7-3 – Adamus – On Fear, Anxiety, Panic – Homeopathy, Natural Products, Pharmaceuticals

Another one I want to address is fear. Fear sensitivity, or anxiety is probably a
better word. A lot of you have felt yourself experiencing
anxiety, unknown anxiety, unidentifiable. You try to identify what it is. You’ll do anything from saying, “Well,
it’s outside energies, energies of the world.” Yeah, to a degree. You’ll say that it’s the mothership beaming
strong light waves onto Earth right now, and … (Adamus yawns) Some “ands” are little
bit more interesting. Whatever excuse, but you’ll try to give
reason to that unidentifiable anxiety. Now you are in a mental process and you’re
in tremendous resistance. Then you panic. Panic adds to the anxiety. I probably didn’t need to tell you that. And then you reach into the medicine cabinet
for something. Now, I don’t care if it’s total homeopathic. By the way, you all use that term homeopathic
in absolutely the most incorrect way. There’s a difference between natural and
homeopathic. Do you understand? Yeah. You take a homeopathic for panic? You’re taking panic, you know. You’re bringing more panic in so that you
can adjust the panic. But you see the word “homeopathic” – “Oh,
that’s good for me.” I don’t think all the time it’s the best
thing. LINDA: Ohhh, we’re going to get emails. ADAMUS: I don’t care. I don’t care. I’ll take the five of you who really want
ascension and we’ll have fun. Or a thousand, and it can be a million. Homeopathics. Please if you’re going to take something
understand a little bit about it energetically. It’s not just that it’s natural, it’s
got to be good for you. It’s actually really bad for you. It’s like a flu shot. Eh? It instills that energetic quality inside
you. You have panic? I wouldn’t be taking that. Then in your medicine cabinet you have something
that’s just natural. It’s okay. It’s natural. It’s got to be good for you, right? Because some scientist somewhere has ground
up some natural products that came from the dirty Earth that you’re allergic to now
(some chuckles), and ground them up and put them under pressure and heat and put them
in a bottle and said “Natural,” because they didn’t contain a simple little chemical,
which is also natural. Any chemical is natural. But you see that it says natural on there,
so you reach for it for your anxiety, a “natural remedy.” Nothing happens, so you get more anxiety,
and then you take more natural pills and then you get more anxiety because the natural pills
aren’t working. Then you think you’re special because you
have to take ten times the recommended dosage to even feel a tiny little bit of anything,
all because it said natural. And you’re like, “Well, I have special
problems. I have to take ten times. Other people just have to take one dose; I
have to take ten. So I’m really special. My problems are big.” And then there are the pharmaceuticals. Good or bad? Doesn’t really matter. They’re potent. Surely, they’re potent. They override the chemical and electromagnetic
flow in the brain. They’ll screw you up but good, send you
on to a journey. Maybe they’ll cure the anxiety. Or maybe, just maybe they’ll make you forget
about the anxiety. It’s still there, but now you’ve deceived
yourself at a whole new level, a remarkable chemical level of saying, “I don’t have
anxiety. I’m calm. Namaste.” (laughter) And you got this other part that’s
screaming, “You stupid idiot! I’ve got anxiety!” “Ahhh! I feel so good. Ohh!” That’s interesting. My point is, before I sign off here, when
you reach up there because of your sensitivity – this is your medicine cabinet, not the
dead bat. (some chuckles) People watching in online don’t quite see it the same as
you. “Why is he pointing to the dead bat?” When you reach into your medicine cabinet
… (he picks up Linda’s toy gun) peow! “”Why is he shooting himself today?” (laughter) Why do you think? When you reach into that medicine cabinet
and you go for your anti-sensitivity, anti-anxiety, anti-whatever, you go for your homeopathic,
your natural, your chemical or whatever, stop for a moment before you do. Take a good deep breath. And. And. Your consciousness is blossoming; it’s germinating
right now. It’ll blossom later, but it’s germinating
at least. It’s opening up. It’s exposing itself to realities that have
been closed down for a long time; rooms within your mansion of Self that have been absolutely
sealed off. It’s going to feel uncomfortable. Then it’ll feel really good. It’s going to feel fearful for a while,
especially your mind. Oh! As you expand beyond the mind and its crazy
little games, you really wonder, “What can I do? I can’t control it. I can’t manage it.” But you don’t know what to do. You take a deep breath and if anything you
just remember the simple words “and.” And. It’s not the only reality. It’s not the only reality. There’s so much more going on. You just take a deep breath and then of course
you remember my immortal words … ADAMUS AND AUDIENCE: All is well in all …
ADAMUS: … of the many creations. Thank you, dear Shaumbra. You’ve been a delightful, but unhumorous
audience. Thank you. Thank you. (audience applause)

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  1. Oh my…this is the opposite message that Kryon gave…and i could fill pages of differences of these both Masters…how come that they are so different in their messages?..confusing it is. I`ll stay to the Adamus message…

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