4 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps & Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies

My name is Larry Cook and I would like to
share with you four natural remedies that you can use to stop leg cramps and foot cramps
right away. Let me start by saying that for quite a few
years, I used to get leg cramps and foot cramps all the time, and I went and saw a naturopathic
doctor and I found out from this naturopathic doctor. Dr. Angela Agrios, here in Los Angeles, that
I had some circulatory problems and it never occurred to me what was causing the leg cramps
or what the issues might be, but we noted down pretty quickly, she noted down pretty
quickly and I got on to a supplement plan and did a lot of other things to help build
my circulatory system. In so doing, the leg cramps and the foot cramps
diminished. However, with that said, I still get leg cramps
and foot cramps every now and then, and what I want to do in this video is share with you
a little bit about what happens, why we get leg cramps and foot cramps and what we can
do to stop those pretty quickly. First of all, like I mentioned, circulatory
issues can be one of the causes, and if you have leg cramps or foot cramps on a regular
basis, I really recommend that you go see a naturopathic doctor, get checked out and
see whether or not that’s a contributing reason for your foot cramps or leg cramps. Another reason for getting foot cramps or
leg cramps should be an electrolyte imbalance or depletion of electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals and the three main
ones are calcium, magnesium and potassium. If someone goes to the sauna, sweats a lot
or exercises, sweats a lot, you can easily lose a lot of electrolytes, and that is definitely
a contributing cause to foot cramps or leg cramps. Finally, another major reason is when there’s
cold feet or cold legs. That can contribute to leg cramps or foot
cramps. If one of the reasons why we get leg cramps
or foot cramps is a lack of electrolytes or electrolyte depletion, then obviously it makes
sense to put electrolytes back into the body and I’ve been using an electrolyte replenisher
for quite some time now, several years, and it’s called Ultima. I highly recommend it. I actually met the rep from Ultima many, many
years ago. They gave me a great story about what they
do, no artificial anything. It’s all natural and so I’ve been using it
almost every single day and I don’t have any tie to them, but I really do like their product,
and so if I get a cramp at night and I know that I’ve either exercised really hard that
day or I went to the sauna and sweat it, I’ll immediately take some Ultima and that will
definitely help subdue the leg cramp or foot cramp. If you think that there’s an electrolyte imbalance
and you take an electrolyte replenisher, that definitely is a good idea. That’s the first method, and then number 2
would be take magnesium, because magnesium is also not only an electrolyte, but it calms
the muscles. It calms everything down, and speaking of
calm, a great magnesium supplement on the market is called Calm. It actually can help you go to sleep as well,
so I highly recommend Calm. It gets into the system right away. I’ve been using it for several years and if
you want to go to sleep more easily and if you want to stop leg cramps and foot cramps,
give Calm a try. Now the third remedy I’m going to share with
you is a homeopathic remedy. It’s called Cuprum. This is what it looks like, Cuprum. It’s a homeopathic copper remedy. Now here’s the interesting thing about Cuprum
and homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies work at an energetic
level, and when you work at the energetic level, sometimes it can work really super
fast and if you’ve ever wondered whether or not homeopathy works, here’s an experiment. Get a cramp, get some Cuprum, take the Cuprum,
take 2 pellets under your tongue, and in about 2 to 3 minutes, your cramp will be gone. Tell me that’s not amazing, and I guarantee
you that it works most of the time for most people. It works for me. I keep this in my pocket at all times. I can’t recommend it enough. I learned it from Dr. Angela Agrios and if
you want to have an instant cramp relief remedy on you at all times, take Cuprum wherever
you go. Now the fourth remedy is a really interesting
remedy because I found it in a health foods store. I wasn’t even looking for it. I just happened to see it and it’s called
Stop Leg and Foot Cramps in about a minute, Stop Leg and Foot Cramps in about 1 minute. I was like, “All right, I want to try that.”,
so I did, and it works. It does work in about a minute. I was really quite pleasantly surprised. I tried it independently of the other remedies
I told you about. I did a little research. What’s inside this product is ginger, apple
cider vinegar and garlic, and interestingly enough, I did a little research on those three
ingredients, and guess what, they have a lot of potassium. Each ingredient has a lot of potassium. They don’t say whether or not that’s the exact
reason but I have a sneaking suspicion that that has a lot to do with it. I think that this product probably gets potassium
into the body quickly. They call it an old omish formula, and all
I can say is that it definitely works. Okay, now you have four natural remedies that
you can use to stop foot or leg cramps and they include the Ultima electrolyte replenisher,
Calm magnesium, Cuprum, a homeopathic remedy that will stop it immediately, and Stops Leg
and Foot Cramps in about a minute, an old omish formula. If you have any questions about what I shared
today, please post them in the comments section, and if you happen to have any remedies, natural
remedies that you know of that works for your foot cramps or leg cramps, please let us know,
and if you like the video, please hit the like button and if you want to see more videos
like this, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching and until next


  1. CALM MAGNESIUM: http://amzn.to/2iOkidv
    CUPRUM 30c: http://amzn.to/2iOkMAo
    STOP LEG AND FOOT CRAMPS: http://amzn.to/2hDzMoV
    ULTIMA REPLENISHER: http://amzn.to/2ihrz8I

  2. I have leg cramps EVERY night on both legs, feet, ankles, inner thighs, outer thighs, toes for many years now it's every single night multiple times a night, I don't sleep enough and I'm so tired and desperate for relief.

    I have been tested for mineral deficiency and my results show I don't have any deficiency, I do take a lot magnesium supplement every day but it doesn't help much, it did stop my stomach and lower back spasms but not my legs. I'm so desperate but I will try anything for relief, I will try all your suggestions and I will let you know

    Thank you

  3. Forget about all bullshits! Since New Year my wife drinks 2 big cups of warm water every early morning when she wakes up and for 45 minutes doesn't eat or drink anymore. The whole of January she got leg cramps only two times instead of almost every other nights for the last ten months or so. In the month of February, there was only one leg cramp. March 2018 onward no more leg cramps!!!! Just drink warm water, stupid! We learned this therapy from a Chinese friend.

  4. CrampsAWAY stops cramps INSTANTLY, in 10-60 seconds, and will prevent them if taken before going to sleep. It has become the go-to cramp product for many college & pro athletes in the the NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and on the WTA & ATP tours. Check it out on www.crampsaway.com

  5. Walmart sells pickle pops for athletes and cramps in the pickle section. They can be frozen as well. I drank two before my strenuous work where I normally have bad leg and foot cramps. Nothing today. YAY. I was so happy to find this product. And, no I'm not affiliated with them, just a 52 year old that has a second job that wants to kill me lol.

  6. 1 tbsp of Unsulfated blackstrap molasses contains 600 MG of potassium in 42 calories. Recommended for constipation, anemia, fogged brain and diabetes. Do your research if you want to solve some of these issues. Statins will cause muscle cramps…and of course, we all know that the heart is a muscle.

  7. Hiii this video was very informative. I did an MRI on my back and saw that i have a slight herniated disc…i have started walking as a form of exercise to get my weight down but now my fingers and hands swell when i increase intensity…very worrisome cuz i cant push as i would like to any remedies. I have started drinking a little cayenne pepper it seems to be helping a bit.

  8. Thank You – and God Bless You for providing this valuable information! My wife has been suffering with leg cramps for quite some time now. I wish I had not waited so long to look for a way to help her.

  9. Suffered from agonising cramps in feet, calves, thighs & even back muscles. CRAMPAX over the counter helped a little but the best & only medicine that worked are MULTI MINERAL TABLETS from Holland & Barrat, UK. Initially 2/ 3 tabs a day now one a day is ok. If I forget for a day or 2 i am in pain again. Lots of water too. 1 litre a day minimum

  10. this is all great I 'm sure, but I have a much cheaper solution that at least has worked for me.
    1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass water before bed – have not had night leg cramps yet when I do this.

  11. Pleas Very misleading "Stop Leg Cramps & Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies? Supplements are not Natural" RE"CALM MAGNESIUM: http://amzn.to/2iOkidv
    CUPRUM 30c: http://amzn.to/2iOkMAo
    STOP LEG AND FOOT CRAMPS: http://amzn.to/2hDzMoV
    Any One Who" Really Works "Or" Works out Has Undoubtedly Tried Magnesium Potassium Creatine Vinegar Electrolytes." All These Things " And If They are watching this"You Told Them Nothing you little supplement sales person!
    So LarryCook333 Stop wasting the Time of people in Pain!
    Stay Out of The Gym Because If you bulk up much more you will need two seats on a plane?"
    Stay out of the Sauna You might just be sucked down the Drain!"
    And In final"
    Tell Dr,Agrios Angela ND To seek medical help she looks" looks Gaunt and sickly."
    I am a former naturopathic doctor. I share the dangerous reality of naturopathic medicine to protect patients. Naturopathic … What is naturopathic medicine?
    Get some good Lawyers LarryCook333 You will now be held accountable and all without Disclaimers"
    Thanks For the advice Take some Electrolytes and neurostimulators and Think about It!

  12. I think another good option is to take a daily multivitamin supplement that includes minerals. Orange juice is rich in potassium and magnesium. Potatoes are very rich in potassium (both words start with " pota".; Milk, cheese and yougurt are rich in calcium. As for sodium, any salty food will provide it.

  13. I just started taking this potassium that you’re holding, and last night I had a bad leg cramp and believe me after so many hours I still feel it. I don’t understand magnesium supposed to help. Leg cramps are horrible

  14. Apple cider vinegar or pickle juice sipped frequently until tension lets up followed by water for a major cramp that curls your foot up your leg. Be careful hopping to the kitchen or have your spouse go get it while you're yelling in pain. Some people think 15 minutes is "quick relief" but this will work in about 3, providing you are able to drink enough.

  15. Yes….I have the cramp problem and the cuprum Metallicum really
    Works .I always have the medicine with me . Whenever I have the cramp I take the medicine and the cramp goes away like a magic.My brother is a Doctor and he told me about the medicine. cuprum Metallicum really helps me. If any one has this kind of cramp problem they can take it .Really

  16. Please pray for my legs.. My left leg giving me bad pain.. Discomfort.. Due to cramps sensation to give cramp attack… Please pray.. I'm not able to sleep..day night I'm awake… It's 4am I want to sleep but still I'm awake.. Please pray for healing and for my sleep. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. Thank you Larry. I will try this. When the cold weather sets in, apparently, so does my leg pain and it keeps me awake at night, or it wakes me up. Pain is not a good Bed Mate.Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely try these and find out which one works best for me. I'm a woman at 71 years.

  18. This video really helped me begin to understand my problems. The easiest solutions for me were to take 1 Tbsp daily of molasses and weekly epsom salt baths. I also had to cut down on caffeine and dairy consumption.

  19. I tried a product, with some skepticism at first, called Theraworx. I was really surprised that it relieved my leg cramps is a matter of seconds. A little pricey but worth every penny.

  20. this is just a amazon affiliate video don't use this as a primary source talk to your doctors next time u see them

  21. Ty i have been having mild leg crams the last few nights i will try some tea with ginger and cinnamon today and take a multi-vit
    🌿your video is saved for future reference.

  22. Thank you…
    ? Im a drummer really hard playing the whole set…
    Sometimes i get muscle cramps lock up…
    Last night it was so bad at the end of the set I had to stop I couldn't continue…1st time that happened to me…
    I don't have the money for you special types of doctors or what what do you suggest 4 things you have in this video would that work to prevent it from happening?

  23. Nice to know … i suffer from legs cramps real bad sometimes in both my legs … which is no joke , very painful …. but i started taking high absorbent magnesium which a lot of people are deficient of this … before i go sleep …. and now i sleep good …. also when i got my leg cramps i would try make it to the fridge to sip a little pickle juice which works real fast … thanks for your info … every bit helps … magnesium also help lower HBP as well … it relaxes all the arteries so blow can flow better …

  24. I am a diabetic and have neuropathy, poor circulation and horriffic feet and ankle cramps, especially if I get cold. I drink mixture of OJ and Tonic water nightly. However if I feel a cramp "threatening", I drink more immediately. Been doing this about 6 months now…..my friend has painful legs. She has been doing this for several months and swears it has made a great difference. Other folks I know only drink this when they actually GET cramps.
    Not me, I never want to experience another cramp!!!

  25. February 22nd 2019. Thank you for the information it's about 3 a.m. in the morning I was working out 2 days ago. Then again I was wearing boots. I should have changed my shoes to something else. But thanks for the information I'll go to the health food place check out the products

  26. Most of what you recommended was awesome, but the homeopathic one… Come on man, my cramps last for 2 to 3 minutes, and you’re telling me this thing takes them away in 2 to 3 minutes… Sounds a little fishy, right? Lol I mean, come on, we’re not idiots

  27. I leaned of this from Maria Treben and her book Health Through God's Pharmacy back in 1982 at a lecture she gave. The herb Common Club Moss (Lycopodium clavatum), dried and put into a sachet or pillow, will immediately begin to relax any muscle cramp (leg. foot, hand, etc.) spasm, baby colic, stomach cramp, menstrual cramp, etc. as soon as you place it over the cramp. It works energetically (homeopathically) with the muscle by just placing it in proximity to the muscle. Within seconds the cramp is gone and usually does not return. It will last for years as long as you keep it dry and never let it get wet.

    A personal story. I slammed the sliding door of my van on my hand. I was holding the post between the front and back seats for leverage. I locked the door and then closed it on my hand. I know, dumb, huh? I had to wait about fifteen minutes for a passerby to get the keys out of my pocket and unlock the door. My hand was throbbing with a slight cut on my thumb. I always keep a pillow with Common Club Moss with me. I placed it over my hand until the throbbing subsided enough for me to drive home. I kept the pillow over my hand as I drove and as I slept that night. The next day I was back at work as an upholsterer with full use of my hand with hardly any hint of my injury.

    If it gets wet, as in making a tea, the energy of the herb, Common Club Moss, goes into the liquid or tea. It has cured people of cirrhosis of the liver even when their doctors pronounced them terminal and gave them only a month or two to live. It is a tonic for the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, urinary tract and reproductive organs. It was studied as a memory enhancer/restorer as it contains Huperzine A, Huperzine B, and the enzyme Prolylendopeptidase., all of which help the brain.

    I have also heard of another herb called Cramp Bark which relieves cramps. You can buy these herbs online from Bulk Herb Dealers.

  28. I love the Cuprum!!! I ordered it from Amazon after seeing this video, I got it in 2 days…. my kidneys thank you… I was drinking so much Smart Water (has electrolytes) and high doses of potassium, even mustard ( I will try anything at 2 am… lol). This works soooo much better and very, fast! Thank you!!

  29. I started taking CALM and now, every single night I have excruciatingly painful leg cramps which force me to jump out of bed, walk around and beg God to stop the pain. ???

  30. I have read that it is not good to supplement directly with calcium, and that it should be obtained in other ways.

  31. I was getting cramps last winter from sleeping close to a window with a swollen foot. Now they are gone. Curious to find that they are statistically more common in summer. Nice that we are now able to research health topics online without talking to someone in person and trusting them.

  32. Dill pickle juice tried, tested and found true works for fast cramp relief. I don't get cramps in my feet or legs, mine are any muscle of the abdominal area. Huge muscles and huge pain. I'm in Canada, here we have a fast food burger place called Harvey's. I knew they served these great dill pickles as a garnish for their burgers. So I figured they probably get them in those large 5 gallon buckets and dump the juice when the pickles are gone. I was right. When my supply starts to run low I have a burger out and asking I get a large cup of juice to go. They oblige me for free. I drink about an ounce (shot glass full) only when I get a cramp. Now seeing this video I may just add some ginger and garlic to my supply.

  33. I saw yr video of 4 remedies to get rid of leg cramps and foot cramps. I get very often leg cramps, cramps on thighs and sometimes stomach cramps also. Can u please suggest one homeopathic medicine which will solve all the three above for my cramps and forr many days to be taken and how any times to take. Waitin for yr reply…Neeraja

  34. If I could hug you through my iPad I would!! May Jehovah bless you! And I pray this works! U seem sooo convincing and sooo very truthful! I love natural homepathic treatment anyway! I hv been suffering from foot cramps thigh cramps calve cramps since I was abt 27 now 67 n I don’t no Y? 🤷🏽‍♀️I am going to try this product ASAP! I will b intouch thx u!!! You gave a lot of great great advice!!!!And I am a now subscriber at this exact moment to your channel!! So sorry I just saw your video!

  35. Hi big joe I heard that mustard really does work!! My friend that I grew up with just mentioned this to me yesterday she said she forgot all abt how a friend of hers who suffers with leg cramps all her life keep mustard packets in her purse n just suck the mustard out the packet wen she gets a cramp and she swears out it really works!! I just love Utube it’s really fantastic!!! And it comes with free beneficial advice and information bec everybody that’s on utube is not out to sucker u in for the profit! Ppl are genuinely concerned and want to help this is Y I am really glad I came across Larry’s channel. Thx u!

  36. Hi Boersma u r right it does disappear within 1to 3 minutes! But those 3 minutes are an absolute killer!!! The pain of a cramp is so severe for me that if I am driving I must pull my suv over right away or else there’s a possibility of a serious and deadly accident!! Then I sit behind the wheel and pound my thigh with my fist 👊 and this seems to move the blood. And the cramp diminishes. Walking around seem to make the cramping more agitated 😣 the body is weird go figure🤷🏽‍♀️and u r right again u really may not need medicine but the pain is pretty severe and on top of that if you get them frequently like most of us do we then u r jus not willing to wait out those 1-3 minutes😁

  37. Hi Lucinda I am sorry but I could not see all of your comment Re:the convention?!🤷🏽‍♀️Not sure Y and I had a hard time finding u under Larry’s comment section wer r you? Maybe I am doing something wrong I am not the most computer savvy person, but I think I do pretty good. Anyway u can reply if you like I am a JW and hv been forever 42 yrs and I was raised around ppl who loves and appreciate Bible truths. I will b attending my convention here in NY around the last week of August. Btw nice 👍 talking with u. I can’t comment further Re: if you wer commenting on the subject of cramping or not bec for some reason as I said I only saw part of your comment and I looked hard for u in Larry Cook’s comment section.🤷🏽‍♀️don’t understand y I couldn’t find u???

  38. I’m here looking for Relief!! my first experience with leg and foot cramps, were with my mother, I would put her in the shower 🚿 and the Hot Water
    would relax the spasms in her legs, and make sure she ate a Banana 🍌 every day.
    Low and Behold… I am now experiencing the same Nightmares!!! doing the same routine I did for her, But!! It’s only a mild solution to the problem,
    I’m going to give these suggestions a try….. Thanks!!

  39. Does anybody here ever suffer from full body muscle cramps? I play tennis a lot, and if I play too much and it's super hot out, my body goes into 1 hour of every muscle cramping. It's horrifying and no doctor can explain this. I've tried everything under the sun and nothing works. I have yet to find somebody else this happens to and it's frustrating. Going to just keep posting like this until 1 day somebody else sees it and tells me what they found, how they fixed this issue. It's getting worse where it's taking less activity for this to happen. Don't want to play in tournaments anymore 🙁 I play more than 1 match and it can happen – it's brutal! I'm guessing build up of tons of lactic acid, but I've tried all things to fix this. Thanks for listening.

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