6 Health Benefits Of Basil Seeds

six health benefits of basil seeds there
are many names for this cool healthy seed but today we’re just going to call
them basil seeds and we’re going to talk about their health benefits but first
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health tips let’s talk for a second about these literal babies obviously
they eventually grow into basil which is a culinary herb but today we focus
mainly on the seeds which have some surprising health benefits health
benefit number one they are a great source of minerals in order to survive
humans need a litany of minerals luckily basil seeds are a great place to
find these essential parts of our diet we’ll begin by saying they’re awesome
for getting calcium magnesium and iron all things which we use for bone health
muscle function and red blood cell production in fact based on us product
nutrition labels one tablespoon 13 grams our point five ounces of basil seeds
supplies 15% of the reference daily intake RDI for calcium and 10% of the
RDI for magnesium and iron these basil seeds could be essential in the diet of
anyone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy because that’s where most people get
iron and calcium so vegans take notes health benefit number two they have a
lot of fiber like calcium magnesium and iron
we need fiber in order to survive every health reports that the National fiber
recommendations are 30 to 38 grams today for men and 25 grams today for women
between 18 and 50 years old and 21 grams a day if a woman is 51 and older luckily
for us so we can find a lot of fiber in basil seeds the US Food and Drug
Administration that tells us that just one tablespoon of basil seeds supplies 7
grams of fiber which is 25 percent of the RDA they also say that only about 5%
of Americans eat enough fiber which can be alleviated
if they would only eat more basil seeds the fiber in basil seeds has a lot of
health benefits in itself for starters it can support gut health basil seeds
are high in a type of fiber called pectin which is great for your stomach
apparently a pectin has what some experts call prebiotic benefits
essentially that means it supports some awesome gut bacteria as you may or may
not know some bacteria is good for the body
and that good bacteria is exactly what you might get if you eat basil seeds
this includes the bacteria that will give your body anti-inflammatory
properties which might even make your stomach look smaller
speaking of which pectin also helps you feel fuller it was discovered that
pectin may delay stomach emptying and increase hormone levels that promote a
sense of fullness even though scientists don’t see basil seeds as an effective
weight-loss strategy we like to let people think for themselves
why don’t you try adding basil seeds to your diet and let us know in the
comments section below if it helped you feel fuller next on the fiber related
health benefits of basil seeds we’re going to talk about their effect on your
blood sugar a study done by a group of scientists discovered that when people
with type 2 diabetes ate 10 grams 3/4 of a tablespoon of basil seeds in water
after each meal for a month their post meal blood sugar was 17% lower than at
the start of the study so if you’ve got high blood sugar try out some basil
seeds finally basil seeds can help you out if you’ve got bad cholesterol
studies have found that people who eat at least 30 grams of basil seeds per day
had an 8 percent drop in total cholesterol this is because of the
pectin once again the compound ends up inhibiting cholesterol absorption in
your stomach Wow there sure are a lot of fiber related health benefits of basil
seeds bottom line add these to your diet if you’ve got problems that can be fixed
with fiber health benefit number three they have a lot of plant compound
you might not think plant compounds can help you because you’re you know a human
unless you’re a plant in which case that’s cool you’re watching YouTube
videos however plant compounds actually have a lot of sweet benefits if they’re
consumed for starters in basil seeds that you’ll find flavonoids and other
polyphenols research done by the Birla Institute of Technology has linked
flavonoids with some cool health benefits they say that flavonoids are
antioxidants meaning that they protect your cells from damage by free radicals
these plant compounds also have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer
properties to confirm this fact a piece of research done by vit University
showed that basil seed extract killed harmful bacteria and triggered the death
of cancer cells also a study done by the University of Granada showed that
flavonoids are linked to a reduced risk in heart disease so if you’re looking to
reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease then add basil seeds to your
diet health benefit number four you can drink them too
these aren’t only for eating no no they are apparently great in drinks the
people at health line tell us that basil seeds have long been used in drinks in
India and Southeast Asia a popular cold beverage like desert in
India is falooda made with basil seeds rose flavored syrup and milk some
versions add ice-cream noodles or fruit so next time you’re looking for a drink
chocked full of fiber and healthy plant compounds then maybe make some falooda
next time you get thirsty health benefit number five it’s a good source of
omega-3 fat source of plant compounds source of fiber source of minerals and
now we add yet another thing of which basil seeds can be a source a study done
by the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology discovered that
basil seeds contain an average of 2.5 grams of fat per one tablespoon serving
within this fat you’ll find alpha linolenic acid ala and omega-3 fat your
body uses this calm in order to produce energy and it also
has some anti-inflammatory properties as well while there is no official daily
average for alpha-linolenic acid a piece of research done by a group of
scientists determined that 1100 milligrams or 1600 milligrams per day
for women and men respectively is considered an adequate intake of this
essential fatty acid you’ll find twelve hundred and forty milligrams of
alpha-linolenic acid per tablespoon essentially what we’re saying is one
tablespoon of these seeds will give you your daily intake of alpha linolenic
acid so you’ll have more energy to a ha so health benefit number six you can put
them in anything because they’re generally flavorless you can toss basil
C its into anything without compromising your dish
luckily Health Line has provided us with a helpful list of things you can put
basil seeds in but honestly it’s really anything smoothies add some basil seeds
to your next fruit smoothie milkshakes chocolate and basil seed milkshake yes
please lemonade and other drinks add some fiber
omega-3 fat plan compounds and minerals to this cool summer staple soups when
you’re sick have some chicken noodle and basil seed soup salad dressings diets
become a lot more potent when you add some basil seeds to your salad dressings
yogurt whether it’s Greek or not of this dairy will have even more calcium and
iron after you add basil seeds putting hot cereal like oatmeal whole grain
pancakes you can make breakfast great again by adding basil seeds to your
pancakes whole grain pasta dishes bread and muffins however before you start
going online or to Asian food markets to buy these things keep in mind some of
them may have been treated with pesticides there is a process to soaking
these things which will bring you through right here right now step 1
to begin you’ll want to use one cup of water per one tablespoon of basil seeds
this is because the seeds will only absorb as much water as they need too
much we’ll leave them soggy and too little might cause them to clump step 2
after you’ve added the seeds to the water you’ll want to let them sit for
about 15 minutes don’t be turned off if they start to
swell that’s what they’re supposed to do they should become about triple their
size and the seeds gel like outer portion will turn gray the center of the
seed will not change color it’ll stay black it will also have a very light
crunch when you chew it step 3 once you’ve gone ahead and let them soak it’s
time to add them to the recipe after a quick strain you should be able to just
toss them into whatever you’re making oh and keep this in mind if you’re putting
them into soup or something equally liquid you don’t need to bother with the
soaking and so our list of the health benefits of basil seeds is complete what
did you learn about these awesome little things did we forget a thing or two let
us know in the comments section below everything we might have missed about
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  1. What did you learn about these awesome little things? Did we forget a thing or two? Let us know in the comments section below every thing we might have missed about basil seeds! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info. I want to try this. I have some health issues I think it would help. And I really don't eat meat. Thanks for an awesome video. I will share this with friends.

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