ❯ Relaxing Sound Bath Meditation Music


  1. I feel so much more calm.. i‘ve listened to this after something big happened.. i was soooo overwhelmed and couldnt sleep all night but now i‘m so calm

  2. You should sell these tracks. I would be interested to purchase this for offline listening. Are you currently offering your music tracks for purchase? Thank You!

  3. This is beautiful and perfect for my meditation going into rewiring negative, limited beliefs! thank you

  4. Love and Peace to all who sincerely seek it. We all come here valuing positive energy. We are not lone seekers. Let's pray for each other's peace.

  5. I relate to this so much, I've been suffering with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 2 years now. Would anyone care to check out one of my videos and give me some advice? I talk about anxiety too. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Thank you!

  6. I listen to this every morning during my half hour meditation. Once I start doing my 530 wake up (I'm up at 630 right now), I'll be listening to the whole hour

  7. I've only been listening to these series of meditation music items for just under a week and I must admit they are helping me much more than I thought. I can't thank you enough.

  8. Dearest Meditative Mind
    I say this with gratitude thank you from the depths of my soul for creating and sharing this with us to enjoy and benefit from the healing energy that radiates from listening to it.
    Thank you for all the masterful work you do with unconditional love, compassion and healing for the betterment of all.

    Wishing everyone fulfillment in all areas of life. Spread kindness and show compassion to all as you would like done onto you.

    Stay Blessed!
    Rosalia Zucaro

  9. I have collected many tracks, and experimenting sleeping to them, but this one is my favorit one right now 👌🏼❤️

  10. Please like, if you scrolled down to read comments , well this music did instant good to me.It's Beautiful.

  11. 8 minutes. anxiety attack was gone. at one point I was like oh wait lol so probably took less than 8 minutes. thank you for this. this helped me more than you can imagine tonight.

  12. Hello. I subscribed to this channel i think a year ago?. and i really enjoy it. I appreciate the work that goes into creating this tracks. I would like to know if these tracks have diferent names in Spotify?…Im looking there for some of my favorites from this Youtube channel, and cant find them.

  13. I release a part of me that no longer exists. I am now a beautiful soul. And I believe that. And no one can tell me otherwise.. for my opinion is what matters. 💓

  14. I just had an orgasym! Omg this gets my stamp of approval😘 much love from Halley White😘fitnesses model 😘 now I’m ready for my photoshoot 😘 wow!!! I feel rejuvenated! And absolutely pleasure! Lol 😂 this stimulates the sacral chakra also😜

  15. I don't know …I heard that solfeggio is actually based on an inaccurate concept.. that is not the same as the original Harmony of the Spheres going back thousands and thousands of years

  16. Thank you for this, it helped my PTSD related anxiety, infact, all of the posts by this account (meditative mind) have helped me greatly in managing stress and sleeping better. It's helped me let go of grief, needless guilt and self loathing from surviving a lifetime of abuse, anger that I had repressed and thought I had actually worked on, and just overall being a more 'functional' person. Again, thank you.

  17. Decided to try this since my anxiety attacks have been very intense lately…it actually worked almost instantly. THANK YOU! Peace, love and abundance ❤️

  18. This is magical!… Don't know how and I don't care either but it worked with me!…. Very delightful, thank you so much for sharing.


  20. You need to learn the true meaning and essence of being independent, it’s difficult for many because of the way we trained ourselves or others trained us growing up but we have to learn to be on our own without any other person.
    You are an individual person, you always have your color of hair and eyes and no one can change that except you.
    You are an individual person, you always have your beliefs, worth, happiness, and boundaries and no one can change that except y o u .
    So what if no one else loves you, if you love yourself then that’s more than enough and nothing else matters. Learn to accept yourself first, that’s the easiest step you can take to making everything better.
    A famous line I hear:
    “Just know that someone else out there loves you”
    Those aren’t the damn words you need to hear, what you should actually know is that there’s someone way more important than you think who’s been wanting to love you for the longest time deep down within them but you just won’t let it happen.

    That person is you. Stop keeping yourself away from your own love and light. (I learned this the best from a YouTuber called LaFlambo, she really opened me to the idea of self love and empowerment. But I guess a part of it was me willing to open up to that belief, you have to be open to it as well. You don’t have to watch her but you can, there are always other people too.)
    By the way, does this video open chakras?

  21. I let go of my insecurities, I let go of my self destructive behavior,I let go of the fear of never getting my ex back , I let go of my fear of abondonment, I let go of my trust issues, I let go of my fear of failure. I trust the universe and I trust myself in my growth.🤲💖

  22. How does one remove the blocks that keep me from feeling these frequencies and other emotional in general

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