48 Symptoms of Lyme Disease: What They Look Like and How They Feel


  1. They misdiagnosed me with MS…….then I got tested for Lyme from another doctor and WHOOP there it is……I had Nuerolyme and Lyme Tachycardia……I knew if the Lyme didn’t kill me the doctors would with their insensitivity.I prayed to God hard and then I went on self protocol and healed myself

  2. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in the early 2000's. I'm chronic because it was caught too late. I suffer every day and don't know what I'm going to wake up to each and every day. It's scary. I've had every symptom you mentioned. And more! I hate my life. I'm depressed and I'm at a loss as what to do. I had a central line put in for antibiotics and it did NOTHING! I was diagnosed by a specialist in the field but he past away. He used my chart for a NIH study. I've been to one doctor after another and have been checked for it again and it comes up negative but the Lyme is just hiding.
    My memory is crap and I feel like I'm 100 years old. Lyme Disease has taken my life away. It hurts to take a shower of to walk. A doctor once told me that I needed a psychiatrist and not a medical doctor! He then sent me a certified letter and dropped me as his patient. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. IM SCARED!!!!!!

  3. Wow. So handsome ❤️
    I’m so sorry for your disease and your pain. I hope one day there is a cure for Lyme.

  4. Sounds like you had morgellons.
    We all have it but some more extreme than others.
    Its important to detox that out of your system.
    All those white lines you see in the sky. Those aren't contrails.
    They are chemicals such as baruim, strontuim and aluminum.
    Have you researched nanotechnology? Nanobots? Gwen Towers, 5g.
    Well its all connected. More and more people are experiencing what you were. Younger people also.
    But yes, all these parasites and nanobots love sugar.

  5. I got Lyme disease from my mother.
    I told myself for years that my symptoms weren't enough to justify even getting tested.
    I was wrong.
    Now I'm 20, and I can't stand the misinformation anymore.
    I've known dozens of people who have died of Lyme disease, mainly because the symptoms were just too normal for them to take them seriously.

    Below are some LIFE SAVING updates:
    – Lyme disease is very common
    – You can be infected 15 minutes after a bite!
    – Many cases don't even show severe symptoms for years
    – Nearly all ticks are infected in the north east, and it is spreading
    – By the time you notice the bite, the tick has likely already injected its saliva into you
    – The only way to know if the tick transmitted Lyme to you, is if you bring the tick to a specialist to get tested
    – Lyme specialists should always be contacted after a suspected bite, since most doctors are not Lyme-literate, and will only refer you to Lyme specialists, or dismiss it due to underestimating the risk
    – There are co-infections (alternate strains) of Lyme Disease that you can get in each different tick, and each co-infection causes a different group of symptoms
    – Ticks are not the only way to get Lyme disease!
    – Lyme is passed through blood, so it can be passed from mother to child in utero, and can be SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED!
    – Symptoms can be very hard to detect at first, and if you have any odd or mundane symptoms that don't seem related, I strongly suggest visiting a Lyme specialist. Even if you have never seen a tick on you.
    – People living in the north eastern areas of the US are recommended to get tested to Lyme annually.

    Those I knew who have died, or are currently receiving treatment had symptoms like these:
    headaches, back pain, and they felt cold or even feverish at times. Over time, they got dizzier, and more tired and sometimes just so depressed that they couldn't motivate themselves to do everyday tasks. Others felt constantly on edge, and stressed to the point that they physically and mentally broke down.

    These are all symptoms of spirochete damage. They dig into your brain and your nerves and your organ tissue. It messes with your blood flow by attacking your heart, making people feel cold, or have vision issues from low blood pressure. Spirochetes damage your ability to concentrate by attacking the brain, causing headaches that feel like pressure behind your eyes and to the back of your head. Peoples hormone regulation is thrown off, and emotions are set into constant turmoil until glands like your thyroid slowly stop working, causing weight gain.

    There are many symptoms of Lyme disease, because the spirochetes could be attacking anywhere in the body.

    Please realize that pain is not normally a constant. You shouldn't feel tired all the time, or have trouble going to bed or getting up. You shouldn't have to feel stressed, overwhelmed or depressed every day.

    I was treated for Lyme, and it was like my life became consistently enjoyable. I still had all the same daily troubles, but they became manageable.

    All I hope is that some of this information will reach someone and they will take the leap to meet with a specialist, because that was all I needed to be set on the right track. It is just so worth it.

  6. Everyone has to comecto an understanding theres no real cure its just something to make them rich off of uor little bit of money we have left to our names unless they will shaer it fro free. I Kno I'm so vert tired living in so much pain and the new problems thatcomes with it, all i wantis to walk in the woods again a9 for walks alone the beachcan they heal me!?

  7. Eating the teeth? Use a waterpik.. baking soda and sea salt mix… and iodine drops. Will kill the streptococcus mutant.

  8. Okay, this video has now made it into my "Lyme-brain Informational" list to share with others….thanks again!

  9. I'm sending this to my parents. My brother has had chronic lyme for 27 years. They really don't understand how bad it is.

  10. Symptoms are so
    Willy-Nilly…I have this I think… I watched a video that told me the First Second and Third stage..and it was me
    to the T. I have DR too.
    My labs at the ER came back normal…but I have double vision really badly, and chronic loose stools.
    I'm going back to the ER tomorrow… My face looks so much older than it did a couple months ago ( I also want to get checked for Mysthenia Gravis …?)
    Any suggestions to help with diagnosis ?
    You poor thing…
    I know.."don't mess with the teeth" …( God bless you ) …
    .I had really bad bradycardia too a couple months ago too ( not as slow …mine was about 50 beats per minute).

  11. everybody has neuro lyme, I had joint form of lyme, with underactive thyroid etc. 3 years on atb and still no progres, no i change eating, sleeping, detox and start meditation.

  12. The doctors treated me inhumanely, then the Lyme doctors took all my money and left me dead…..I couldn’t walk or talk…..then I begged God to help me,He heard me and I found things that cured me.

  13. Oh my goodness it sounds terrifying! And just plain horrible.
    I'm here just cos I heard about the existence of Lyme Disease and am looking into it.

  14. hello . Sorry for asking this , but I hope you can help me: how did you manage to get rid of the pain in your right upper side ? ( liver , gallblader etc). Yes, that pain specifically . I've been living with that bloody disease for years ( I'm not considered a lyme victim in my country since they don't recognize it despite positive blood tests) and my symptoms route is the same you have , just not in the same order. But the symptom which drives me crazy besides the constant fatigue and body aches is that horrible pain in my liver area. I did lots of exams and they didn't find anything . I'm stuck with an atrocious pain no one takes seriously. stoping dairy , meat and gluten didn't work. it's so painful that often I can't stay up on my feet. It's like a shark is crushing me in it's jaws. I'm desperate to find a solution ( did osteopathy, etiopathy, acuponcture , sibo treatment , reflux medication, neurofeedback , pain killers, cbd, nothing works) . I'm looking for new ideas . thank you very much warrior.

  15. I cried my eyes out through this entire video. I have every symptom you mentioned including cyclic vomiting syndrome. I’ve had it for 4 years and I actually had a positive Lyme diagnosis. Since my round of IV antibiotics they have done absolutely NOTHING to help me. I have six children to care for and a husband that is an over the road truck driver. I’m close. So close. To giving up.

  16. I'm mad at some mainstream models who claim to have Lyme disease, when they are fully functional. It's just to excuse their anorexic looks.

    I'm suffering from these symptoms for 6 months already. It's hard to find a specialist in my area and I have a zero support system. Even going out to see a doctor has massive effect on my health and makes it all worse.

  17. Is anyone from Maryland here I have many of these symptoms but I don’t know if there is a good Lyme doctor here in Maryland. If anyone knows please tell me.

  18. Doctors will give you statins, diabetes meds and BP meds. Doesnt matter if you actually have the disease.

  19. i just got diagnosed with this. The doc gave me a antibiotic prescription and sent me home. I got like 6 tablets to eat. so far i only have colored skin but this video scared me lol.

  20. What a cutie! Thanks so much, I have ben suffering with all of these symptoms for 20+ years and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For several years I have been telling anyone who will listen (both of them) that there has to be something waaaay more serious because I feel like its going to kill me evetually with tha dadgum 52 symptoms a day hoo haa. This gives me hope of finding whats really gojng on and maybe getting proper treatment. Also any diagnosis other than fibromyalgia would at least get my family and friends to recognize me as sick rather than crazy, which I am not so much as I am in pain and suffering from a myriad of cruel and painfull symptoms that no one can see!

  21. Lyme disease is a horrible disease that causes longterm problems. Get expert medical council if yu have the symtoms and dont delay. Fatgue depression aches pains muscle soreness and apathy of the worst order.

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