1. Bakwaas video hai… There are many good Colleges in india only you should try for them instead of going to Kyrgyzstan . Agar abroad jana hi hai toh kisi top country jaise usa ya uk jao na ki Russia or China….

  2. What is difference between 05 year and 06 year mbbs in Kyrgisthan…specially recognition in all over the world..

  3. बहुत fraud है वहाँ
    मैं खुद लौट कर आया हूं ksma kyrgyzstan से ।
    कबाड़ा पढ़ाई ,ओर building एंड teacher है।
    सब धोका है।
    बच के रहना भाइयो।
    आपके दोस्त ही आपको बुलाकर वहाँ फसा देगे।
    सबको commission मिलता है admission कराने का।

  4. Please tell me about IMU hostel life it's hostel life is good or bad???
    Please tell me if two or more than two students can take a flat on rent then it's cheap or expensive???

  5. Kya ladkey vahan padtey hue local ladkiyon ke pyar main pad jatey hai?rus main esa ho jata hai.fir ladkey vahin set ho jatey hai?

  6. Study in one of the best university of krgyzstan intake FEB 2019 for more details whatsapp at +923032544477

  7. mne kisi consultant se bat ki h wo ISM mn parhta h .wo keh raha 4055940(including hostel,mess and academic)is it true.

  8. Sir kia ap mjha btaa skta hn k hm kyrzy sa imu sa 5 years k mbbs krna k baad pakistan wapis a k internship or housejob dono krn ga?

  9. Sir please tell me about kgma University it's good or not as University and also the level of education there please sir 🙏

  10. Sir mujhe 30 lakh Btaya h pure 5 year ka( living +mess +hstl+air ticket) sir Kya he shi h ya jyada h

  11. It's waste friends don't come and don't waste ur time and expect roaming , love, drinking, smoking etc other than that u don't find ur self doing and u decide reading 4 subjects is better are 19 subjects

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