5 Terrifying TRUE Cases of Clinical Lycanthropy | Real Life Werewolves…

the werewolf is one of the most iconic and terrifying of all myths and legends and while many are safe in the belief but they are just a fantasy there are documented cases of real-life werewolves in fact there is even a medical term for it clinical lycanthropy if it sounds hard to believe then keep watching but before we get started don't forget to click the notification bell for this channel as always hit those lights sit back and enjoy Giles ganya Giles ganya lived a secluded forest life in 15th century France one day he fell in love with a woman from the nearby village of Dole and she joined him in his forest abode however Giles found his new life challenging as he had always lived off the land and fended for himself providing for his new wife was not something he was used to it wasn't long before children began to go missing from the nearby village each night a new set of parents would wake up to find the child's bed empty and one morning the mutilated remains of a ten-year-old boy were found in the woods at first the authorities believed they were dealing with some kind of ferocious animal but then during a combing of the forest the search party came across a gruesome scene a dead child crouching over the body was at first thought to be a wolf but torchlight revealed it was Giles after being arrested Giles confessed to the killings stating he had abducted four children to feed himself and his wife he claimed that one night while hunting he was approached by what he thought was the devil who gave him an ointment that would allow him to transform into a wolf and that's when the killings began whatever Charles's motivations his crimes were all too real and he was burned at the stake in 1873 Manuel Blanco Romasanta born in 18th century Spain Manuel Blanco Romasanta had a very strange upbringing he was raised a girl up until the age of six which is believed to have led to a number of issues with his mental health and sense of self Manuel grew up to live a life of further misfortune his wife died at a young age and this prompted him to become a traveling salesman he struggled to make a living and when he found himself at the mercy of debt collectors he fled to Portugal to start a new life as a guide navigating people through the treacherous mountain passes although suspicion soon fell on him when several women and children he had been guiding mysteriously vanished an investigation found that Manuel had in fact murdered five people including a twelve-year-old girl in order to sell their belongings and even more disturbingly to sell soaps he had made of their fat during his trial Manuel stated he was afflicted with lycanthropy believing he had committed the murders while in his wolf form he was sentenced to life imprisonment and has gone down in history as Spain's first recorded serial killer Jeanne Grenier during the spring of 1603 the farming villages of Gascony France were under siege children were mysteriously vanishing sometimes when they were accompanied by friends and even in one case a baby was snatched from his cradle and never seen again then one night 13 year old margarita patia came home covered in blood her wounds were so savage her family thought she'd been mauled by a wolf after coming down Marguerite assured them that her attacker had been a boy of around her age who would come bounding from the forest like an animal to attack her but she managed to fend him off with a stick before he could kill her just days after this incident 14 year old Jean Grenier confessed to his town that he was in fact the one behind the carnage Jean was immediately arrested and he told the jury that he had been given a wolf pound and when every warrant he suddenly felt the urge to hunt and prey upon children Jean was ruled to be insane and was locked up for life at the friary a gentle feint for someone who had committed such heinous crimes and caused mass terror in the farming villages of Cass knie Peter Suber Peter Suber was born in the 15th century in the quiet farming community of Rhineland and Germany at the time nobody could have predicted but he'd become known as the werewolf of bed Berg from 1564 to 1589 Peter claimed 18 victims all women and children whom he horribly mutilated with his own bare hands and teeth in some cases he partially ate his victims raw he would also kill livestock in the same manner when he was eventually captured by the authorities he was tortured into confession and told his captives that he had practiced black magic from a very young age and that the devil himself had given him a bound which allowed him to transform into his words a greedy devouring wolf Peter was publicly executed in an exceedingly brutal fashion his flesh was first peeled from his body with redhot pincers all of his bones were then broken with an axe handle and finally he was beheaded as a warning to any other potential werewolves Peter's hand was engraved with a wolf sign and placed on a post the Beast of Gevaudan unlike the other entries in this list the case of the Beast of Gevaudan is unique in werewolf history because it does not Center on a serial killer with delusions of being a monster the culprit in this case really was a beast an unknown creature that committed more carnage than any of the previously mentioned werewolves combined the story begins one night in 1764 within the French farming village of Javad on a girl tending to her family's cattle saw a horrifying creature walk out to the forest towards her luckily the cattle charged the Beast keeping it at bay the animal went on to rip through the region killing men women and children tearing people to pieces and in one case tearing a girl's head clean off in one bite not only did the Beast not act like any animal the villagers hadn't came to perform but it also looked completely different to those who managed to escape with their lives described the Beast as looking like a wolf but being the size of a carol with thick red fur and massive fangs the beasts killing spree became so severe that eventually King Louie the 15th sent professional wolf hunters to end the nightmare though many wolves were killed in the hunt the Beast itself eluded capture leading one of Francine's most prominent wolf hunters to state to the king this beast is no wolf in the two years since it had emerged the beasts had killed 113 people and injured 30 more until one day it was finally shot by a local hunter straight through the heart with a silver bullet however the story only gets stranger no definitive answers have been brought forward on what the Beast truly wants there are two conflicting theories as to what happened to its body the first says that villagers burned it and the second that it was stuffed and put on display in a museum but due to its vile stench it was thrown out there are many theories about what the Beast wants and unsurprisingly some consider it to be a historical documentation of a real-life well what do you think so that's five terrifying tales of real-life werewolves thanks for watching and as always I'll see you in the next video


  1. I saw a werewolf once, i even managed to shoot it… But by the time i ran up to it, it had turned back into my neighbor's dog!

  2. Mythology often reflects reality and the reality that werewolf myths reflects is that humans have certian traits that are distinct to humans but humans are still animals and have alot stuff in common with animals and it just happens to be some humans are more animalistic in nature than others.

  3. Wait, so if I'm walking down the street and I see a werewolf, do I..

    A: Run for dear life
    B: stand still looking at it
    C: Scream in horror and run
    D: scream and stand there
    E: Call the police while I'm running
    F: call police and* stand there
    G: Look away, take out my phone and play Fortnite while walking past it.

    Which one should I do?

  4. Lycanthropies not lycanthropy plural . Werewolves are so real . ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. Great job bringing these to a new generation. I would like to note that at the time of the French beast, cows were generally much smaller, so a canine that big, given how large mastiff dogs have always been and so forth. It is likely from the accounts that the animal had at least some borzoi, or Russian wolfhound in it. The forest wolves of that area were mostly small and black, so a mottled large furry animal with a long snout must have been terrifying. Why the animal or one of a group of animals attacked humans might have to do with lack of game in the region, or worse yet, human training. Throughout the mediterranean there was a tradition of training dogs to tear apart criminals, or simply non-Christians. Christopher Columbus took many on his second voyage to decimate the islanders he found for fun and profit. Expeditions across Europe and Asia to find canine stock for this kind of thing were going on all the time, so I think some mix of what we now call a borzoi, who can certainly be seen as massive by the standards of villagers a bit smaller than we are today, makes the most sense.

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  7. I might have it too since last night I dreamt that I was Turing into a werewolf And I was waking up in pain and I didnโ€™t feel like working today and I was angry at my boss today

  8. The last one's description sounds like a bear (but of course none of the illustrations look like one)

  9. I saw a warewolf once. He was drinking a pina colada at trader Vicโ€™s. His hair was perfect.

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