5 Mental Health Hacks: Self Care

hey guys so today I'm going to be revisiting a series that is very near and dear to my heart it's my kind of mental health well-being series I will link the playlist for this kind of series below if you do want to check it out but for today's video I'm going to be talking about five simple ways that you can try and incorporate some kind of self-care into your daily life personally I think that self-care is very important I don't think that it should be a luxury I don't think it should be kind of scoffed at if people do say that they do take care of themselves and in my head I always do go back to thinking like when you're on an airplane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first because you know if you're dead you can't really help anyone else so whether this is your first foray into self-care or if it's something you've been struggling with for a while where ever you fall on that self-care skill hopefully there will be something you can take away from this video so number one is routine this is definitely easier said than done is something that a lot of people struggle with but I do think it's probably also one of the most important things you can do for your own kind of mental health and well-being I do think this one is especially important if you do have any type of mental health problems because they can seem very overwhelming and unpredictable whereas if you do try and incorporate some kind of routine into your life you do kind of get that a little bit of a sense of control and that you know where things are going so you should hopefully be less anxious about things overall and definitely set attainable goals that will work for you so if you have barely even güell bed this week maybe don't set a goal that you are going to workout for the next seven days because that might just not happen and you might end up feeling kind of crappy that you in your head think that you've failed when you haven't it's just life so whether it's just getting out of bed eating breakfast everyday showering before a certain time of day or even just going out for a walk once a day set goals that are easy for you to achieve that you can kind of check off and feel good about and chances are you will slip up because you're a human but don't be so hard on yourself when you do just make sure that your next choice is a good one number two is to create now some of you might kind of identify yourself as a very creative person whereas other is my feel like they don't have a creative bone in their body so I'm not suggesting that you carve a life-size sculpture of yourself all I'm suggesting is that you do something creative so whether it's like painting creating a physical photo album and decorating it it might be an adult coloring book it might be doing some nail art but I definitely didn't there's something awesome about channeling your creative energy even if you don't feel like you're particularly talented in that area and maybe none of these things appeal to you maybe you're more of a chef maybe you want to decorate some cookies or plate your dinner in a super fancy way just do something that kind of calls out to you or something that you might have put off for a while because you think it's like not super important I just think that visually seeing that you can create something beautiful is an awesome feeling so definitely give it a go and if it doesn't go well just don't dwell on it move on to something else number three sleep regulation so I have seen many doctors not only from my own mental health issues but for loved ones as well and one thing that every doctor will stress is how important sleep is so whether you struggle with mania or depression or you're somewhere in between and just struggling it's definitely of the utmost importance that you try and regulate your sleep sleep not only has many physical benefits such as organ repair and tissue repair but it's almost certainly going to help improve your mood if you are getting the right amount of sleep for you so if you struggle to keep a normal sleep cycle whatever that is or if you have a delayed sleep cycle just try making small adjustments so maybe right now you sleep from like 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. don't suddenly try and switch just try and make small changes like maybe the next day get up at noon and go to bed an hour earlier than you usually would and just inch closer to your goals that way and then on the flip side you might also be a bit of a sleep dependent like I definitely used to be and I used to take naps whether I was happy sad angry cold any occasion could bring on a nap so I made a conscious effort to take less naps a few years ago now and I haven't looked back since because naps are definitely the gateway drug to sleep for me so try and work on your sleep routine number four is to talk about it this is another really obvious one that can also be very hard to execute so if you don't yet feel comfortable saying I'm feeling a bit weird mentally can we have a chat just start by asking a friend if you can hang out because you need a distraction or you need some powell time and chances are they will catch on to what you're saying and will ask you questions and you can just go from there and if you are already a little bit more comfortable with asking for help just let it out call a family member or friend and just let them know that you're having a hard time personally I will always call my mom I don't necessarily even have to say anything but she'll immediately be like Rihanna what's wrong and we usually end up laughing about it and I find that that's the best way for me to move on from whatever is going on in my head and I am very aware that not everybody has close friends or family so I'm gonna link some resources below if you do feel like you need to talk to someone and if you do feel that way please don't hesitate just make yourself do it right now for you or for me whichever makes you do it and number five is take time to feel a lot of the time we might think that distracting ourselves from either bad thoughts or things going on in our lives is the best way to go and I do think to an extent that it is but I also think that sometimes we need to feel those emotions as crappy as they might be I do think that sometimes we need to go through things to get where we want to go instead of going around them or sometimes issues just never get dealt with sometimes I'll even set aside 10 minutes so that I can worry about or overthink this certain thing and then I will write down how I can fix it if I can and just go from there because being anxious or worrying about something that you can't change isn't very productive it might feel like you're doing something about the issue but you're really not you're just kind of making yourself suffer so try not to dwell on whatever the issue is but also don't hide from it either and crying can absolutely be therapeutic so if you feel like you need to have a little meltdown schedule yourself one and do it you might find that none of these things work but in the process of trying them out you might find things that do so you just really have to try even if it's very small things like I said waking up before noon or making yourself eat breakfast celebrate the small things and know what works for you and put some hortence on that like really make sure that that is a priority for you to do in your self-care routine whether it is something as simple as eating that day or if you need to do something more like an hour of yoga just do what works for you so these are definitely my kind of must do basics of self-care if you do want me to get into something I guess a little bit more advanced like once you've got all of these basic things down do you let me know because I would love to make more videos on this and please do leave any tips or resources that you'd like to use in the comments down below or maybe even open up to someone in the comments and make some new friends that might be going through similar things I know that for me when I get stuck inside my own head sometimes doing things to help other people is the best way to go of that it kind of helps put things in perspective as well as being a good distraction and if other people are going through things sometimes going through them with them can also help you go through your own things so I guess really all I have to say is just be nice to yourself and make yourself a priority because you absolutely deserve it so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video do let me know what you would like to see next in this series and give a thumbs up if you liked it and I'll see you next time bye so yeah do some yoga and I like to like candles incense like dim the lights get some good music going and again really just enjoy the process of all because you might even only do like 15 minutes of yoga but I think that if you really make it enjoyable and like a thing that you have to do because it does you know if it works for you that is


  1. I have Bipolar type 1. I write a ton and I'm even trying to save money to publish. I have learned a trick to end the distraction of thoughts. When you're having a thought you don't like, imagine a cage made of crystal or supernaturally charged steel. When the thought comes along, I call on my higher power and tell him to "Cage it" and I imagine the suspended cage collapsing on the evil thought and the demon thought fights a bit and the more it fights, and it explodes into dust.

  2. I watched this at an earlier date. I’m okay and better now. I thank you for your words. I’m healed and thriving much love babe♥️

  3. I like the creative part . I love art so I’ll probably be going out and getting an adult coloring book to occupy myself. 👍🏾

  4. Sounds good, but hard at practice… I did not cry for 9 years, so to fill some i tried to cut my arm, did not help, my nerve system is so numbed by now, that i did no feel minor injuries, thirst and hunger, so i just accepted that i am a monster and just live with that.

  5. Great video! Love this!

    I started using the free iPrevail app and it has been helping me, it caters to mu specific struggles and helps me set attainable goals. I can chat with a coach and it is packed with great videos like It starts by teaching you how to understand “you brain 🧠and thoughts”

    I definitely recommend it!

  6. I really need to start taking better care of myself but it’s just so hard cause my mental health problems have gotten out of control this year but I’m fairly confident next year will be a good year all I need to do to make it a good year is somehow sort my mind out haha.

  7. Hey, so what if you are partially dead inside and you can only do basic function. I mean things like crying, your brain not being tired and knowing what is wrong were things that stopped after my 16 year free trail.

  8. Thank you for this. I really needed this. I'm really struggling today and i know this especially today coz I've unintentionally isolated myself, so thank you ❤❤

  9. thanks for the tips going back to work has been a huge challenge so far failed:( btw love your accent I'm from uk too,but you have an American tang x

  10. Great video! Self care! if we can't take care of ourselves, we sure can't take care of anyone else. besides we are the only ones to put in maintenance for ourselves.

  11. I've been binge watching you for the past several days. I've watched on and off for years but recently I've just seen how similar we are. When you said "stuck inside your own head" that hit it right on. I don't have friends I feel close with and I can't afford a therapist or medication for when I feel down (or really down) (U.S. at its finest) so watching your supplement recommendations or anything that's helped you Is helping me feel hope for myself. Thank you for being such a beautiful person. Thank you for existing because the world is just a tad bit brighter because of it ❤️

  12. What part of the UK, Ireland or the world are you from? Your accent threw me off at first because it seems to be quiet American sounding at certain points. I'm curious from where the accents changed along the path from the old world to the new world, so just curious, thanks.

  13. Hey im a new YouTuber. I will be talking about mental health a lot. If anyone needs someone to talk to in always here x

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