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[Music] the six best insecticides for man today herbal is a widely used and trusted remedy for the treatment of chronic insomnia in women we would like to introduce to you six of the best male insomniac – they apply today to sleep as soon as possible in addition to light time adjustment daily activities we can use some of the following medicinal clunks for insomnia one got my Lotus the lotus root is the internal shoot of lotus seeds the lotus center is green bigger this drug is commonly used in traditional medicine as a sedative treatment of insomnia body weakness today lotus heart is also processed into kefir convenient use for the treatment of insomnia we can use a lotus tea drink tea daily all use medicinal remedies including for needs for life mulberry leaves lotus hearts to sharpen the drug to drink insomnia to dot ginger as a popular and easy to find horrible remedy ginger is also used by many to cure and firmness very simple you can use ginger to cure insomnia in the following ways cooking ginger water soaked feet each evening to help the meridian relax sleepiness will come faster half of the ginger is cooked with sugar red sugar and 500 milliliters of the water is cooked for lunch and afternoon to work over evening this drug kills chronic insomnia extremely well so combined with foot bath with ginger fresh ginger Tiffin with vinegar put a few slices of ginger in a warm water bath before going to bed for 30 minutes works regularly on a daily basis three virgin virgin girls also known as shame trees have a sedative effect see the nerve and heal insomnia effectively usage each time take about 20 leaves of dry or fresh virgin plants add 100 milliliters of water color to the range of 5 10 min drink in the evening before going to bed for Dart flower Triad all components of the northern triticum are used as medicine which is considered as a medicinal herb in Eastern medicine in particular the Three Gorges is a herb all to use daily for a variety of uses which stand out to the healing effect of insomnia news tea flower intercourse during the day you will sleep better in the evening long-term use your insomnia will be pushed back or not 5 . knees a wild plant is very easy to find in the countryside around the country use a slightly tart but as herbal averages active blood relative sleep stimelation treatment of high blood pressure in oriental medicine vesicles are used more commonly in the drug to treat insomnia a neurological depression remedies are as follows 50 grams alfalfa leaves 30 grams leaves 10 grams mulberry leaves sharp with one liter of drinking water during the day especially in the evening before bed you will sleep very well offline 6 dot fairy tree v is a popular remedy for mental illness which is used in most of the remedies the weight loss it can be used in a variety of nasus some people take to make soup some people take peanuts tried to break water as tea regardless of whether eating or drinking pina plea has the effect of reducing insomnia difficulty sleeping nervous it is also possible to use peanuts with other insomnia supporting herbs such as Lotus palm leaf or mulberry [Music] [Music] [Music]

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