5 tools to refill & restock your first aid kit

>> MFASCO: It’s time to check your first aid
kit cabinet and you’re really not sure where to begin. You’re a little confused about maybe the types
of supplies that need to go in the cabinet, maybe what’s required, or how to go about
getting the process. And so today, I am here to tell you about
five great tools to help you refill your first aid supplies. Spend a minute, save a dollar here at MFASCO
Health and Safety. Thank you for joining me today. My name is Mike and I am with MFASCO Health
and Safety. I’ve been helping people refill their first
aid supplies for over 30 year. And during that time I’ve seen people give
up and get frustrated because they don’t know where to start. And so I am going to show you five great refill
tools that we’ve created on our website to help you restock your first aid supplies. So let’s go to mfasco.com and on the homepage
you’ll the Restock link. By clicking this restock link, you’ll see
all five different tools that we offer; ReStockKit, My Item List, Build-A-Kit, Refill This Kit,
and a Complete Refill category that we created for you. I am going to spend just a few seconds on
each of these categories just to highlight them. We have created individual videos for most
of these refills and some of them are pretty intuitive and you don’t really need a video
to tell you how to use it. So, the first one is RestockKit. If you want to refill an Industrial 2,3,4
or 5 shelf cabinet, this is by far the easiest and fastest way to go. We use a picture of a pre-filled first aid
kit as your guide. Simply click on the product you want, tell
us how many you’d like, and you’re all done. There’s a checklist option and a reminder
option for this refill system. Create your own custom reorder list by using
our quick and easy to use feature known as My Item List. You need to be signed in to use this feature. While you’re browsing our products, simply
look for the My Item List link displayed on every product detail page. When you see an item you’d like to reorder
in the future, save it to your own personal My Item List, and then whenever you would
like, these items will be quickly available. Next is Build a Kit. We’re really excited to unveil a brand new
feature designed to help you stock and maintain your first aid kit. Regardless of what type of first aid kit you
have, Build A Kit will allow you to restock your existing kit or it’ll help you custom
build a brand new kit to your specifications. This is a fully featured refill system that
nobody else on the internet has but MFASCO Health and Safety. We created it, we designed it, and we have
many customers that are using and taking advantage of this great refill system. Refill this Kit, many of our first aid kits
can be easily refilled. Navigate to the first aid kit that we sell,
scroll down the page, and look for the Refill this Kit tab. All of the items contained in that kit are
listed for you with an add to cart button ready for you to reorder. Last is our Complete Refill category. Readymade refills for industrial, home, auto,
outdoor, school, office, sports, travel, personal, specialty, and even pet first aid kits are
available. Complete refills are made for a variety of
kit sizes. So, go to the Complete Refill page and look
for the one that best fits your needs to give you a quick start to replenish your first
aid supplies. So those are the five tools that we have and
we encourage you to choose one of these as your favorite and use it often to keep up
to date on your first aid supplies. We appreciate you joining us today. We’d love for you to sign up to our mailing
list if you’re here on our website, sign up and then you’ll be added to the list automatically
where we send out coupons, promotions, specials, and any new product updates. We usually do that about once a month. If you are watching this video on YouTube,
then click the subscribe to YouTube link right above me and when we produce new videos you’ll
be sent updates and be notified immediately. And if you need to reach out to customer service
call us at (800) 221-9222 or go to our website and click on the chat and connect with one
of our representatives there, they’ll be more than happy to help you. I hope this video has been helpful, thank
you for joining us and have a great day.

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