5 Common Signs of Crohn's Disease

[Applause] hi I am Killa on this occasion I will talk about five common signs of Crohn's disease that you should to know knowing the early five common signs of Crohn's disease can help you receive the best treatment before it becomes series or even life-threatening so let's get started with a closer look at what Crohn's disease is first Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines especially the colon and ileum the third portion of the small intestine it is caused by a combination of factors bacterial environmental immunological and genetic Crohn's disease is equally found in both women and men and it can occur at any age and smokers are twice as likely to get the disease many of the symptoms of Crohn's disease are gastrointestinal in nature but the entire body can be affected people with crohn's disease often have a disrupted immune system which sends a protein to kill all bacteria regardless of whether they are beneficial to the gut Crohn's can affect any part of the gut though the most common area affected is the end of the ileum the last part of the small intestine or the colon like any diseases early detection is a key that is why we have taken the time sifted through the information and put together in this video in order to provide you with five of the most common signs of Crohn's disease not only so you can be better informed but also so you can potentially make your life longer and here are five common signs of Crohn's disease that you should to know one you may experience abdominal pain stomach and abdominal pain may be one of the first common sign a person will experience when they have Crohn's disease the intestines become more and more inflamed and irritation means the abdomen can become sore during bowel movements or at random parts of the day as the intestines become inflamed and irritated the bells sending signals to the brain the disease may cause ulcers in the large and small intestines and making it even more painful every time food passes through that part of the intestine as swelling is a part of inflammation people with crohn's disease also often experience this in the lower right part of the abdomen it can swell to roughly the size and firmness of a small grapefruit the tenderness of this area can vary between people with some reporting it from mild to extreme this feeling usually starts within an hour of eating for those who suffer from chronic is felt around the navel if you notice persistence in this pain coupled with other symptoms on this list and you experience regular extreme abdominal pain you might want to consider making an appointment to visit your doctor to get an evaluation and find out the cause – you may experience cramping the second common signs of Crohn's disease is cramping as the disease progresses scar tissue can form around the intestines as a person eats in the intestines shift this scar tissue can pull this can cause incredibly painful cramping this tends to occur after a long period of time suffering from regular abdominal pain and it occurs as a result of ulcers in the intestine healing and scarring this scar tissue forming around your intestines becomes painful and sore as they shift around and digest food the kremps not just painful but able to cause you to vomit or feel nauseous the person may feel nauseated and throw up because of the pain this pain may range from dull ache to extremely intense pain that is very difficult to ignore in severe Crohn's disease abdominal cramping may typically be experienced when food that has been eaten recently has a difficult time moving through the digestive tract this can make a cron sufferer lose the desire to eat because they are so violently or when they do three you may experience frequent diarrhea the third common signs of Crohn's disease is frequent diarrhea diarrhea is very common for people who are suffering with Crohn's disease when Crohn's disease affects the intestines and the intestines become irritated and inflamed water and electrolytes are pumped through the gut and eventually mixes with the stool causing quite serious diarrhea if the large intestine is affected diarrhea may be small in quantity but affect the sufferer numerous times a day if the small intestine is affected diarrhea may be very large in quantity but affect the sufferer in less frequency with this condition individuals typically experience severe cramping in the stomach and the intestines which can definitely cause bowel movements to be loose while diarrhea can usually accompany any type of digestive or intestinal problem you should definitely make an appointment with your doctor and be sure to drink plenty of liquids as that diarrhea can also contribute to dehydration because of the loss of liquids 4 you may have blood and stool another common signs of Crohn's disease is blood in stool due to the severe intestinal problems bleeding is also a sign of Crohn's disease if you begin seeing blood in the toilet after a bowel movement or you see dark colored stool or actual blood in the stool then you should consult with a healthcare professional right away as the inflammation of the bowels cause ulcers blood may mix with the stool if the blood comes from high in the digestive process the stool may appear black in color if the blood comes from further in the digestive processes the blood may be bright red rectal bleeding may also occur in which blood seems to leak from the rectum these are all very common sign of any type of digestive or intestinal disorder especially with Crohn's disease internal intestinal bleeding may also occur although there is little to no indication if it is not escaping through the rectum frequent diarrhea can cause bloody liquid to be discharged into the toilet if you experience any type of bloody stool contact your doctor immediately to get an evaluation right away v fever the last common signs of Crohn's disease is fever fever is one of the most common signs of any disease which can make it difficult to use it as an indicator for one or the other given that fact we encourage you to look at this list from a holistic point of view trying to determine if you suffer from multiple symptoms which will give you a much better idea of what is wrong and help you narrow down the possibilities for the root cause when a fever occurs in the body it is usually a signal that your body attempting defensive and infection in the case of crohn's disease our immune system attacks the digestive tract causing inflammation and tissue damage as most infections have difficulty thriving and spreading in a warmer environment your body will naturally eat itself when fighting an infection again this is a very good indicator that there is a problem going on within the body if you notice that you are experiencing regular fevers that are coupled with stomach problems or other sign from this list you might want to consider making an appointment with your healthcare professional to get a more thorough diagnosis are you worried that you or someone you know may have Crohn's disease having some of the signs of Crohn's disease doesn't mean you definitely have the condition but you should always contact your doctor just to make sure the earlier you can identify you're having Cron's disease the better your chance is to get the best treatment worst of all when left untreated Crohn's disease can cause serious complications due to malabsorption of important nutrients and prolonged autoimmune inflammatory responses that degenerate healthy tissue throughout the body if you have any of these five common signs of Crohn's disease see your doctor immediately to find out the causes and get the best treatment if needed thank you for watching five common signs of Crohn's disease early detection could save your life longer subscribe for more videos hope you feel better


  1. in this kind of disease
    diarrhea is good! what is not is constipation,when small portions of feces gets trapped in segments of the bowls.and there where you going to suffer the most,s your stomach swollen due to the gases accumulate by the waste matter,you will feel hungry ,but not able to eat
    when ever i get a bout of tis disease recurrence i want to have diarrhea,as to cleanse the bowl and not retain the waste inside..that is what is harmful
    constipation is!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us. Ayurveda has wonderful results in Crohn's Disease. Planet Ayurveda offers Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack for the treatment of Crohn's Disease which is very effective.

  3. my Crohns pain is getting too much too bear.. ive had it for about 13 years ( im 48) and now the pain is really bad at times.. not to mention all the other issues..Bastard disease !

  4. Oh man, I’m 15 and I feel I have this 😢 I don’t have diarrhea but its normal poop and I do have to go to the bathroom every 10-20 mins

  5. I'm in the hospital for 5 days now because of Crohn's disease there is still 5 days to go I'm only 14

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