5- ART THERAPY IDEAS/ no skill required

hey guys welcome back to my channel so
here’s a new video for you all today’s video we’re gonna talk about few
art methods that you can do when you’re bored or you want to calm yourself a lot
of be focused and don’t think about about the whole process just you know go
with the flow kind of art so this is the few methods that I’m gonna do, I hope you
like all of these so just watch the video. so what I’m gonna do here is I
just scribble few lines and in between coloring those spaces with different colors you can choose whatever or either
markers as well otherwise what else you can do is this method that I love I use
I like making patterns in between the spaces and small geometric lines so just
go with the flow and don’t think about the patterns is it coming you know
exactly the same like the previous one or not how the art is going how is it
looking just put your earphones on listen to some music
and keep drawing whatever is coming in your mind just don’t you know go for a
very complex design just choose some simple patterns that looks really good
just stop trying to control the next step the next shape the next color in
stretch is open yourself to see what you might want to appear and regardless of
whether or not you think it will look good so that is the whole key here of
making all these different art forms now this one is the most fun way of
calming yourself just take some colors flash it around and either you can do it
with your fingers or just take this plastic sheet and keep trying to you
know spreading all those colors here and there and you don’t stress yourself if
it doesn’t you know come out the way you want it to be the whole idea here is to
just relax so just go with the flow and keep filling the spaces and it will turn
out to be good there for sure you so the third method that I love is
making a collage and if you have the old neck things at your home just take those
and cut some few here in their images or different texts whatever you like and
then put them on your scrapbook or even on your sheet or a chart paper and then
hang it somewhere or just keep it as you know order you can make coats with this
little text like I am happy just to be a boss of your life or something like that
so I just keep cutting you text here and there whatever I liked and then later on
I’m gonna stick all of them together and make a collage out of it and this is a
very you know great fun way of passing your time and you know side by side you
are you know making art so that’s a plus so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna paste
all these cutouts together so like this as you can see I have pasted all these
texts like princess my world experience beautiful you opportunity five proud mom
best passion and everything all those you know the text which give me a power
which feel good and I added a word their art as well all whatever you want to do
you can do with the text just keep wasting here and them and then next
thing is my favorite and that is pant Allah so either you can go for a video
the one which you need to have all these you know tools to make went Allah all
but when you are you know you are making art for a therapy it’s better not to
think about all the patterns and lines which are all you know you know proper
proportion just go with the flow don’t think too much just pick color
splash it here and there and you see I’m not thinking about how my lines are
talking now I’m just passing my time relax right now I’m just so I’m just
going with the cold process so that’s it the next thing is until that I love so
what I’m doing here is I just took this morally the magazine of mine and start
scribbling on top of it with all those crap identical petals that I know just
don’t think about it that is the first thing you need to keep in mind when you
are trying to relax yourself because you don’t want to you know feel pressured
that my lines are not going very smoothly they are not going it’s not
looking a great piece so that’s that that’s not why we do that here and the
next thing is geometric patterns that I love the most
so this one I did like previously few years back so I did it again and I’m in
love with this place so but we needed we’ll just make some triangles see my
lines are not even wearing me with you I’m not using any scale just using
so I hope you like all these different methods that I told you today and make
sure to do these whenever you’re feeling bored or you want to calm yourself for
just trying to be focused and share your views with me in your comments to
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bye-bye see you next time


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