5 Skincare Mistakes To Avoid In Your Day + Night Cleansing Routine: For ALL Skin Types

[Music] it fell and today I’m well rowena is currently traveling and so it’s just gonna be a me and you today boo-boos so up till now we’ve talked a lot about using a J’s and BH J’s which are chemical exfoliants and we thought you know what we actually haven’t taken a deep dive into physical exfoliation in our cleansing routine so today we’re going to be exploring all the things you need to know about how to achieve a deep and thorough cleanse sponsored by Fourier and we’ll share with you the best practices of daily cleansing from the optimum amount of times that we should be washing a day what we should do when we go outdoors and sweat up a nasty storm when we exercise and also show you guys some of our favorite products to use and the ingredients to look for and also introduce a method of cleansing that you might not have heard about before because I hadn’t actually up until this point funnily enough I think a lot of us tend to overlook the cleansing step and focus more on things like toners and serums and moisturizers but a good cleansing routine can really make or break our skin and if you’re not cleansing correctly it can really worsen your skin condition and really break down your skin barrier so if you all want clear and youthful skin let’s just get into it [Music] why should we even care about cleansing cleansing is the very first step in our skincare routine and in order for any of us to achieve that glowing that fresh and radiant skin we have to start with a good clean base right so that everything that we apply on topically can actually get past the layers of dead skin and really sink down and absorb so that means figuring out a solid cleansing routine there are two factors when it comes to cleansing that really impact our skin Trust is the production and maintenance of our natural lipid barrier or al skin barrier and the second body environment internally our bodies produce a natural barrier to protect our skin and it’s made up of fatty acid ceramides cholesterol squalene vitamin E and this rich and oily concoction basically losses throughout pause to create this shield on the top of our face so without it we would look pretty much like dry aged raisins you know like a grape is nice and juicy and a raisin is dry and dehydrated that’s basically what Elsie Boeing helps us naturally restore so on the flipside when we’re outside frolicking enjoying life there are a lot of different things in the air that are attaching to and affecting our skin from dust to bacteria cigarette smoke car exhaust fumes UV light and dog fights because that’s a real problem in New York City when every like one and a half person owns a dog anyway the combination of these nanoparticles and microbes can find their way inside out paws and even deeper into our skin if we have things like open wounds and especially a compromised skin barrier you can think of cleansing as a cycle cyclic process day to night night today throughout the night our skin goes through a natural regenerative process when you skin cells are forming dead skin is being pushed out and being shed off our body and it’s just generally in healing mode so in the morning we really want to gently wash away any of the dead skin that might have built up throughout the night that could possibly block out pause throughout the day but cleansing in the a.m. also prepares our skin for products that we’ll be applying like serums moisturizes and sunscreens so that they can sit on a clean base so you can think of this as a more gentle cleanse compared to like a deep cleanse at night then the night cleanse is what I like to think of as the deep Glenn’s because you’re not just trying to wash away your natural production of dead skin and buildup of sebum but also the dirty concoction from the outside world that’s attached itself to a sticky sebum so it’s even more important to really get in there and clean the skin thoroughly but once again in a very gentle way so for mornings I really enjoy jell jelly Oh milk cleanses and it doesn’t strip the skin of the essential oils I’ve brought some of the ones that I really love okay so for really gentle cleanses that work for every skin turn that I would highly recommend – like any of my friends out there and beyond is the ones we typically mention like the in delete purifying face wash and then the then I met you jelly cleanser crave much I have cleanser that we talk about a lot drunk elephant also has a really good jelly cleanser as well as glow recipe blueberry so you’ve seen us mention those in a lot of videos so I kind of want to mention these three quickly which are also jelly kind of milky textures which are really great for morning cleansers so the first is the Paula’s Choice hydrating gel – creme cleanser I really like Paula’s Choice just does the best most simple most effective products and this is non irritating it’s fragrance free and while you’re cleansing it reinforces and builds the skin barrier because it’s like this milky emulsion that softens the skin but also cleanses it in a really gentle way when you pump a little bit out like this and it’s completely clear and when you emulsify it it turns into like a milky formula so you feel that it’s hydrated it’s clean it’s not overly stripped and tight after you wash and that’s exactly the feeling that you want with morning cleansers you want to look for moisturizing ingredients like glycerin anti-inflammatory ingredients like nice and a might even ceramides soy milk or yogurt proteins hyaluronic acid also seed oil for that nourishment and hydration but also antioxidants like green tea and fruit extracts I’ll just whip this one up as well this is the green tea and enzyme powder wash so it’s high in antioxidants and it’s like a powder form when you add water to it emulsifies very like gently and also does a really good job in the morning at not overly stripping the face and two other options are the CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser for normal to dry skin but also the first aid beauty this is their face cleanser with antioxidant it’s got allantoin aloe leaf extracts licorice root extract so it’s very hydrating its brightening and it works all over the face then at night I highly recommend doing a double cleansing method at night and the science behind this method if you guys haven’t already adopted it is you first start off with the cleansing oil or a cleansing balm and then you go in with a normal water based cleanser basically all these are water-based cleanses and estheticians dermatologists and k-beauty formulators they all say that it’s gentle because using cleansing oils don’t disrupt our natural oil barrier this is the then I met you living cleansing balm and it’s got person Seabury oil grapeseed oil and vitamin E so it’s basically acting as our skin’s natural skin barrier while removing the dirt and the grime and the pollutants in a very gentle and effective way so this is one that’s really good if you guys are looking for then afterwards this is what I like to use cleanses with active ingredients like salicylic acid and I’ll go in with my Luna 3 by Ferrer to really give that deep cleanse in the most gentle way Rowena and I are both fans of this because it’s like a two-in-one cleansing device that cleanses and gives a gentle and relaxing massage to the skin as well and I have oily combination skin so I use this blue one which is designed for combination skin types and you see that the silicone brushes are so soft whereas rowena has dry and combination skin and so she uses the pink one for dry skin types and the difference between them is all in the silicon bristles and you can see that they’re slightly different and designed to perform best for that specific skin type so it’s basically projecting sonic pulsations to help lift and remove dirt and oil including your makeup and any leftover oil from the like bomb or the cleanser in the most gentle way and you can actually choose the intensity of pulsations from really light pulses to a deeper pulsation kind of like a massage chair but fo yo face and you can choose from 16 different power levels so all you have to do is like press it twice can you hear it so if you think about it our face has a lot of muscles and throughout the day we can get really tense so you can really use this to loosen the muscles around the face but also give that deep cleanse and I like concentrating this all over the face and slow circular motions especially the forehead for those frowning muscles the cheeks the crevices around the nose which I get a lot of build up that I can’t like get away with just using my fingers and also down the neck and even sometimes on the chest when I wash my face in the shower because I get occasional like chest breakouts and so I’ll just use like my salicylic acid cleanser and the ferrer on my chest area and like go up and down next one is don’t cleanse too quickly here’s a question for you guys do you know how long and you cleanse your face full cuz it’s not really a question we ask ourselves right so if you can’t really answer that question you’re probably not a learn I can’t tell you either on most days because I’m like so it’s not surprising that many of us cleanse our face without really taking the time the patience what a love that it deserves and cleanses are obviously designed to be washed off which means that the ingredients use can be higher than in a Levon serum or a moisturizer Oh at that point you really have to allow the formula to work its magic on the skin and break down the grime on the face before washing it off so it’s like brushing your teeth if you brush your teeth for like five seconds you can’t really consider your mouth clean right and your skin works on that same principle then what we should be focusing on now is the general time you want to spend on each cleanse whether it’s morning or night is about one minute like 60 seconds to 90 seconds dedicated to just emulsifying and cleansing and working that product in there and yes it may seem like a lengthy amount of time but trust us 3060 seconds might just bring major improvements to your skin by using too much of the cleanser or cleansing for too long with very strong active ingredients can actually severely dry out the skin so a little dollop sized is more than enough and don’t think that just because it phones it’s cleaning you know because with like milky and jelly consistency sometimes it doesn’t froth but it’s still doing its job and with the luna 3 there’s an inbuilt timer that automatically helps you achieve the perfect length of cleansing so you can just apply your cleanser on and start circulating that slow and steady all over the face and the built-in timer will turn off on its own when the time’s up so then you just want to wash that off with lukewarm water really just take skincare as your self care like really enjoy that 60 to 90 seconds of cleansing your face I know I definitely do no matter what it is at the end of the day in the morning here’s the new thing that we want to like share with you guys alternatively you can try the dry cleansing method and apparently it has the approval of Rosalia FISC who’s an esthetician at Bliss Spa who swears by this method and she says it’s one of the best-kept secrets for at-home skin care the best cleanser for this method is anything but phone to get foam you need to use a lot of surfactants which is a substance that reduces surface tension turns your skin pretty alkaline so stick to oil cleansers creamy lotion milk jelly cleanses that I mentioned like these and for this method you’ll definitely want to use a cleanser that’s fragrance free and a free from a lot of other additional firming agents like SLS so then you essentially spread the cleanser work it into the skin as normal in upward outward circular motions and this is probably where you’ll feel the most strange because you knowwe used to it like fluffing and lathering at this point but once you do that for about 60 seconds wet your hands and then you start emulsifying the cleanser on your face into a milk consistency and this will really get into the pores and then wash off with lukewarm water so you can see that basically the idea of this cleansing method is utilizing your cleanser as well as the ingredients to a hundred percent efficiency and using it in its truest form alone and without water next thing to avoid is to not skip cleansing with exercise I think this sounds pretty obvious and straightforward but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t cleanse before and after and exercise and we’ll tell you why so exercising regularly is like amazing for the body but also the skin and the mind and your overall well-being because it really helps to release hormones that help us deal with stress it also helps improve our quality of sleep and maintain our bodies at like an optimum functioning state which is what we all want but our sweat can also act as an irritant especially for sensitive skin types because exercising is dehydrating in nature and the composition of our sweat which is made out of water urea lactate minerals like sodium which is why it’s so salty and this is what leads to things like sweat rashes and general itchiness and discomfort after we sweat and that’s not all because if you exercise and you stay in your workout clothes for hours you can actually get these yeast overgrowth which can be very itchy because warm environments produce yeast all right so here are some things to take note of maybe not to do when it comes to exercising some people love makeup wipes but personally I find them way too aggressive on the skin and it doesn’t do a good enough job at all in cleansing the face and sometimes I feel like it’s kind of taking away the surface layer but also kind of pushing the rest of the dirt and makeup into my pores I don’t know if that’s just me and not to mention the pulling and the scrubbing around the eye area of you’re wearing mascara or things like you know what a proof I lineup because our eyes are so delicate and so thin we should not be using wipes at all around our face to that like extent and on top of that a lot of wipes are loaded with a lot of chemicals to help dissolve your makeup and these type of surfactants and emulsifiers and alcohols tend to be more aggravating when used in wipes but that’s just personally so what you do want to do is wash your face and make sure it’s clean before you start any sort of physical activity why so when you exercise your body’s internal ten Rises while your paws start to dilate or open up and allow the sweat to emerge to the top of the skin which is why we’re able to cool down and now sebaceous glands are also active in producing sebum and the sweat glands and the sebaceous glands are completely different openings in our skin so there’s so much flowing to the surface of our skin so when you have like a full face of makeup on that you just couldn’t be bothered to wash off after work or after school you’re essentially creating an even thicker barrier between your pores and the surface layer of the skin which then ultimately traps the sweat and makeup and oils within the pores and easily leads to breakouts so they’re kind of self-made breakouts as well like why would we do this to ourselves why so while it’s preferred to enter the gym with a fresh clean face we all know that it’s impossible for some people out there and that’s perfectly fine and you can try find things like tinted moisturizers or tinted sunscreens of your outdoors even BB and CC creams also work to give a very light coverage and just make sure that the formulas are oil-free to be safe so it reduces the chances of pore clogging and another tip is to apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara to prevent smudging and these are more wax base formulas which means it won’t turn into an epic like panda eye situation by the end of the workout which is not cute now post-workout also just as important you want to wash your face immediately after working out it’s one of those few skincare rules that should just never be broken it’s not just your oils but potentially other people’s sweat that’s on you forming this layer of crust on your skin because there’s more salt than our sweat which can actually affect our skin’s natural pH balance so bring the Luna 3 with me or even the photo which is a small version that I got like last year it’s right here isn’t it’s so cute so just like size comparison so some tips as soon as I’m done working out I’ll rehydrate drink some water which is super important after working out then ditch to the smelly clothing then wash my face with a gentle face wash for at least a minute as well to make sure all the bacteria has left the building that is my face and use lukewarm water again and at the end kind of seal it with a few cold water splashes on the face which helps to cool down the entire body so the tip really is as soon as you can just wash your face after exercising if you’re gonna keep going on throughout the day make sure you moisturize and use a sunscreen but you want to leave the fancy skin careful you know at night when you get home Dexter’s don’t use too much pressure so this is kind of subjective but when it comes to skin care gentle really is the best method whether we’re talking about ingredients or physical pressure by rubbing and tugging and pulling your face in an aggressive way on top of using like abrasive towels and facial tools or even using scrubs we sound like a broken record but cause micro-tears not all scrub particles are bad or physical exfoliants are bad like this rice powder is very gentle on the skin but the point is to avoid applying too much pressure that can literally cause your skin to rip and cause unwanted reactions what you want to do if you want to use like physical exfoliators is stick to the very gentle ones like oatmeal black sugar or even rice powder that are gentle enough to exfoliate without causing harm another alternative is to use gentle cleansing tools so items like microfiber or cotton washcloths or even those cognacs route fiber sponges that I really like it’s like this and they hang on a string or even silicon cleansing devices like the Luna 3 I used to use scrubs so harshly on my skin because I’d get flakes on the bottom or flakes around the nose and I’m like go away like using those scrubs just way too harshly basically you’re causing your own problems so this one might also be so obvious don’t be unhygenic as we mentioned the outside world can be a dirty nasty place especially for those of you who live in New York City you’ll know the Nast is real and the pollutants the free radicals the dust the debris floating around just sticks to our face and body so if you think about it every day you go out you come home you’re bringing all of that back home with you so things like phones bedsheets facial tools towels these are the things that should be washed once a week or at least once every two weeks and this includes one your shower towel your towel just chills there and accumulates dust and bacteria throughout the day as well as your dead skin after the shower so it should definitely be washed every week if you can and this can also really contribute to things like body acne because you’re cleaning and wiping your skin with something that’s dirty so then for our face if you guys use any of those face brushes with the bristles those need to be changed quite often as well because they also just sit there and when anything comes in contact with water it’s essentially a very easy breeding ground for bacteria so next are sheets pillowcases are especially important to change up every one to two weeks because as I mentioned before our hair is just basically collecting dust and bacteria throughout the day and you just don’t want that on your face let’s be real for other devices like your phone you can try to sanitize your phone and your phone case using a microfiber cloth and a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and diluted water to really kill off the bacteria that’s on it be hygienic be clean people because that’s what cleansing our face is all about it’s like giving us the best clean slate to start will really make products that we put on afterwards like our nose our serums our moisturizers to be able to seep into the layers that they should be chilling I hear a lot of people say they have acne problems and they just try to like incinerate their skin with a lot of too harsh of chemicals and it strips the barrier everything but you just want to stay consistent and you want to give your skin the most gentle cleanse so that is our deep cleansing facial video hope you guys learn something new cleansing the face cleansing the mind so take the time to really enjoy the present moment whatever it is that you’re doing and we want to thank for you again for allowing us to share with you guys these tips and these like new methods that we found and we’ll see you in the next video bye because one later ah okay got it


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