5 Simple Steps to Beat Cardiovascular Disease

you can see it and usually can't feel it according to the American Heart Association more than 79 million Americans have cardiovascular disease it remains the nation's number one killer cardiovascular disease still kills 40 to 50 percent of the American public it is so far more than any other disease process that it is truly a staggering mountain that we have to climb to cure it but even simple changes can help fight heart disease the Cardiovascular Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center offers these five steps first know your family history even though you can't change your genetic makeup family history is an important indicator of your risk of heart trouble learn not only if your parents siblings grandparents and others had heart problems but when if they had it in their older years in their seventies or eighties that's very common and many people have that but to put yourself at risk for having heart disease at a younger age it's really having a relative that's had the disease at at a younger age those with a strong family history of heart disease may need to see a doctor more regularly for tests and checkups second eat a handful of nuts every day diet plays a big role in controlling risk factors like blood pressure and cholesterol and adding a quarter cup of unsalted walnuts or almonds could serve a couple of purposes nuts are great they offer some healthy fats which might increase that the good cholesterol they offer fiber which is always good for lowering cholesterol keeping yourself full hopefully monitor portions better and they also incorporate some protein in your diet next skip the elevator take the stairs not just once in a while but whenever you can the American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week but that time could be split up into 10-minute intervals every step adds up also know your goal weight and work out a plan to reach it extra pounds put more stress on your heart being overweight also increases the risk of high blood pressure cholesterol and diabetes even a small weight loss even five to ten percent of wait we'll have an impact on some of the different risk factors associated with heart disease and finally see your doctor every year blood pressure for example can slowly creep up and catching hypertension early is key your doctor can decide which tests you need of each year keeping on top of it with a regular check with a professional is important


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  2. Just don't mix sugars and fat. decent meat with fat is fine just don't mix with carbs same time or it'll then stick. some veggies starchier than others

  3. Ever hear or read about Epigenetics? Environment and a good natural diet (avoid grains and sugars) changes bad DNA.

  4. Check out magnesium orotate, zink, real vitamin C supplements not ascorbic acid, selenium, vitamin B, copper, co -q-10, potassium, some type of omega oil, bilberry, aloe vera juice or plant, mangosteen juice or fruit, raw brazil nuts and other nuts, dates and pharmaceutical grade sarrapeptase

  5. The right food help out a lot, but there spray that air plains has been putting in the air does help either there much toxic in them Kim Trial of metal, and more Toxic, plains flying day in a different place each day, this not good for the heart either, just Google it lol

  6. "LA ULTIMA INDIA", is mumbai's first – preventive healthcare unit , as we believe in "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"

  7. This vid is pathetic IMO. check out Esselstyn, MacDougal, Ornish, etc. Real nutrient plans that have measured results.

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  9. Almost ALL disease of the Human Body is caused by eating Meat, Dairy and Oil.
    Why wasn't this your only step?

    "The most dangerous create on the face of the Earth is an educated idiot."

  10. Read Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn, Joel Fuhrman, John McDougall, Neal Barnard et al.– google their talks on you-tube. See the "Forks Over Knives" documentary film. Low-Fat Whole-Food Plant-Based diet prevents and reverses heart disease. Genetics is rarely an important factor. Conventional medical treatment of statins, stents + by-pass surgery is bankrupting the western world and does not stop the ongoing disease. High fat, processed and animal-based foods are the culprit. Take care people.

  11. Increase your daily Vitamin C intake via food and supplements. Animals don't get heart attacks. Most animals produce their own VC (humans, primates, fruit bats and guiena pigs excepted).

  12. Eat and drink what ever you want, ( in moderation) so you will shorten your life by 10 yrs. Those years are when you are old anyway and at the end, enjoy your life wile you can and stop thinking about your death all the time.

  13. hi????????i am jinky from philippine i was born with problem in heart i have deases..i was living 25 years now..i would like to know what way that i can take care good my heart..because now i experience pain in my heart …i been go to my doctor 3 times now but the result was normal…..i dont what to do now plz help me …
    i would like to know what step i will do so my heart will be healthy..

  14. Veiled propaganda: Direct your so-called health professional to this paper.
    Updating a 12 -Year Experience With Arrest and Reversal Therapy for Coronary Heart Disease (An Overdue Requiem for Palliative Cardiology)
    Esselstyn CB Jr. The Am J of Cardiology 1999 August 1; 84:339-341

  15. What about stressing on eating more veggies and fruits (anti oxidants)? Avoiding fats, Eating more fish or taking fish oil supplements.

  16. The audio on this video isn't even close to being in sync with the people talking, but the info is right on!

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