6 Tips To Growing Aloe Vera

Why grow Aloe Vera? That was a question I
asked myself. Are they really worth the effort of growing and did the benefits claimed really
live up to their reputation? well in this video we are going to find out right after
this. Welcome to Uk Here We Grow. I’m Tony O’Neill,
and on this channel, I make videos on gardening beekeeping and poultry keeping. If its your
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we release new content like this. Aloe has become very popular over the last
10 years, and it has a multibillion-dollar industry behind it. and is extensively used
in beauty products and for good reason. It’s got antiviral and antibacterial properties,
and the ability to help treat everything from constipation to diabetes. This year the temperatures have been crazy
hot and I found myself applying suncream to my children on a constant basis. Each bottle
I used contained Aloe Vera. This got me thinking about all the other health benefits of Aloe
Vera. It was at this point I decided to buy 2 small plants to grow myself at home. These two plants came from eBay. Now they
are pups that probably came from a mother plant. This is exactly how they came and as
you can see they are a little bit top heavy. Now growing Aloe isn’t difficult if you follow
some basic rules. I’m going to share those with you right now. Aloe typically grows one or two feet tall
with prickly leaves, which act as a defence to keep animals and insects from eating the
plant. That got me thinking of whether the aloe in my own garden as an insect repellent.
So later on in the year when these plants get a little bit bigger, We are going to look
a little more into that. The leaves contain a gooey translucent gel,
which is really really bitter and known all over the world for its incredible healing
properties. This gooey gel is made up roughly of 96% water, some organic and inorganic compounds,
and includes vitamins A B C and E It also contains a product called Acemannan Acemannan has various medicinal properties
such as osteogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, which helps accelerate healing
of lesions, burns psoriases and acne Tip 1 Aloe shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight,
they do like a bright location but should never be in direct sunlight. If your keeping
Aloe indoors then do not place it up against the glass, because that will cause burning
to the leaves. Instead just put them into an indirect light and ensure its nice and
bright. Tip 2 Soil mix needs to be free draining,
The quicker it drains the better, Aloe does not like sitting in wet soils. A cactus mix
would be ideal for Aloe. Potting soil or multipurpose compost will hold on to way too much moisture
and can rot the root system killing the plant Tip 3 Watering Aloe Vera should be done infrequently.
The best thing to do is to take your Aloe plant, stick your finger roughly about 2 inches
down into the soil to see if there is any moisture If there is moisture leave it. You
want to let your Aloe completely dry out before watering it again. Aloe only needs watering
every there week in the summer and possibly every three or four weeks during the winter
periods. Tip 4 Aloe Vera love to be potbound They like
their roots to be compact so don’t place them into too big a pot initially. What I
would suggest though is transplanting them into a terracotta pot. By placing them in
a terracotta pot you balance out that heavy top growth so that they don’t topple over,
the weight of the pot will balance that out and keep your Aloe Upright. Tip 5 Feeding Your Aloe Vera plants is very
easy, They only need feeding twice a year, usually in early spring and mid-summer, Don’t
feed towards the end of summer because by that point these plants are starting to shut
down for the winter.you can use a cactus feed in order to feed your plants but be sure to
follow the instructions in order not to overfeed. Tip 6 Harvesting Aloe is very easy, you can
cut off little pieces if you need to rub it on a burn or a cut. or you can take off whole
leaves to be added to extra products in order to make shapoos face masks and other beauty
products. As I have already said earlier in the video I am going to be looking into the
properties toward insecticides and prevention towards other plants being damaged. There are so many health benefits to this
little plant. And did you know it would be worth keeping one in your bedroom because
this is one of the few plants that produce oxygen as a by-product during the night time
so can aid with your sleep patterns I really hope you have enjoyed this episode
on how to take grow and look after Aloe Vera. I would really appreciate you sharing this
video with your friends and groups you belong too. Question of the day. Do you grow Aloe
Vera? let me know in the comments section below. I would also be interested in any other
tips you may have that have not been included in this video. Put them below for others to
read so we can all learn together as a group I would like to take this time to thank you
for viewing, I’m Tony O’Neill, This is UK Here We Grow and remember folks You Reap
What You Sow! I’ll see you in the next one. Bye Bye.


  1. Good video, I like you haha. As for the Aloe Vera… If you give it a lot of sun, and less water, it will stress and can get some really nice colors. You have to be a little careful though, obviously…

  2. Thank you for the tip My Aloe grew tall and drying a d sported I didn't know what to do PLEASE help Thank you

  3. No direct sun?! I live in the Tropics. My aloe plant thrive nicely also my friend who lives near the beach have huge ones…so what's more direct than that!

  4. I have a few aloe Vera plants in my home. I used Miracle Grow potting soil when I transferred the plant to a bigger pot. I did not have any problems with it growing tall and healthy. I kept it out of sunlight and watered it when the soil got dry.

  5. Thanks for tips. Over twenty years ago a customer gave me two tiny aloe vera shoots off her plant. I have grown aloe vera ever since. Thanks for the tip about cactus compost I'll try that. I seem to have done most of the things you recommend just by accident! My plants grow in the South window but very high up on the wall near the top of the window – that's to stop my cats from getting at them. I imagine this is giving them semi shade from the lintel. When I was in hospital recently they nearly died. I guess someone, being helpful, over watered them. But I re-potted what was left in new dry soil and eventually they began to sprout again. They are now growing vigorously. Aloe juice is especially useful if you burn or scald yourself. Its affect is almost miraculous!

  6. New urban gardener..on sun deck with little direct sun (trees in the way)..
    Trying aloe vera for the first time..

  7. I have half a dozen pots filled with aloe vera plants. My technique? Stick one plant in a pot with soil of any type. Place pot outdoors under a very shady tree. Water a couple of times a week if it's not raining frequently. Put it indoors in the winter to keep it from freezing. In one to two years you will have a pot overflowing with plants. Note the thick shade also has the advantage of keeping a lot of the rainfall off the aloe so it doesn't get too much water. Direct sun seems to be it's worst nightmare.

  8. Interesting, here in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) we just stick it in our sandy clay and leave it. We don't even water but a few times in the summer.

  9. When I grown up in Vietnam.at that times we had fields and fields of Aloe.in the HOT sun all years round. It's may have been a defense kind of Aloe.thank you for the video.❤

  10. You can plant it directly in the soil, in full sunlight. Thats how we do it in South Africa. They also grow taller than 2 feet. After you cut the leaves, leave it for 20 min for the yellow stuff to come out then use the leave gel. The bitter will be out. You can use the stuff that came out for stomach problems. Dont know if people can be allergic to it.

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  12. I watched an aisan utube about aloe and they said the leaves should be peeled to release the toxin. then soak the gell piece inside inwater before mashing it up.

  13. mine is dying as I think. it has only 4 small and very soft leaves . I do appreciate if you can help me to rescue my plant

  14. I'm not good at growing plants and I don't have enough knowledge or practice , but last summer I had to buy aloe for cosmetic purposes . I was told to get a 4 year-old one . So I ordered it at florist's and I wouldn't imagine it SO big . It's huuuge and SO heavy , but it had some kind of illness , it's still alive but I think sth is wrong with it . It's quite deep in the pot I can hardly reach the soil and the leaves have become soft . By the way it bloomed when I bought it . Should I change soil or add more ? There are babies too . I almost don't water it but it seems to me the soil is damp . 🤔Any advice ? Thanks a lot .

  15. You have a beautiful voice, but the horrid noise when the subscribe button comes up is really jarring. I don't know why but my aloes always fall to one side, although after many years I now have about 20. I can't afford cactus soil so I mix sand and compost and I water very sparingly and they grow and produce pups and are nice and green. If you cut a leaf off rest it upright and the brown liquid that comes out is good for constipation. I mainly use aloe for burns and aftersun and you can just eat it as is. If you want flowers you need to remove all the pups but I can't do this as I love the pups so have never had a flower. I have one I'm trying with this year so we'll see

  16. I have grown aloes for years and found them to be wonderful healing plants. Shingles.Cold sores. Sunburn. Cuts and grazes. Burns. All heal superfast with no need for drugs or chemicals.  
    I began by treating cold sores with them. The fresh cut leaf tastes bitter and yucky. But if you leave it for an hour, upright in a cup, the bitter yellow stuff drains out. Then you can use it on your cold sores without gagging. Heals in record time, takes the pain away.
    Also great for sunburn: soothing and heals the burnt skin faster.  
    And for burns. Cuts where the skin is closed over, will heal faster with aloe.
    Less well know is the success I have had with healing shingles. Daughter and husband each had shingles at different times. Knowing about cold sore healing, I quickly applied aloe to the lesions. [Similar virus; herpes zoster and herpes simplex ] This healed them rapidly, and also prevented the post-shingles nerve pain which can persist and be miserable and debilitating. I since learnt that aloe is a powerful antiviral. Hope this helps somebody. 
    Cheers for the broadcasts, Tony. Much appreciated.

  17. I have just bought my 1st Aloe Vera plant as I use it in most of my skin care. This video is so helpful, thank you very much. You mention repotting it, it’s a small plant, do you recommend me repotting it straight away or waiting a bit please?

  18. sandy soil, not peaty or full of humus, remember, they are desert plants.

    don't water them but maybe once a month….desert plant.

    ignore them, they are happy left alone. Desert plant.

  19. My aloe plant has become a little dry inside, not so jelly like it was before, how can i reverse that????also wat caused it to become lije that, they are outside, but not in direct sunlight, please help

  20. Hi guys, Aloe loves the full sun we grow it in Australia in full Oz Sun and it thrives in it, so don’t be scared to put it in the full sun.

  21. How long will it take me to start getting pups?? I've had two plants for a little over two years. They are growing big and healthy but no pups. 😒 What am I not doing??

  22. Thank you very much. I also carry O'Doherty and O'Driscoll blood. Third generation here in U.S but i call myself a Irishman first. But again thank you

  23. I've got an aloe I got from Amazon nearly two months ago now. It arrived with root rot and it's still barely hanging on. This is actually hurting my heart x

  24. If you want to eventually ingest your aloe (aloe water), do I need to plant in organic soil, organic feed…? Can I use regular cactus soil, Thanks!

  25. Here in greece in hot summer we have to water them every 3 to 4 days IF neaded. They have to be protected from cold northen wind in winder and rain . and direct VERY hot sun in summer . the only enemy are slugs and snails . sorry for bad speling

  26. my aloe veras are already years older and they survived months without water on direct sunlight, they only get water when the rain comes ,they are yellow then back to green again, i just leave them outdoor without any attended care and they are just naturally surviving and are healthier and producing more and getting bigger on our balcony

  27. Thank you this is the best video I've ever Seen on aloe Vera so far , I look forward to more of your gardening tutorials

  28. Nice! I have a little aloe farm as a result of one plant propagation over 2 years! Highly recommend Aloe gel with coconut water first thing in the morning, high energetic and cleansing 🙂 GREAT video – thank you.

  29. nice video as usual. personally I won't grow it, because I am allergic to it, as well as my wife and children. one drop of its juice on our skin burns like fire-ants for days.

  30. New subscriber came over from a comment you made on Living Traditions Channel. Thank you for this video on "The Aloe Plant". I had gotten a transplant from a friend and it has not done well. I have not had the time to research but this video has and will help aid in getting me started so I can help my plant thrive😃👍🏽

  31. I had one aloe plant and it keep making more and more no I have so many into pots there on my patio and doing really well my patio has direct sunlight for number of hours per day and you are right it does not take a lot of watering they're very green I'm huge thanks for your info have a blessed day

  32. I live in LA and have a super bitchen aloe forest on the side of my yard. It was awesome tons of pups a literal forest. Then they all turned brown and thanks to this vid I figured out why. My surf board hangs above my aloe forest and I’ve been surfing everyday since it’s been brutally hot here. So they were getting all sun all day. I just hung my board back up and I’m using another. Thanks dude!!!

  33. THANK U TONY!!!

  34. Thank you for the very informative video on aloe Vera. I am not a green finger person however the only plant that survive under my supervision is the aloe Vera it shows its easy to plant and take care of it. Btw, Im from Malaysia always bright and sunny day. Cheers!

  35. Love the info that you have given re the alo vera plant, can you advise on the leaves do they need cleaning and also I have ants in the pots the?? Any advice, thank you

  36. Great video. I really appreciate that you moved around a bit instead of carrying the same shot throughout the video to make it more interesting. I'm a new aloe plant owner myself but my Grandmother had them when I was growing up which is what inspired me to have my own.Thank you for all of the information, I seriously need the help. Definitely subscribing!

  37. I have grown many aloes, from just one original plant, they reproduce new plants which can be repotted. I now have 6 larger mother plants😀

  38. People : Kindly convey positive energy. No one is giving you negative energy. Like the real world we live in we try to helpeachother. If your energy is misdirected please find another venue such as exercise to realease your tension. Thank you Tony for your efforts.
    Love those Golden rules. Certainly I too have made this mistake sonewhere aling the line. Lets not be hard on eachother and try too see the benefits. It only makes things better, right?

  39. Effort? I have one on top the fridge and don't really mess with it and don't really water it either, its doing just fine…

  40. I water my aloes once a month, I have them in cactus soil mixed with perlite, and I keep them on the cabinet in front of the window and no they're not sunburnt but they're not growing..do you have any additional tips because I'm doing all the basic care but my plants are not growing

  41. Add lots of old milk jugs cut in half, full of water to help add moisture to the grow room air, as all A.C. remove the moisture from the air, . so, add lots of water, and use a small fan to move the air, to avoid hot, cold spots.

  42. Do not use a watering can, as it pours out too much water, causing anaerobic soil, so do use a spray bottle, or a 2 or 3 gallon sprayer lightly every 6 hours.

  43. friend of mine gave me a plant a couple of years ago and it kept having babies, got me three plants now!

  44. I've come to the conclusion that Aloe Vera are trying to take over the world. My workmate gave me some pups at the beginning of the year, some grew, some died. I put one large pup in a pot too big for it and a couple of other pups in reasonably sized pot. All of them are growing pups, all have roots growing out of the bottom of the pot. I'm running out of space and people to give them to. I think next year will be a "free to a good home" situation. They are taking over the world, tell every…*muffled screams of terror*

  45. Most boring speaker going, he just copies and pastes garbage regurgitate information from the internet.

  46. I have been growing one for about a year now but it doesn’t look happy. It has black spots on the leaves and I don’t know why.

  47. Question: I bought a small aloe vera plant. When I got it home, I googled the tag to find out that it's NOT organic…should I throw it out ? (I did plan on using it for medicinal purposes)…

  48. I love aloe but my last plant died.Beautiful flower garden but couldn' t grow aloe.I now have healthy plants purchased yesterday to start over.I really appreciate your tips! Thank you so much!

  49. Yeah, I watched for a couple of minutes but there was nothing at all about how to grow aloe, and this guy's voice is so robotic I couldn't listen any more. Big thumb down.

  50. My aloe is as big as his banana plant. Havnt watered it in 11 months think its ready. In need of tips on how to grow

  51. I’ve one that was only watered about 4 times in 3 years as was in my old bedroom. Was still living!! Don’t get me wrong it looked sorry for itself but still alive. Took it to my own house took parts off it and made new plant now it’s thriving. Very easy to keep. Neglect is near ideal for it.

  52. well… i planted my aloe in a big pot n left it under a tree without watering n now its a jungle of aloe vera.. not sure about this tips.. 😅

  53. I've grown lots of aloe. In the southwestern US, it spreads like crabgrass.

    A lot of these tips are misleading. Every thing said in the video will work if you're growing a couple in a flower pot in a window, but that's not enough to do much with.

    Do not grow it in a little pot. It's not a houseplant, even if that's how they're sold. It spreads through a massive rhizome system. You don't need a deep pot, but it should be wide. a 3×3' bed, 8" deep is perfect.

    They LOVE full sun. You cannot have too much sun. You can however shock them if they were grown indoors, so harden them off gradually as you would seedlings.

    Ideal potting mix is 50% vermiculite, 25% sand, 25% compost. Top dress with marble-sized river rock. The deters animals from digging in the loose soil, and helps retain heat near the roots at night, which aids in growth,

    Fertilizing is primarily minerals. If you have just a few plants , up to about 1000, just use liquid cal-mag with iron twice a year. They're not heavy feeders, and like most desert succulents, they get the majority of their nitrogen from the air.

    Watering: flood them once a week. Then let dry. You have a draining soil, these plants are adapted to flood/drought cycles.

    They do not tolerate a hard freeze. A light frost is fine, but if it freezes, it's dead.

    If you're using it medicinally (burn first aid for example), a dozen plants is fine. If you want it for cosmetic purposes, about 500 plants is the minimum, harvested in their second year. They spread fast under the correct conditions, so you only need to buy one of two plants and can scale up quickly.

    They are photosensitive in terms of their growth stages. a 12-12 light cycle will keep them spreading, but 18-6 is ideal. In northern latitudes where day length is reduced for much of the year, they will stop spreading until they get their minimum 12 hours of light. They still grow, but it will be top growth, not rhizome growth.

    Many of the health benefits are over-hyped. There's a lot of research, but health bloggers usually do a shit job at understanding research papers, lol. Almost every plant shows some anti-viral properties, but against which viruses (and do they even affect humans?), and to what extent are they effective. Anti-biotic, sure, as a topical treatment where it creates a physical barrier, but thymol (from thyme, bee balm etc) is a lot more effective… like 100 orders of magnitude more effective. People like to talk about the properties of plants in medicine, but they always neglect scales and measures, which is the most critical part.

    Pest repellent… No. They're immune to most beetle, slug and snail damage if the plant is healthy. Though agave beetle grubs (the worms in tequila bottles) will hollow them out. In a northern climate, this won't be much of a problem.Their defense is they're hard for an insect to bite into.

    My favorite use is to grow these like a lawn, and in the second year, till them into soil, incorporating the mucilage to improve water retention and remediate desiccated soil in large areas. In cold climates, obviously this won't work due to frost kill.

    The other use is as a carrier for IBA (rooting hormone). Mix the powder with the mucilage and rooting gel for a fraction of the price of commercial gels. You can get a product similar to CloneX for 1/10th the price. Mix a teaspoon of IBA into a quart of aloe gel. Fill shot glasses with the rooting gel and cover with plastic wrap.Then poke your cuttings through the plastic wrap and root them in the shot glass with the gel. Things which are notoriously difficult to start from cutting can be done this way.

  54. Aloe is the ultimate answer for diverticulitis flare ups!!! 🙌🏽

    I spent many thousands of dollars for hospitalizations, doctor visits, and missed work due to diverticulitis. Until I discovered aloe for super quick relief and calming of the flare up.

    I just cut an inch or so off the plant and eat all the slime and gelatin inside the leaf. It tastes HORRIBLE, but it works 100% of the time and usually within 20-30 minutes! 🙌🏽 I've been using this method for 15 plus years.

  55. From my experiences growing allow:
    -Leave them alone
    -1/2 Dirt, 1/2 potting soil works great
    -Let them stay root bound
    -Don't water them. Just let them be outside. I'm in the central US and my just hangs out on my back deck.
    -If you think it's dead, it's not. You over watered it or aren't giving it proper drainage. Leave it alone.
    -It doesn't need sandy soil for pots. Just plenty of holes in the bottom.

  56. hi, consider adjusting the levels of your audio, music is much louder than your voice, makes it difficult to understand what you are saying.

  57. My climate is warmer, but I was surprised to know that even in the UK they don't like direct sunlight. Mine became more beautifully patterned when I moved it to a shadier spot.

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