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welcome to RM wraps. My name is Randy Miller today we are going to talk about vinyl. what your see right back here is
a 3m DI-NOC Vinyl and I’m it’s a wood grain
and is just very awesome very durable and we do is doors it could be cabinet doors exterior doors
can be refrigerator doors a thing that requires stores I’m here
you even elevator doors just you name it at if you want to order vinyl door wraps RMwrapsstore.com and then you go to store and
in see all the the staff you can actually or Im try to make it as easy as possible
having troubles is stalling are you can actually skype me I can walk you
through it Skype name is Rmwraps1 call me anything that I can do out Il do the best I can one tip
and trick is when you’re installing a door wrap on a cabinet door clean the edges right here with rubbing
alcohol. best you can there as a special
primer to use the primer bond the vinyl cabinet doors much much better you can actually a map it out on my
website by the primer 94 styles and textures with grains and metallic colors actually see right here
you can actually order at like a a leather as leather on here wood are kinda different style words
also metallic brushed metal in kinda see right there
I justices endless and the tools
you’ll need is a heat gun actually Blade and that and little squeegee either way I any comments questions call
it down below I’ll definitely check our website RMwrapsstore. com stuff com see lot more images on their I make custom door wraps a do all kinds
of different for even custom refrigerator wraps seem right back
there had just let me know right my name is
Randy Miller is Rm wraps


  1. #Door 3M DI-NOC Vinyl 
    ™ DI−NOC™ Wood Grain finishes give you almost unlimited creative freedom, combining new material dimensions with a high-tech multi-layer film construction of superb aesthetic quality and visual realism. The "Wood Grain" family contains patterns with a natural repeat and grain pattern for a authentic wood look. The product's 8 mil thickness enables installations that are lighter in weight than traditional decorating materials. And this product includes 3M's Comply™ Adhesive for fast, easy professional-looking on-site installations that stand the test of time.

    Randy Miller
    [email protected]

  2. Can this stuff be taken off without leaving a residue or ruining the original cabinets? I want to make my apartment kitchen look nicer but they don't allow us to paint the cabinets. So this will have to be able to come off when I move

  3. Hi what is this wood/wood design in this video called? It looks so unique from the wood we normally see, amazing!

  4. At 1.33 in the video : Which brand/design is that dark brown rol on the right?Exactly the color I'm looking for but haven't been able to find that anywhere.

  5. I have a question about this because I'd love to do this in my apartment on the cabinets but I'm TERRIFIED that when I go to remove it come move out, that the cabinets will be ruined in some way. My question is basically how hard is it to get off and will it ruin the cabinets? They're finished wood with grain texture.
    Thank you 😊

  6. Hi! Can you please recommend me a specific model of vinyl wraps for electronics ? (like laptops, phones, audio/video equipment) ? I'm really struggling to find something that meets my needs.
    The films must meet the following specifications:
    – Fast & easy removal with no damage, residue, or marks
    – Easy DIY bubble-free application
    ( – maybe printable ?! and transparent | matte )

    Many thanks!!!

  7. Are the wraps for movable I live in apartment and I would love to put these on my cabinets but I don't want to put them on there and not be able to take them off

  8. My kitchen cabinets are made of plywood and not painted too. Would this ine going to stick to the said wood? If not, pls.let me know if the plywood needa to ne prep.

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