5 Natural Treatments for a Herniated Disc

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine, clinical nutritionist and founder of draxe.com. In this video I’m going to share with you
how to heal a herniated disc. If you have a herniated disc, a disc bulge,
a desiccated disc or any sort of low back injury or low back pain, these tips can absolutely
help you. I can tell you from experience. I’ve had a herniated disc from lifting weights
and doing other things in the past. These things help me personally. Also, I’ve seen them help thousands of patients
that I’ve taken care of over the years. In this video you’re going to learn the five
steps to heal a herniated disc including the diet, the supplements and natural treatments. Let’s start with the diet you need to be following
to heal a herniated disc. First off, you need to give your body the
specific nutrients it needs in order to heal the area. You need to follow what I call the collagen
diet. Your body needs collagen to help heal and
repair a damaged disc and tissues. In order to do that, collagen is found in
bone broth protein or bone broth liquid. Drinking bone broth on a regular basis is
the number one dietary thing you can do. You can get bone broth. You can make bone broth at home yourself. You can buy a liquid bone broth and have it
shipped to you frozen or sometimes find it in your grocery store. Bone broth liquid, doing around two to three
servings a day is an absolute must. What I recommend you do is make a big Crock-Pot
soup every single day. That’s what you consume. Maybe chicken, celery, onions, carrots, some
organic chicken and some chicken bone broth, that’s going to give you some of the nutrients
you need to help heal and repair your low back or neck or wherever you might have a
herniated disc. Also, getting more antioxidants in things
like blueberries. The ideal diet would look like you have a
smoothie for breakfast with collagen protein powder or bone broth protein powder. Also some blueberries and some coconut milk. Maybe some anti-inflammatory herbs. You put a little bit of ginger root in there. Consuming that every morning for breakfast
is the perfect breakfast. For lunch and dinner, doing that warm one
pot or slow cooker or Crock-Pot soup or stew with the bone broth. Man, you’re going to heal fast that way with
that type of diet. The best supplements for healing a herniated
disc include a collagen protein or a bone broth protein powder. Those contain the amino acids glutamine, glycine,
proline, as well as arginine. These are the amino acids that your body needs
for collagen production and to help heal damaged tissues. Also, an omega-3 supplement. I recommend a fish oil 1000 to 2000 milligrams
a day. Or, a fish roe like a wild fish roe supplement
is great. Any type of those omega-3 fats is important. Also supplements such as MSM. That’s a sulfur containing supplement that
helps with joint repair. Glucosamine and chondroitin can be good. Also, anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric
or the compound in there called curcumin is another great supplement that can help you
heal and repair damaged tissues helping you heal any type of herniated disc. That’s one end of the spectrum. The next thing you’ve got to do is follow
these healthy both lifestyle and natural treatment tips. The first natural treatment you want to get
is do something called Egoscue. Egoscue is a form of physical therapy. Not just any physical therapy. It’s Egoscue that can help you in restoring
your posture. This is crucial. Look up Egoscue in your area. Let’s say you live in Philadelphia or in Orlando,
Florida, or Dallas, Texas or Los Angeles, California. Look up Egoscue Orlando or Egoscue Florida
and find someone in your local area. They’re going to prescribe a specific customized
exercise plan for you and have you do exercises to help restore your posture. If you have poor posture or what’s called
lower-crossed syndrome or upper-crossed syndrome, that’s going to put extra stress on that disc
causing a herniated disc. Again, make sure you see an Egoscue practitioner. Step number four is going to be getting what’s
called prolotherapy or PRP. Prolotherapy or platelet rich plasma injections
actually are going to help repair the damaged tissue. A lot of times what can happen when you herniate
a disc is maybe you injured your low back or some of the ligaments. The ligaments become lax. Just like when you stretch an ACL or tear
an ACL in your knee or let’s say you sprain your ankle, those ligaments then can become
loose. Then, the muscles have to make up for it and
become spasm. That can be actually the root cause of your
pain. In fact, a lot of times if you have a herniated
disc the pain is not caused by the disc herniation. It’s more caused by nerve root compression
within the muscles and other tissues instead of that. Again, prolotherapy or PRP, I would do a Google
search for prolotherapy PRP. Or, go to my website draxe.com and look up
those conditions. Those conditions specifically or those natural
treatments are an absolute must. Typically you’re going to need to go about
three to eight treatments. You will see phenomenal results by doing PRP
and prolotherapy if you stick to it. Again, Egoscue, that’s going to help retrain
the muscles. Prolotherapy and PRP will help retrain the
ligaments and the tendons. You’ve got to retrain all three of those if
you’re going to completely heal yourself from these issues. Last but not least, corrective chiropractic
care. Not just any chiropractic. In fact, 90% of chiropractors are going to
do a form of adjustment that’s going to cause your ligaments to possibly become looser. You want to do corrective chiropractic that’s
done by things like chiropractic biophysics or CLEAR Institute or even Pettibon system. You want to do corrective chiropractic to
retrain and get the corrected spinal curvatures back. Part of what can cause herniated discs is
if you get what’s called a military neck and losing the curve in your neck or also have
too much or too little curve in your lumbar spine or have something like a spondylolisthesis. That can cause instability of your lumbar
spine or your cervical spine. If you want to heal, corrective chiropractic. Look up somebody. Again, they must do that type of chiropractic
which is probably only practiced by about 5% of chiropractors or less. That’s the type of chiropractic care you need
to get. Number one, follow a bone broth diet. Number two, take some great supplements such
as collagen protein and omega-3 supplement as well as some turmeric. Number three, remember prolotherapy PRP. Number four, Egoscue. Number five, get some of that corrective chiropractic
care. You do those five things, you’re going to
see great results in healing your herniated disc. If you want to learn more natural treatments
and remedies, make sure you subscribe here to my YouTube channel. If you have more questions about any one of
those individual things I talked about, go to my website. You’ll find more information there. Just go to draxe.com. That’s draxe.com. Search herniated disc or disc bulge or prolotherapy
or whatever you may have questions about. You can learn more there on my site. Thanks, guys.


  1. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist and a doctor of natural science is a made up term. I must see my physician Dr Dre about my own bad back.

  2. Thanks. My husband was diagnosed with 5 bulging disc today in lower spine L1 down to S1….He was depressed thinking he was going to have to quit work and retire. He is 66 years old but it was encouraging to hear that you who are so healthy had at one time herniated disc. I believe that gave him hope. Appreciate any advice. We will check out your website. Thanks again for all you do. We appreciate you!!!

  3. I gotta try this. i got fractures in spine , [email protected] and tailbone now i got bone spurs on them. waiting to see surgeon and my bone died ANV and need hip replacement. my nerves are going crazy in my body. no chiropractor. will touch me

  4. Hi Dr. Axe thank you for sharing these awesome healing video's! I was wondering will this diet help with collegen in the knees and torn miniscus, my mom needs a knee replacement and I was just wondering. Thank you Dr. Axe may God bless you greatly for helping thousands of people find there path to healing!

  5. Hi Doc Josh. I'm 24 years old and i have lower back pain. My MRI results says I have a small 2mm central disc bulge with posterior annular tear on L5-S1. I know this video of your can help me a lot but will my disc bulge heal? as in completely heal like new one?

  6. hi i have a disk protrusion in L5 s1 causing back and leg pain dose surgery help ? or will it heal by it self noting that must of treatment in this vid is not available to me cause am living in Syria and it is war here poor medical services

  7. Hello! I have sold this problem! The pain has MUSCLE origin and has nothing with the nerves or discs (in 99% situations) I have already made a video of 90 minutes telling my story. Please ENGLISH SPEAKING people contact me to make that video in English! My details are in my profile

  8. What's a vegetarian alternative to bone broth? I have protein powder that probably contains the right amino acids.

  9. at 7:44 into the video at the end Josh after he said get corrective therapy, then says forget that corrective therapy hahaha wtf? how confusing is that? so what now? I guess he changed his mind and didn't explain why?

  10. Hello, I am new to your channel. I was fascinated by your video because you suggest a recovery with all natural remedies but most of all, you seem truthful and full of knowledgeable.

    I have a herniated disc and sciatica pain running down my right side (L5 S1). Now, I am realizing that I'm starting to get some pain on my left buttock n on my left knee. I have been going through this pain for now 5 months. I'm not overweight.

    I spend most of my time laying down. I feel like my whole life has stopped. I refuse to think that this will be my new normal or is it?

    Can I be cured 💯 %? Most people that I talk to tell me, no. I feel that my pain might lead to other issues. This is why I want to act now.

    Please, help me. Doctors just want to fix everything with prescribed meds. I recently received an epidural. I fought it so much until my pain was unbearable. It gave me some relief but I'm still not fully recover.

    Please, Can you give me a simple detail plan that I can start doing?

    Thank you

  11. where can i find clinical data that links collagen to healing disc herniation? can't seem to find any evidence online supporting this

  12. Amazing video! Thank you Dr Axe. I have herniated disc and every day I wake with a lot of pain. I will try your recommendations!

  13. I will definitely try the bone broth. I see it's a repeated remedy on this channel so I'll take it as a sign. My upper back is my problem. I'm hoping this helps.

  14. I drink it daily and I have a blueberries outside my door and consume them daily… I have 3 ruptured 4 herniated disks ranging from between my shoulders to my hips… nothing has worked yet!

  15. First of all, the dr is not a dr…. and, for all of you believing this bullshit i say: The natural history of a lumbar hernia of the nucleus pulposus (HNP) is not fully known and clear indications for operative intervention cannot be established from the literature. Several studies have shown that the largest discs appear to have the greatest tendency to resolve with or without the tips stated in this video.

    A massive disc herniation can pursue a favourable clinical course. If early progress is shown, the long-term prognosis is very good and even massive disc herniations can be treated conservatively.

    So in most cases if you give nature the chance to do what it is supposed to do, within 18 Months the disc hernia Will be resolved. What than sometimes is left over is a lower excitation of the nerve root and or bad informed patients that have a low loadability because of inadequet coping, ilnessbeliefs or profit from the disease in social psychological or work situations. So get advice from a scientific educated therapist and skip this video in Total…

  16. I'm 16 and hurt my back a year ago trying to lift up a car so we could get a jack under it. I hurt my lower right back pretty close to my hip. It was a sudden sharp pain that I got while I was lifting and the pain over the past year has been on and off and gets aggregated from things like leaning over and washing my hands and leaning down to tie my shoes. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my back. Please help, I don't want to live the rest of my life like this.

  17. Wow, What a really good, informative, short, to be the point video with stuff I hadn't actually heard before. Guy really sounds like he knows he's stuff!! Thanks a Mill!!

  18. Hello Dr Josh, what do you mean exactly by healing a herniated disc? do you mean relieving the muscle spasm & releasing pressure off the nerve roots, or making the disc recoil back to its original location prior to the injury? I am asking because all the orthopedists I have consulted there is no way a bulged disc can be brought back to its place!

  19. i had been paralized for 1week at the hospital because of herniated disc to the left but now im ok but something i feel numbness on my righthand…and feel tired on my neck this almost 2 years already…what will i do to go back in normal please help me

  20. So just spend all your time cooking and eating? I can't work and make money how dose a guy buy all this, sound like a lot of $$$

  21. Hi everyone, I have L4-L5 herniated disc with the bulging of 3mm according to the MRI results.
    Before getting the MRI a chiropractor diagnosed Piriformis Syndrom. The Piriformis is a muscles underneath your glutes.
    The adjustments just made everything worse so I decided to stop at te 4th session.
    Accupunture helped ease the pain but just to a certain point.
    What really helped me was decompression of the spine on a traction table.
    Be VERY CAREFUL when getting adjustments by chiropractors since like in my case, any rotational adjustment seemed to put more pression on the disc therefore pinching the nerve again.
    After 15 sessions of spine decompression almost all the symptons were gone.
    Good luck to you all and try to wear a semi rigid belt or corset

  22. Thanks for the tips about food that we should consume, but about the foods that we shouldn't, the ones that don't help the healing process or the ones that are detrimental.
    THanks again!!!

  23. I don’t eat animals, that’s not good karma. Turmeric is great for inflammation. But what I found that helped most was binereal beats and a diet of greens.

  24. Mc timoney chriopratic is ver y good for this… it is very gentle…. check it out on you tube ….

  25. Bone broth? What kind of bullshit advice is this? Brought to you by the meat industry? This dude is such a shill

  26. For vegan you can try collagen from sea weed and colostrum from cow milk. It's really effective.

  27. i am diagnosed as having herniated disc around my neck but at the same time i have high cholesterol level. if i consume bone broth, would that increase my cholesterol level? so what kind of diet i can follow to treat my herniated disc?

  28. can frequency specific microcurrent therapy brings a best relief from the disc prolapse?? suggest me a treatment 😐

  29. Just be aware that taking suppliments such as Turmeric, collogen and vitamins can make you constipated. This is a horrible situation to find yourself in. With a disk bulge pressing against a nerve root you have no doubt discovered that sitting causes pain and so does "pushing" for a bowel movement.

  30. For all newbies with bulging/herniated disc when he says "heal fast" he actually means "heal a little faster". It takes time. Be patient.

  31. Is herniated disc the same as having as disc degeneration? In my recent mri scan report I was told I have mild disc degeneration in my lower back L4-5 region close to tailbone and herniated disc . I have done research online saying that disc degeneration cannot be healed and I saw another video of a young man who’s still suffering pain 2 years after his diagnosis and this is slightly worrying. Anyone have any positive information on this?

  32. My partner suffers from back and neck discomfort and is getting concern supporting his legs, but when I discovered this back pain guide book, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it), all of the stated issues are solved appropriately. According to him, he could now sleep well for the reason that back pain and all sorts of some other discomfort are gone.. .

  33. Sir, for disc degeneration (age >65) and diagnosed L4-L5 disc bulge, kindly recommend some nutrition or vitamins supplement that help strengthening and destabilizing lower back muscles and preventing further injuries and pain.

  34. Please someone help! I was in a car accident five months ago and I have a thoracic middle back injury! I have gone to physical therapy at Kaiser but that’s about all they gave me! And it will not go away! Please if someone has dealt with this before, will this go away, am I going to stuck like this for the rest my life! I feel like I’m at the end of my rope to snap! Every time I think it starts going away it comes right back! And I think that back roller think I am using is making it worse so I stopped!
    If anybody is dealt with this and knows
    how to fix this please let me know! It’s been five months! Completely disrupted my life!

  35. but raw turmeric root (looks like ginger) and boil that with your bone broth, incl. carrot, garlic, celery etc… 🙂

  36. Guys, i am 30 years old and i feel like an old lady. I have a 22 month old and its hard to heal with a baby, i have to carry him often. We also live on the 4th floor, no elevator, and although I am a trooper and get by daily without complaining, i feel like I am never going to heal due to all the strength i use up daily to get things done. Sometimes even sweeping hurts, i take a break, and when i feel better, i continue. I just worry about my future. I need a solution. I am in so much pain today.

  37. How about when it comes to healing spinal conditions where the spine has lost its natural curve? For example, what can somebody who has a very straight thoracic spine do to correct it? This spinal condition makes the upper back look really flat and can cause physical discomfort as well. (On top of that, pronounced scapular winging is also apparent.) I've seen a lot of videos that show exercises to correct a hunched posture but there is so little info on correcting an unusually flat upper back. That's why the causes & solutions to this problem are unclear to me.

  38. As far as supplements will glutamine capsules and amino acid capsules do anything? This amino acid has 300 mg of Arginine in it.

    Will protein whey or otherwise help?

    Also, heat versus cold? I was told to avoid heat for some reason. I'm a huge heating pad guy.

    Those are my 3 questions.

  39. Dr. Axe, great video! I was wondering, can these lifestyle changes still have a meaningful effect if your herniation trauma happened 2 years ago? I'm still in constant pain and have undergone physical therapy but I stopped because of work for a little while. Is it too late to use these 5 steps to repair my disc?

  40. I've was involved in 3 car accidents in 3 years. I was diagnosed with 5 herniations severely pinched nerves among other injuries. I was depressed during these injuries.
    After chiropractic treatment, I immediately moved to Puerto Rico, this rejuvenated my mind and my body immediately responded. I was swimming almost daily, a complete stretching regimen and corrected my posture along with heqting daily. I haven't had ANY back pain in 3 plus years

  41. For vegans eat lot of seasonal fruits don't eat anything which is kept for more than three hours of being cooked…dont consume .packaged and processed food.

    Drink sattu in water
    Eat moringa powder after meals.
    Drink aloe vera juice
    Calcirol vitamin D3 supplement
    Watch your posture
    Do phsiotherpay
    Exercise daily
    Use local oil to massage head to toe daily before bath

  42. You can actually place a bandage on a corps, it might revive it LOL
    This guy is a doctor like I am a church lady

  43. I have been diagnosed with mild rightward scoliosis , L5 sacralisation ,and a herniated disc.
    and the worst of all , I'm just 17 years old.
    But this video has given me hope and I AM GOING TO FIX MYSELF. Thank you Doctor!!!

  44. Awesome info. My 6'6 16 yr old son has a herniated disc. He is to young for surgery and pt hasn't helped. We will try this!

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