5 Misconceptions about Anxiety! | Kati Morton

today we are debunking five common myths about anxiety the first myth is that anxiety isn't a real illness everybody feels anxious sometimes the truth of it is that yes people do feel anxious sometimes but feeling anxious is not an anxiety disorder when we have an anxiety disorder it actually impairs our ability to function in our daily life and that is a real thing the second myth is that therapy for anxiety is gonna take forever forever we're never gonna get anywhere the truth is that CBT cognitive behavioral therapy is really effective for anxiety disorders and most people report that they feel improvement in the first couple of sessions that's not forever to me that's about two weeks maybe three that's pretty quick the third common myth is that medication is all that can help us that's all we can do is just take medication like I said before in the last myth CBT is very beneficial and that is behavioral therapy that's not medication and that medication doesn't work for everybody everyone has a different experience and will have a different path to recovery myth number four that anxiety disorders are not very common the truth is that millions of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and one in five will suffer from an anxiety disorder it within any given year one in five I don't know about you but that's pretty common and myth number five that those who suffer from anxiety disorders just need to avoid stressful situations duh No first of all that's impossible I don't know how we're supposed to a not go to work or school ever or be know when things could potentially get stressful what we know as therapists and other mental health professionals is that by avoiding things that could potentially be anxiety provoking or stressful actually makes the anxiety worse because we're not using any tools to help ourselves better deal with it or process it we're just feeling more anxious about situations and therefore completely blocking out also they say that when we label ourselves as fragile or unable to manage stressful situations we actually feel worse about our anxiety disorder and it can take us longer to recover so I would encourage you get out go see a CV teeth based therapist and get some tools so that you can use them in your regular life and if you fear something is gonna be stressful you know that you have the ability to hit it head on and what myths have you heard about leave it in the comments and if you're new to my channel click here to subscribe and like this video because it's important that we talk about mental health and break through the stigma together and I will see you next time well suffer from an anxiety just today I'm gonna top what


  1. I had anxiety I had a hard time with sound last year in school I couldn’t even make a day of school then I moved on the high school I still couldn’t make any days to school THEN I moved to another school and at that point I could make an entire day of school and a month later I could actually make it to my classes every one thought I needed medicine to reduce stress but the medicine just made me more stressed (they still forced me to use it) but it turns out I just needed the teacher I have now.

  2. People assume that because I'm a musician and performer that I can't have anxiety, and it's like, no, I'm just good at pretending I'm fine so I don't ruin it for everyone else 😂

  3. Another misconception: You need to have a noticeably stressful life to have an anxiety disorder. Not true! My life is no different than anyone else, work, school, friends, chores. My mom used to say "All teens have stress, and your life isn't any more stressful than anyone, therefore, you can't possibly have an anxiety disorder." Anxiety disorders are often a chemical imbalance in the brain and are not really controlled by outside factors. So I could have the easiest life, and I would still get panic attacks, because that's the disorder I have!

  4. Thank you for clearing up all of these misconceptions, I had so many when I was first diagnosed with GAD. I was terrified of seeing a therapist because I thought it meant I was INSANE! And that I would SNAP AT ANY SECOND!!! Bullcrap. That's what TV and my peers had always told me. Nope. Therapy was very helpful and my therapist is super nice! The fact that people think that professionals that help you with your disorders must mean you're crazy and that you should avoid them at all costs. At first, I was too afraid to tell anyone that I was going to therapy just because of misconceptions. MISCONCEPTIONS ARE DANGEROUS!!!!

  5. I've social anxiety for 6 years now, and for trying to avoid stressful situation I don't leave my room for a entire year. and that wasn't the solution, it only made my life worse, and destroys my fisical and mental health.
    for now I've been in treatment for 4 years with a sociologist and a psychiatrist and medication. but I'm feeling better than ever 🙂

  6. CBT & Behavior Therapy has not done shiZzzz for me… In fact, has been narrowed down to my body triggering the release of adrenaline and cortisol randomly… Which is a medical & chemical issue… While I appreciate you making this video… You tried to lump Anxiety/Panic Disorder all into one narrow issue… And in doing so… You yourself created myths.. While I agree that what you said works great for some… For others it does not work… I love your videos… But you missed the target in this one… And many professionals are now leaning to the conclusion that CBT is not as effective as they once thought it to be… Seems it was more about making money selling books, seminars, and other self-help…

  7. My dad said that I didn't have anxiety, that I was just shy and nothing else. And that a doctor just wanted to label a mental illness on me and give me useless medication, it is "just a fake illness that doctors use to make money"

  8. I wish more people knew about number 3. So many general practitioners pacify people with anxiety meds and don't even suggest therapy.

  9. I'm a couple years late to the discussion, but one belief even I had that I hope is a myth is that social anxiety is a teen-aged malady we outgrow. I just turned 62 and have been in CBT for about a year for SAD. My teenage years were literally last century. As a complete layman I sometimes wonder if hormonal changes in middle age can have the same devastating effects as the changes we endured in adolescence.

  10. i had anxiety attacks for 3 mouths it is not going away it feel like I am losing hope and I now my self

  11. Can you talk about how to help with not wanting to let go of your disorder because it's become so much of you that you don't know life without it?

  12. Hi, I get a lot of anxiety, , many times I just start to eat without been hungry, then I get mad at my self for all I ate, I'm a overweight person. I even think I eat to punish my self for aloe ing people to hurt me.
    I am very confused, do I have an ED ?

  13. I saw a really ignorant comment today that is making me quite upset. It was a very simple comment, not directed at me but it said something like (towards another person) 'I'm sorry about your depression I hope it gets better. Anxiety order isn't real though' It makes me second guess myself a bit. Am I overreacting? Is this how people view me when I'm having a panic attack? That it's 'not real'. I just wish people were more educated on these things. I understand it's not easy to see it how people with anxiety do but I'd like a bit of respect.

  14. What a lot of people don't seem to understand about anxiety and depression is that anxiety and depression themselves are not illnesses. How ever there are disorders that can effect when we feel anxious or depressed by limiting certain hormones in the brain. If that hormone is there then it's likely you don't have a disorder. You just haven't learned to process complicated and challenging situations yet. Which is what therapy helps you do. Most people these days don't actually suffer from any kind of disease or disorder. They just haven't learned how to process difficult situations properly. So they get anxious. Or they haven't learned how to accept things that are sad. So they often get depressed.

  15. i did CBT for a bit less than a year and the paper work made me panic it just didnt work for me 🙁

  16. Hi Katy my friend told me to watch your videos because I suffer from anxiety . I think I've always had anxiety but no where near this bad. I've always felt very happy as a person but when I met my partner something in my brain snapped!! I became angry very quickly to everything, also became impatient with everything and the list goes on then it turned to worrying a lot and feeling emotionless. The weird thing is that it's all hit when I met my partner and he isn't the cause of any of the anger and negativity that just came from no where . I started to worry about the clouds and even the moon , I would say " has the moon always looked like that? I just don't understand how I was this happy person always and living a life of struggle and being around toxic people and environments and then things where so much better when I met my partner but then all this anger and worry and anxiety came when my life was 100 times better

  17. I've had Generalised Anxiety disorder for about 15 years and been through all the CBT sessions about 12 times and although it work at first it still comes back every time.

  18. I feel like there's a myth that if you don't take your meds then you won't get better. I haven't taken my anti anxiety and antidepressant medication for who knows how long. I've been going to therapy and I'm doing just fine. My therapist has even noticed and told me that she's seen improvement in my depression and anxiety.

  19. My least favorite myth is that every form of an anxiety disorder involves some strong degree of social anxiety. I have GAD and I'm an extrovert, and have no issue with normal social situations.

  20. Katie, I have been watching you're helpful clips for two days now as I have suffered with Anxiety for over 5 years now. I get really good at stopping the attacks peak but can never seem to get a handle on controlling it as it starts! I am terrible at thinking iv always got something wrong health wise and every little sign/symptom sets me off. What tools can I use to help? Thank you so much ☺️ Chrissy X

  21. I may just show this to my boss!

    I work as a military civilian for a Child Development Center. It's an incredibly stressful, but ultimately exponentially more rewarding job.

    I'm Autistic. I'm Trans. I have extreme co-morbid anxiety. When I'm "decompensating," after a period of relatively fantastic compensation for my conditions, I'm met with a ton of destructive criticism. I know I'm fucking up in the realm of the Neuro-Typical. But I'm still performing above average in my skill-set in very important ways.

    A kid has a panic reaction. I remove them, stay with them, using calming tones the entire time. The "tantrum" subsides inside of a few minutes. Another educator steps in in my absence, the episode can last for 30 minutes, or way longer. I have other educators pawn off difficult children to me, because I make the "problem" go away, when REALLY, all I'm doing is my JOB, handling the challenging behaviors and specific needs of my over-stressed military kids.

    But my anxiety makes it difficult for me to leave the house. I worry about being late, then I put off well-rehearsed routine, and, lo and behold, I'M LATE! My tardiness is then taken as irrefutable evidence that I'm incompetent at my job, even if only by the 10 minutes that it takes to catch the next bus, unless I can prove, without a doubt, otherwise. No other factors seem to come into play. Yet another symptom of my "mental disability," because I have trouble connecting to the perspectives of other(adult)s.

    And then there's the trans thing. When I'm misgendered, in my own classroom, in front of my own kids and their parents by another educator, it makes me flip. my. fucking. shit. And then when I leave the classroom to deal with my emotional outburst in private, induced by a co-worker, I'm found at fault for putting undue stress on my colleague. How. Messed up. Is that!?! I always come back after 3-20 minutes to do my job, despite my distress, because my kids need me more than I need to withdraw. Thankfully, I get some understanding for this behavior, though it's still seen as irresponsible on my part by at least 50% of my colleagues.

    I needed a small rant. Now Imma record a video about it.

    Thanks for helping me organize my thought patterns a bit better.

  22. I tried seeing a psychiatrist two years ago I was put off because I start to stutter & muddle up my words. I feel like now things have got so much worse with my Anxiety/depression.

  23. Can you plz do a video of if you have social anxiety or if it's just shyness.
    I don't know if it's social anxiety or shyness.

  24. i developed driving anixety two years ago. i started having panic attacks driving on the freeway. i dont think ill ever be able to drive on the freeway again. i can only drive around the neighborhood. anixety has effected my body too. ive been to the ER twice because i thought i was having a heart attack

  25. I am haveing a hard time getting any relief through my therapy and med. My BPD fules it as well. I have had GAD it since I was a child and now panic disorder as well. I just want one day where my brain will not worry obsessively

  26. thank God you talked about the "avoid stressful situations" bullshit because I always felt like it was my fault for having my anxiety.

  27. any videos about coping with extreme phobias? I am so afraid of spiders that in seeing a 3 second shot of one in a movie gave me a panic attack that lasted about 5 minutes with intense shivers, sobbing and random body spasms.

  28. I have Social Anxiety. What I get told is to socialize to get rid of my anxiety…thanks alot doctors for making me having a mental break down in a store with no one i knew…

  29. I was in line to meet a youtuber not too long ago, and the girl in front of me who I had been talking to started having a panic attack. I knew what was going on, but I had no idea how to help her. I asked an event organiser where the exit was so she could get some fresh air, and she quickly rushed off. I felt so hopeless for being clueless. What's the best thing to do when you're with someone who's experiencing a panic attack?

  30. i was thinking of making an inappropriate joke but decided against it because it might have been seen differently to peoples if this was jimmy dores comment section i wouldnt have held back

    i know that i got lucky with most to all of my anxiety attacks happening at night having autism makes it so i will have anxiety attacks mine happened at night since i can remember and i was ignored and they got passed off as bad dreams

    i dont mind my anxiety attacks and havent had any recently the last one i remember having i was thankful to have because when i woke up i turned on prank house and shot dave days in the face with a paintball i got a head shot on dave days then i watch charles trippy and others fill up a car they stole with balloons (they had to rearrange all of the furniture so that alone was hilarious) best anxiety attack ever

    thx for this ha bisky vid i really loved it i think most people that have anxiety attacks have undiagnosed autism i know john green is on the autism spectrum and charles trippy but they dont realize it and i dont think john green or charmander will ever admit to it

    the way i knew char had autism is when he thought he had ADD/ADHD and passed the test he was given proven he couldnt have ADD/ADHD he was to focused

    also proving that ADD/ADHD isnt a thing and its actually autism but teachers and doctors just want an easy fix so its adarole/drugs

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