5 SIMPLE FIRST-AID TECHNIQUES for Camping Situations

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my name is- nope we’re trying this again… Good day sir. My name is Michael Saye.
Welcome to Scoutr and today we’re gonna …be exploring the wilds of minor injuries… Hey guys, welcome to Scoutr! if you’re
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today. I’m going to be reading through a blog post that I wrote three days ago
about minor injuries and how to heal them most people know how to deal with
most of these but most people also don’t know how to do them correctly so we’re
gonna try and go through and learn these again but the proper way.
So, without further ado, let’s get into it. Cuts and scrapes! Have you ever gotten a
cut or scrape? Probably unless you’re Superman. Treating cut is very simple
but you need to stop the bleeding. This could be a cut of any size but this is a
basics for all cut treatment. This is a pocket knife right let’s say I were to
open the knife up and then accidentally cut my thumb off or something, I don’t
know. What’s the first thing you want to do? Well you want to stop the bleeding, so
how do you stop the bleeding in a cut? You apply pressure. That is the most
important thing when dealing with some kind of cut or battle wound from getting
thrown into the Amazon place…sorry I don’t know much about biology. So you
want to apply a ton of pressure. Depending on the size of the cut you
actually want to apply a lot of pressure to stop the bleeding quickly. Typically
your blood will deal with the rest for you and it’ll clot up unless you have
some kind of weird disease, which if that’s the case you shouldn’t be using
pocket knives. So once you apply the pressure, you wait for it to kind of clot
over a bit and you probably want to clean the wound. Depending
on how bad it is, like I said before, you want to deal with it differently. Let’s
say it’s a more serious one, like I cut my thumb, then, yeah, the first thing is to
stop the bleeding and then the second thing is to wash out the wound and apply
a bandage. Maybe add some kind of antibiotic into the mix before the
band-aid but in the case of like a small scrape or I just nicked my thumb a bit,
I recommend washing it out just with water and soap
and then you band-aid it… then bandage it. Another important thing
with cuts is, you need to make sure you’re updated with your tetanus shot,
because if you’re not then you could get lockjaw and die and that’s never fun…
never fun. Blisters! Blisters are a wee bit more common than cuts, I think, but
it’s really simple to deal with a blister. You might get a blister after
going on a hike with really gross socks. The first thing you want do is want to swab the
blister with iodine and then puncture the blister. Now a lot of people do this
in the form of popping the blister, which is fine, but I prefer to take, like one
of those knitting needles… That’s wrong, that does just like,
okay so what you want to do is you want to take one of them sewing needles.
That’s the right word and you just kind of lightly puncture the dead skin
on the top and you let the fluid drain out. Then you clean the area with
soap or some kind of anti-bacterial. You can applying ointment and a
bandage if necessary. Three, minor burns! The most common one is the sunburns. So the first step is to avoid getting something like this, which, actually, you should be doing
for all of these. You want to make sure that you wear lots of sunscreen.
I think it’s SPF 50 is the recommended. That’s all good, if you wear
sunscreen, you won’t get sunburned as often. Before treating you burn make sure
you remove any jewelry or rings or clothing, then you run cool water against it let’s say it’s my arm I would take all the
bracelets off of it and then I put it under some cold water and then I would
avoid pop popping any blisters because the blisters are actually very important
for fighting infection in the burn which that’s a problem because obviously you
don’t want to you don’t want your arm to turn into a zombie of an arm that’s
that’s just gross so yeah don’t do that and then yeah after about a minute in
the water apply aloe vera and bandage if necessary chances are it’s a sunburn you
won’t need to bandage it but you know the next one nose bleeds when the blood
starts leaving your nose pinch your nose and sit straight and lean forward like
this wait about five minutes before you stop to check if it continues to bleed
this is what I used to do when I when I was younger I used to have a lot of
bloody noses and I used to be pretty self-conscious about it – but you always
wait five minutes after you start pinching your nose and it should go away
after five minutes if it continues to bleed just go through it again and if it
continues to bleed after that you might have a problem don’t blow your nose off
for a few hours after afterwards so you can prevent another episode and also I
didn’t put this in the blog post but I often recommend not leaning forward too
far so like like this is not recommended if you’re fighting nosebleeds because it
just it starts starts up the stuff inside again you could probably tell I
don’t know a lot about biology next thing insect bites and stings the
first thing to check for after being stung is if you have a stinger in the
afflicted area so let’s say I was stung in the arm because I tried to reach my
hand and do up into a nest of wasps to grab some honey which if you reach into
a wasp nest to grab honey you’re an idiot
just mmm you deserve to be stung okay I got
to make sure that there’s no stingers still in my arm so what I do is I look
at my arm and I pull out a knife or some kind of card this is a card stock not
not just straight paper so it’s good you can also use a credit card that’s that’s
very common so what you want to do is you take the credit card and you put it
on your arm at a 25 degree angle give or take you know you don’t have to measure
it out or anything but and then just kind of gently scrape against your arm
and it should peel all the Stingers off of your arm sort of magic okay the last
one is um quite extreme compared to the other ones it yeah it’s it’s quite
extreme it’s not really a small affliction it’s a venomous snakebite but
I mean it’s it’s smaller than a lot of other ones so yeah let’s let’s go and
get into this one whenever you’re bitten by a snake
always assume the bite is venomous no matter if it is or not even if if you
recognize the colors as non-venomous always perform for a stage like it is
venomous because it could be and if you’re wrong it can cost you your life
which means you’re gonna die don’t try and remove the venom from the bite don’t
suck the venom I don’t know where that myth even came from that’s just stupid
cuz even if you do manage to get the venom out you’re going to get it in your
mouth and plus there’s that that blood thing that I was talking about and the
pathogens and the number one important thing to remember with snake bites is
keep it away from your heart for as long as physically possible yeah so get away
from the snake that’s a that’s a given because if don’t try and catch it that
that’s just dumb I mean I can see some of my friends doing that but just don’t
don’t do that yeah don’t don’t do that
that was a long blog post this is quite a long video so yeah I’m not gonna read
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