4 Unique Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed…

so today I’ve got four gadgets that I think are pretty cool and a little bit unusual at least a couple of them so that’s a quick intro they’re all around or under 50 bucks let’s start out with what should we start out with let’s start out with this one crystal wireless speaker Alley giant tele giant it’s a Bluetooth speaker it’s actually see through this isn’t the first time I’ve looked at a translucent speaker and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever looked at on this desk I don’t care ooh it has a texture to it the glass you would have on a shower stall or something like that auxiliary in as well also a base port on it so hopefully the sound is pretty good high-quality auxiliary cable hello there that’s me all right yeah that’s red now green blue remember it’s only 50 bucks [Music] bass port is actually working quite nicely it’s not just visual it’s actually functional that CV just went off fifty bucks I think it’s a bit of a deal for 50 the powerup darked convert your paper airplane into a jet Konnect your powerup dart control it with your smartphone crash through carbon-fiber body we’re gonna have to obviously test that 25 km/h this is it right here whoa this piece is the magical part you see the antenna right here and the propeller oh there’s multiple models invader model oh wow you can actually fold these up is that landing gear some sort of balancing piece a different cover for the front end Willy do here he’s gonna do the construction while we move on to the next product the Browse Buster this thing is wild one of my favorite videos I’ve ever seen in my entire life this thing claims to keep you awake when you’re starting to drowse off when you’re driving you get the lean going you put the window down you slap yourself whatever you need to do you have a coffee this thing claims to somehow stimulate you combined with modern technology its uses impulses on the acupoints on your earlobe to maintain your brain’s proper fader frequencies in weight through your earlobes so that that can’t happen okay this is it this is where the magic happens a carrying pouch this is completely in Chinese so I’m gonna just have oh there we go English the first smart device with CTM acupuncture and moxibustion ever comes to the market it’s good for drowsy driver but may not be good for those suffer from narcolepsy all right so if one of these that’ll clip on your seatbelt like that that’s a bit of a look oh it’s a little tingly oh wow I am definitely not sleeping Wow Oh baby I did not expect that oh yeah wow that’s probably better than a shot of coffee it’s tiny little electrical shocks but consistent like what is this shock therapy uh get over your will you’re trying this one the shock King himself Oh oh yes painful dude you couldn’t fall asleep with that going on no no no that’s busting your drowsiness oh look at the people I might eat that in my car I like this Hannah cool it works it would definitely wake you up yeah button for impulsive volume adjustment I don’t know if you’re getting how much you choose to get oh oh oh that actually hurt well there’s that’s the maximum I [Music] want Jack to try and sell Jacky all right thanks well thanks and the last thing I’ve got here the adventure tape adventure tape was invented so that you’re always prepared for the unexpected it is a tape isn’t sticky to the it isn’t sticky to the touch at all but it is sticky to it self-repairing bicycle parts with it washing it it’s completely reusable the thing exploded and the strength of this tape was responsible for it Jack brought me a 25 pound weight that is very heavy wow that’s stretchy though this looks like less weight than it is that’s 25 pounds folks it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be able to lift it up the tables gonna be destroyed I think I’m gonna go back here getting very thin oh can you see that whoa I thought for sure it was gonna smash that’s 25 pounds even though it seemed out it goes back exactly how it was boom I didn’t overlap it nothing I don’t know man it seems like these guys are for real this ain’t no electrical tape is some serious stuff so go check out their Kickstarter video I think this is cool Wow look at this little guy the landing gear Willie do with the beautiful construction click that on there’s an app that goes with it here we go whoa Oh jack check it out the steering see that all right here we go [Music] that’s an outdoor toy Hey [Music] it’s not like a quadcopter drone situation where it can hover it needs a runway it needs some speed and even if you mess up your plane you fold up another one you get yourself a Willie new and you fold up another one [Music] [Music] as a little project I I think it’s just kind of cool it’s kind of fun and you could make an unlimited number of these paper airplanes so that’s the powerup dart that’s 45 bucks I think it’s kind of a cool little experiment a cool gift so there you have it four unique gadgets I thought there was some pretty cool stuff in there if you want to check out anything that was featured in this video check the description once again shout out to Willie dude for his participation a real sensitive spot for anyone but especially for a guy like Willie do you know what I’m saying I don’t know what I’m saying


  1. The World's Most Dangerous iPhone Case – https://youtu.be/bfArLcysAIc?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 💀

  2. take your lazy ass outside and test that plane. How lazy can you be. I know you make a living opening up boxes at a table while sitting on your cottage cheese butt cheeks but COME ON

  3. 0:44 – bluetooth speaker
    2:49 – electric shocker to keep you awake while driving
    4:27 – "adventure tape" reusable tape
    5:47 – drone, compatible with a cellphone device

  4. You are so enjoyable. I make sure I see at least one of your reviews daily. Also, I tell my techy daughter to watch, too.

  5. I work mobile patrols security (all night!) and around 4am it gets dangerous sometimes, especially if you have a lot to do or a long drive. I'm gonna give those things a shot! I've microsleeped before and not keen on plowing into a bus full of children (which probs wont happen at 4am lol.)

  6. In today's video we'll be implying that tired drivers might do ANYTHING other than PULL THE FUCK OVER, RIGHT FUCKING NOW and instead suggest they could use some hokey Chinese product to stay awake. Nice one assholes…

  7. Nice video 👍 there are lots of gadgets 📱📲 available on my channel 🖥 as well you can visit and join my family 💁‍♀💁‍♂🤟🏻.

  8. Hello, I have been following your reviews for a while and do not mean to intrude, but I would appreciate if you would let me contribute by helping to save any of your viewers who might think that the particular disaster referred to as "Drowse Buster" is in any way a practical aid to help keep them awake while driving.


    I am willing to answer questions on the subject as I am an acupuncturist and a practitioner of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), or CTM as they call it.

    I apologize in advance because my English is a little rusty.

    I have read the material I have been able to gather on this particular horror and am particularly peeved that crap like this can hit the market. This is exactly why people look down their noses at alternative medicine and say "Pfffth!" There is no science behind this product whatsoever.

    Yes there is science behind TCM, acupuncture is a part of TCM by the way. I am, amongst other things a pharmacist and teach psychopharmacology and acupuncture so I feel that I am entitled to give an opinion on the subject.

    Several institutes all over the world have spent considerable time and effort into proving the efficacy of several techniques that have been practiced for as long as 6000 years. Some techniques are used for diagnosis, such as, how some practitioners can diagnose conditions that only very expensive and recently built machinery can replicate, and some for treatment, for example, how you can treat people with needles to replicate the effect of treatments that would require advanced medication.

    Back to the "Drowse Buster", it apparently is trying to claim it takes advantage of a technique called electro-stimuli inside the micro-system of the ear. The reason it's called a micro-system is that this small area reflects the entire body and can be used to both diagnose and treat a person in any place that ails them. There are several micro-systems in the body, and you can choose to treat a person systemically (where you place needles anywhere all over the body) or micro-systemically, where you glue seeds (or magnets, or spheres of ..etc.) in for example, the ear.  You can be sure that there is no diagnosis going on with the "Drowse Buster".

    Electro-stimuli is used in many fields, such as physical therapy, psychiatry and others, in addition to TCM. The thing is, you need to know several things before you apply the technique, such as frequency, current and duration. Of course it is important to know where you will be applying the treatment. If you don't know any of that, chances are you will be doing as much harm as good.

    These freaking guys don't seem to have any idea of what they are doing except that they want you to apply all this unmeasured power in the general vicinity of the ear lobe. Aiming for the area of the eye (in the microsystem). Why would you think that giving random jolts of heavy electricity into the eye would help wake you up? Probably because jolts of electricity anywhere would probably create a similar effect.

    There might be areas we could use in the ear to stimulate a person to wake up, but the eye, isn't it. Especially since,  if you ever take a look at a chart this is the 3rd eye. Why 3 eyes? Because this is how you interpret what you have seen during the day. So we are entering the realm of psychology. See how these guys have absolutely no clue what they are doing? They just tried to find the easiest possible place where they could attach their harmful buzzer and that's it.

    From what I can tell, this doesn't detect a sleepy state and wake you gently, it just constantly buzzes the [email protected]# out of you from the moment you put it on and for the duration of the ride or until you toss the damn thing out of the window.

    If you still are interested in the "Drowse Buster", I have a bridge to sell you! The down payment is $ 1000.00 and 50 whacks.

    As I said, I will be happy to answer any questions on the subject and kudos for reading all this! Sorry about running on about this but stuff that makes my hard proven science and hacks it to bits with its damn randomness drives me crazy! They are running science in the dirt with this!

  9. What are the chances that EVERY SINGLE person that gets their hands on the
    No-Doze device WON'T try them on their nipples?
    To be honest, I'm surprised they didn't do it on this video.

  10. Why would anyone want a transparent speaker? We all know what the air chamber is for already, and there’s nothing cool inside it.

  11. The tape was developed for aircraft maintenance, commonly known as F4 Tape. Available in the civilian market from home depot or lowes as "self adhesive tape". A kick starter marketing this as a new invention is a complete rip off.

  12. lol "adventure tape" — been around for years, known as "bondage tape." Is great for packing and other random things, though. Very useful.

  13. Sorry dude.. your videos are horrible. Way too much unnecessary crap, ie you "dancing" with the speaker, continuous jump cuts, and way too much you. Lame. Also I knew each one of these DID exist. Not sure who you polled to get your video's title, but it certainly wasn't me.

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